Friday, 27 November 2009

X-mas lights;=)

Hi all,

Today I have been putting up the first x-mas things and I will continue tomorrow. Its so nice with x-mas just because of all the lights in the windows and candles and x-mas trees that glow;=) Since I am going away to Thailand over x-mas I need to have extra much of x-mas things before that so I have the feeling even down in the hot weather by the beach.

I also went to Linda and took off the extenssions and made the hair blonder. I want to be without the extensions for a while and especially in Thailand so now I am natural again and its great!

My friday have been spent at my mums place and now home watching Idols. Nice to see that Anders are up on his feet and showing his happy face in TV again;=)

Have a nice evening now!


  1. I love Christmas lights, they are so wonderful for getting in the holiday mood :)

    Oh, can we see some pics of how your new hair looks?

  2. I would love to spend X-mas some place exotic! But sadly I don't get xmas and new year's off from school.

    You'll have to put up some pics of your hair then :D Love you as a blonde ;) We have more fun!

    Have a great weekend with the xmas lights, and as we say in Denmark: Hygge! :D

    Love Mads

  3. Hii Anette =)

    I can totally understand your xmas urges ;p.
    The feeling of not having all the lights, trees and decorations around you must be suckish.
    But im sure christmas in thailand is beautiful too, maybe you'll run into my cousin + boyfriend and aunt and uncle cause they're there for christmas too ;p.

    Anyways, have a nice night and much fun with Idols ;p.

    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  4. hey I love putting up Christmas things! =) We're doing that this weekend.

    Haha I would never want to leave the snow though and go to a warm place for Christmas. I just love the snow for the holidays. =)

  5. Well, actually in the Netherlands we don't celebrate X-mas so much. Here we have "Sinterklaas". It's actually the same, but "Sinterklaas" Doesn't come with rendeers and stuff. He comes with a boat from Madrid and people who help him, and a horse. "Sinterklaas" has actually been the inspiration for a dutch immigrant in the USA for Santa Claus.

    Merry X-Mas!

    - Vincent

  6. Hello, I hope you had fun putting up the
    decorations. Gets me in a good mood I know.

    Your starting to put up x-mas
    decorations too? We always usually start
    right after Thanksgiving- which was
    yesterday- so today we started up with a
    few lights and nic-nacs. I'm really
    excited because we have a fake tree,
    and my mum just bought a new one and it's
    white. I think it'll look really pretty.

    Aww, you took out your extensions?
    It was so pretty yesterday- seriously,
    I loved it. But you look good
    with short hair too I think, can't wait to
    see some pictures!

    Oh yeah you're going to Thailand!
    That should be fun. Are you going to take
    a vacation from blogging too while
    your there? Or have you not decided?
    Do you think you could take some pictures
    while you're there of the scenery? It's
    probably so beautiful there, I cannot imagine.

    Hope you have a nice night!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  7. That's great, Anette. I love how you celebrate Xmas in Sweden. It all looks so beautiful with the candles in the window, etc. Even better if there's snow!

    Have a nice evening,

  8. And can we see some pics of your new x-mas house? :)

  9. Hi Anette!!
    Finally we decorated our home too!! It is really nice to see all those lights and the trees.. cant wait for the holiday, just to relax and enjoy the xmas spirit floating. One thing i like about Xmas is that I manage to see movies about it and everything seems so fine!!
    lastly, if you have time could you please give us some photos of your new hairstyle??

    Thank you... ;D

  10. Dear Anette!
    Please show us a pic of your natural look :) - I am curious!
    Wow! X-mas in Tailand. Must be strange and great at the same time! Enjoy the warmth and also the X-mas lights! Both is so wonderful!
    Best wishes,

  11. hey anette ! :D
    I'm sure you looks absolutely gorgeous with you new hair !
    Can you show some pics ?
    Looking forward to see your new hair :D
    Kisses from germany xxx

  12. Anette :D
    Hope you have fun in Thailand.!
    Can you post some photos from your new hair ?
    You looks totaly beautiful , I'm absolutely sure =)
    Hope I see you soon ... <3

  13. I like all those lights everywhere too, Christmas is such a beautiful celebration. But it is so damn lonely for me, I miss that friend and family mood, which we don't have here. Every year is the same situation.

    I am curious to see your hair. I love you blond :)

    Love, Fábio.

  14. I like the lights, but when they are on at christmas, they make me feel sad. Don't know why. I Hope you will spent a wonderful Christmas :) And I'm really sorry if my comments are always so boring, I would like to say something more interesting or clever..

    Well, I hope to see or read something that can light the little christmas spark :)

  15. Hi, won't you recorded xmas songs (Walking in the Air, War is Over, Happy New Year)?

  16. WOW, you are very very beautifull in the pictures below. =)
    Have a good night you too my dear. Have sweet dreams =)
    All the best to you
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  17. Hey Nettan , how are you??
    Awwww! Preperation for Christmas!!!!!
    New hair style??? Can't wait to see it.
    Have fun on your trip. Good to hear that Anders is ok =)


    Ena (eskoplja)

  18. Hey Anette!
    I love this nice and warm Christmas-feeling, too!
    We will be in Brazil over x-mas, some of my aunts uncles and cousins live there!
    Can you take a photo of your new hair?! :=)
    Have a very nice day
    Hugs & Love from Germany
    Yours, Kim-Noêmia

  19. I really don't mind about all the x-mas decorative stuff.. But I looove christmas food.. This year I'll be at my mum's.. yummi hehehe she always cook a delicious x-mas dinner and we all eat eat eat until we burst =) awsome!!! And I'll be by the beach too.. Not thailand, of course, but brazilian beaches are really nice too.. :)

    see ya

  20. I have always wondered why people put the x-mas lights already in november... And the shops have been selling those lights since september (some shops here in Finland, not all ;)). I think the x-mas thing starts too early.

    But I think it's okay to put the lights up now. I have a bit the same thing as you, Anette, since my x-mas holiday begins 19th december, so I travel then to my parent's home and I will be there all the way from x-mas untill new year. So I won't be here in my home during the holiday, so I want to enjoy the lights also in here.

    How can you spend the x-mas in Thailand? :D I have never been there, but isn't it hot in there and so not-x-mas? I can't imagine myself spending the x-mas in somewhere hot place. Of course there's many ways of spending x-mas, and nothing wrong of traveling then to Thailand.
    Well, I don't believe that it will be particularly cold here in Finland either since it has been only raining water and the weather has been very grey. I so wish that it will be snowy x-mas. I'm a finnish person, I need SNOW! :D

    Of course I hope you will have a wonderful time then in Thailand!

    Today De Salminen comes on the tv, I'm so looking forward to it ;)

  21. Hi Anette :)

    How are you today?
    hope you feel as great as i do :)

    I love all this X-mas stuff^^ all those lights, the stars, the snow, all the gold and red and green :)
    iam a complete X-mas nerd :D ;)there is always this special atmorphere arround christmas time :)
    and i have to say, iam always happy when i get to see the Coca Cola x-mas 0spots :) i love them.

    So, you took off the extenssions and made you r hair even blonder?

    for now and ever:
    I wish a wonderful time to you
    lots of fun an happienes :)
    Chris :)

  22. Hiii Anette! :)

    I'll start putting x-mas things (lights, tree...) next Sunday, in Spain we usually do it on December 6th or 7th, we don't have to work or study that Monday and Tuesday :)

    I really can't wait till the time comes, because when I help my mum at putting all those things we always hear a CD full of Christmas Carols. It brings me so many good memories... :)

    I hope everything is super nice when you finish your x-mas decoration ^^