Monday, 9 November 2009

Long sleep

Today we woke up at 12;=) hehe...guess sleep was needed. And since its the only day we dont need to go up early and drive my son to school it was just ok to sleep.

Now just chilling with some coffee and then it´ll be a long walk cause I am still not free from the long and hard cold I have so the gym cant be done in some more days. I havent exercised in 2 weeks now and it sucks! But this cold is a very long one and I know that if I would go and run for 30 min it would be worse again. I dont have any time for that.

This week is off from the studio and that is just fine., cause next week and the week after that we are gonna be there. I also have two performances with the Rasmus coming up. One in the Dome at nov 20 and then a tv-show in Finland nov 26.

Enjoy the day;=)


  1. Have a wonderful day Anette!
    Hope you get better from the cold...

    I`m so excited about your album, I can't wait to listen to it!

    Love you

  2. Good morning Anette! =)
    Just wanted to wish you a nice relaxing week off and then an inspiring working week in the studio :-)
    Take care!

  3. hey Anette :)

    take it easy and watch out for yourself
    have a wonderful day ;) and maybe some coffee ;)

    try to smile a bit :)
    feel some happines ;)
    Chris :)

  4. I almost forgot to say:


  5. Good morning Anette! I hope you have a good time and today you can relax. Can we watch the permormance in internet? XD I had lunch and i need to take a coffe. Have a nice day! Big hugs

  6. Hello Anette:)
    I should say that your health is much more important than gym, exercises and so on. So take care of yourself, drink much hot tea or coffee, put on warm and comfortable clothes, watch some movie and relax. Try to think that every trouble usially has some positive moments and try to find them :)
    Hope you will recover of your cold soon ;-)

  7. Good morning, anette :D
    how many kilometers did u usually run as exercises? or just walked?
    and how many kilometers/hour and how much time?

  8. Enjoy your week off, Anette. Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care,

  9. i'm sure you'll get better from your cold very soon. we need you in good health and good mood.) so you better stay home and try to find some pleasant moments.)
    wish you good concert with guys from Rasmus!)

  10. Hello Nettan! I agree with Eluilind. Health is really important.
    Get well soon dear Nettan. Take a lot of vitamin C =)
    Good luck on the performance!
    Many hugs


  11. Hey!
    Hope you'll get better very soon :) My sister is sick right now and I really feel sorry for her, hoping she'll get better soon too.

    Just curious, in which tv-show will you be perfoming? I just want to make sure I'll see it :)

    Use woolsocks, drink a lot of tea and try to get better soon :)

    Hugs, Essi

  12. Hy Anette!

    I hope you get well soon!
    I dont no you saw it this.;)
    I think this is a nice job.. Beautiful song, and a cool film. I hope do you like it.

    Have a nice day!

    Lina :)

  13. Do you always drive your son to school? I don't blame you at all but I remember that when I was a kid my parents never drove me to school. The only times my dad came get me by car was when I had dentist appointment in the bigger city. I always had to walk to school. Well, I got good exercise ;)

    I'm so sorry for your cold :( One of my friend and her son are also very sick.. Apparently it's some kind of epidemic going on.

    I hope you will get better soon! :)

  14. oh, get well soon! *hugs*
    I'm so looking forward to your new album, I can hardly wait! Those jeans in your Bik Bok -post looked so cool, I want one of those too! (Even if I'm so sure that they won't fit or suit for me... ;))

    Tjohoo, I'm so going to see that tv-show! (What programme is it anyway?)


    ps. And remember to beat that damn cold! love ya ;-)

  15. Hi,Anette =)
    I'm so grateful to hear that your life and recording of your new album is going on well. I can't wait till it will be released. I've one question for you.
    From which things you take your inspiration to write lyrics? As a creative person,I know,that sometimes it's very hard to force yourself to do something and it's necessary to vait for a muse =)

  16. yay, cannot wait to see some Youtube video about The Rasmus song!!!!

  17. Hi A- Oooh you can't beat a good natural long sleep somedays!!! It think it is youur body's way of telling you to take it easy and you've been working too hard.

    I was the same yesterday (although only 10AM) but considering my sleep pattern is so bad latekly this is wonderful for me!!!!

    Keeop on keeping on...

    Warm wishes Peter xx

  18. Hey Anette :)
    Two performances? I knew only about the one at The Dome.
    I am so happy, thank you for informing us!

    Take care, get well soon :)