Monday, 9 November 2009

Bik bok

Yesterday we took a little walk in the big mall we have outside the city. I checked some stores and one that has nice clothes at the moment is Bik Bok. I love jeans and the jeans are cool and different. I want all of these. Then the Michael Jackson inspired jackets and cardigans are on my wishing list. The corset top is also available in red and that one I am thinking of having with my leather pants.


  1. Those jeans are gorgeous! I only wish they made male jeans as awesome as that xD Although there are finally some colours at least coming into male sizes jeans wise, finally xD

    Happy Shopping =D

  2. Hey :)

    Nice stuff you posted here :)
    go get them all ;)

    a nice day to youuuuu
    L and R
    Chris :)

  3. Uh oh... there goes my resolution not to spend any more money on clothes... thanks for the reccomendation, the clothes are awesome (though now I'm going to be poor!)

  4. That grey dress is lovely. Also like the corset top and black jacket.

  5. Oh my! That black jacket looks great! It's really cool! And the corset is nice too.
    Wish you a good day!



  6. All are beautiful but the black pants would look great on you. =)
    I look forward to see his live performance with The Rasmus, I missing to seeing you on stage singing hehehehe. = D
    Waking up early is good for ..... for.... for.... for nothing heehehe. You do well to wake up late, Sleep it's so good, right =D
    I wake up now and I'm listening my CD of the AC/DC and this is a perfect "morning/afternoon" for me =D ......"rock and roll baby" \,,/

    have a good day

    enjoy so much

    Hugs from Brazil =)

  7. Oh my God!! I can't believe that you will be singing with The Rasmus!! I really hope to see this on youtube very soon hehe.



  8. Well, you're not the only one who wants all of those! ;) I would so buy that kind of clothes if I had more money. Very nice clothes! I would do that kind of clothes if I had the skills to do :P I have drawn clothes for myself but they are way too complicate for me to do :D

  9. Good day lady Anette!

    Love the clothing, really nice. Modern vintage yet classy!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Karo E.

  10. Hi Anette!

    I WANT THAT PINK DRESS! Christmas party time and need something nice, but not so christmasy.
    This would be perfect, Thanks for sharing.

    BTW...Anette do you have any suggestions for GOOD ab exercise? I've gotten rid of the love handles after my pregnancy but can't seem to flatten my tummy. I had to have a c-section and was told it's really hard to work on it and to just accept it.

    Well, obviously this is not acceptable to me and now really want to get rid of it!

    I tried the recommended ones by my doctor but they didn't work.

    I know you're busy, but thought I'd ask you because you're a mum, in a business where you have to keep fit too and probably know the best ones.

    Thanks for any input you may have.

    Have a great day


  11. Hi there!

    I liked all of them.. I think the corset with leather pants would look really cool on you.. Also loved those light jeans.


  12. awww those jeans, i love them all!: ) two of them remind me a bit of balmain: )
    such a shame they don't have a webshop.. *sigh*

    hugs: )

  13. Älskar klänningen på största bilden :)


  14. Awesome stuff they've got there in that store!
    I personally love the top, the leather jeans and the tunic/military inspired jacket. The light grey ripped jeans look great too, really wild and rockish.

    Maybe you could use some of these at the live performances with The Rasmus. :D

    Thanks for the pics and have a great day! Hope your cold feels better soon!

  15. Oooh, vad fina ._.
    Du har tur som kan få så fina kläder att passa.. Sånadär kläder ser otroligt mismatched ut på mig :/

  16. nettie, i have a quiestion please...
    where i could find the notes from "while your lips are still red " ?


  17. Boy oh boy... these clothes are awesome! The pink dress, jacket, the long sleeved top and those awesome jeans+ leather pants. Get them as fast as you can! :)

  18. Nettie
    I loooooooooove those pants! :)
    Excellent choice!

  19. wow really nice!
    I love the red dress *.*


  20. All the items are so cool =)
    You always find nice stuff ^^
    I'm sure they will all look beautiful on you ;D

    Good night*

  21. Hii Anette =)

    Thanks for the photos!, I really love those jeans, they're so cool.
    And that black short jacket, I bought one saturday at H&M that looks quite like it, only the clasps on mine are gold ;p.
    You should totally get the top, from the sound of it, it'll look awesome on you.

    Have a nice night =),
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  22. those are awesome clothes, Anette :)

    I went into a weird cleaning mode before I went to bed. Right now, my bathroom, kitchen and living room are all clean... I don't know why or how I let the 3 rooms get so filthy...

    It seems to me that everyone is either fighting off a cold, or ailing in some other way, and I'm the lone healthy person...

    Anyways, hugs and love,

  23. I love those clothes so much!!!! <3

    lots of love from Canada!!!

  24. Ohh, I like all of those!
    Especially the grey/white jeans with
    the black cloth at the knee!

    You should look at what Topshop has,
    I get emails from them and
    there are a lot of nice clothes!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  25. Oh Anette why why! I need to save money you know! I love the clothes, you know when I get dressed every morning I think what would Anette wear, and my small wardrobe just got a lot of new possibilities! It is truly amazing. I have a question for you about clothing.

    I work outside in the winter this year and normally I just stay inside, but no can do. So I need warm clothes that don't make me look like a human snowman. I want to be warm and toasty for 5+ hours. So what I what do you where to keep warm? What coat, fur/no fur, gloves, gloves if you are handleing money, hat, boots, legwarmers wool, ect. Here in America everything is very poofy and whatnot if it is to keep you warm, but maybe I am looking in the wrong spots. I want to look good, not a human snowman, I mean woman :)! I figured you would know living in Sweden and all...maybe take some pictures or give up some websites and stores?

    I don't know but you gave me good advice for my belly button piercing. (I got a cartilage piercing instead, having a sore bellybutton in the winter, just did not seem like a good idea in the long run, that's my story and I am sticking to it.)

    Thank you so much for everything!


  26. very nice!
    but i think that dresses and top is not for your figure.

  27. Oh Anette you would look great wearing those clothes, specially the ones which are right above the grey dress.

    Hugs, take care :)