Monday, 23 November 2009

Working day again

Back in the studio again... really love to be here and Stefan and Johan are the sweetest and most loving guys so even when there is a little more bad day they make me feel good;=)

From all the comments talk etc that has been these days after a long comment to me, I can only say that I have learned through things that has happened in my life that sometimes its better to not say what you feel to say. The important thing to know is that if you put something out, saying something to someone else, you never know how that person will respond to what you just said. The response you will get can be something totally different than you were expecting.

There is also another great thing to think about: If you wanna give someone an advice, ask that person: can I give you an advice?
before just saying what you think and feel is right. If the person says: no thanks, then leave her or him alone to do what they feel is best for them.
If the person says yes, respect that person for asking for help and say what you feel in a nice way and without judging him or her.

We need to understand that we are all individuals and we all need to learn from our own mistakes, do what we want to do even if its bad for us. Life is a journey, we are here to live and learn from the things we do and say. What you might think is wrong is something I might think is right and who can say which one of us are right?

I often feel I wanna write more things here that are deeper but since I also know that what I write will be misunderstood by some people, taken from its context and blown up to something totally different, I very often decide to not say anything.

I am truly happy that you, the ones reading my blog, are so open-minded and warm hearted to others, I am always amazed when I read how nice you all are towards each other and that is what I love about the blog. Keep it up;=)

Now, time for work but enjoy your day and a warm hug to all of you;=)


  1. Good morning, Anette!

    Thank you for this post. I've been having quite a bad morning, with my thoughts running all over the place. I just hate the way people are so negative towards others. But then again, as you've just said, there are some very nice people out there who are so warm-hearted (like you) and encourage and empathize with others. Many are here on your blog and that's wonderful.

    I also wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. It is your blog and you can write anything you want. It's great that you share so much of yourself with fans as not many performers do.

    As I also keep a blog, there are things that I've posted about that I wish I hadn't as it is too personal. But at the time I wanted to get it out, thinking that by doing so I might be helping others out there with the same problem. I don't reveal too much of myself online anymore.

    Anyway, sorry for taking up so much of your time. I know you're very busy.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hello, Anette,

    I see that my comment upsets you, and I really apologise and feel sorry about that. But I really hope you understand that my intention was not to insult you, or anything of the kind, I wanted to share with you some things that bother me pretty much and I think it's natural that as an artist you should expect to have negative criticism, not only positive. And I thought it will be more fair to write to you, instead of posting loooong opinions on some forums and sites, which will do not good to anyone (and which I have no intentions to do btw). I'm really surprised that you get so upset with critics, but still I think it is better to know what people think, I mean not only the ones that praise you all the time. And I hoped (obviously quite stupid of me, haha) that pointing some weaknesses will help you in a way maybe to see what other impression you make. I hope you won't accept me as some furious "hater", cause I'm really not. I really wish to you to feel better soon, even if you want you can delete my previous comments, after all they were adressed to you, I don't see why they should be published.


  3. Hej Anette!
    I just want to say that I really appreciate your post, it's sweet and wise and a good reply to what have been said these days. Thanks for your patience and open-mindedness :-)
    Have a great day in the studio with lots of fun and inspiration! :-)

  4. Dear Anette,

    I think you're right with what you said. We never know what the subjecive truth and reality of the others are. So it is difficult to judge anyone or to tell deeper feelings and not knowing who is reading it.
    Hope you will have better days soon!!!! Thank you so much for your blogs! I love them! :)
    with love,

  5. Hi Anette

    Have a great day in the studio! I am just pootling about online before heading in to the gym for a private muay thai session.

    It is so rare for online groups to remain so friendly - it's one thing I like about here. Bar rodrigo's horrid 'needs a man' comment, I can't think of any other time I've seen someone be mean to another. People are always so supportive here, it's great!

    I refrained from commenting on that post, as I was quite irate over the commenter's awful 'song a day is wrong' nonsense - as a creative person myself, I have always found the muse comes when she does. Sometimes I can write an entire short story in a day, sometimes it takes me a frustrating three weeks to compose one single line on the piano. If your creative juices are flowing, of course the songs are just gonna pour out, eh!


  6. Beautiful words. Realy communicate in writing is much more difficult, especially when it is not their primary language. We do not have the resources of the facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, etc., so the only thing that remains are the words and unfortunately, words are devoid of emotion. The emotion is in the people who interpret them and these people can interpret in different ways depending on the occasion where they are.
    But as I always say, your blog is excellent. You always try to be more polite and friendly as possible with us. I remember once I said I was going to the doctor and you politely wished me good luck. I was caught by surprise because I thought you would not answer me. This sympathy is one of many reasons for me to be your fan. =)
    Well, changing the subject, I hope you have a great day today. Good luck in the work =)
    Lots of inspiration for you
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  7. Wow that was very ... thoughtful
    your right about not saying what you feel even though you "know" how the other person is going to react because the reality of the situation could be completely different, happens to me all the time.
    and if someone tells you what they feel you must always look at it with the most perspectives possible because it may not be the one you absorbed...
    thats the thing about communication.
    The intention, The message, and how the receptor interprets the message. and unfortunately its impossible to tell exactly how someone else feels.

  8. Hi Nettie!! WoW, I can see that you're working really hard in the studio..that's very nice!
    And just about what you say....It's very true.... sometimes, it happens to me a lot. I say or do things that I think they're correct, but maybe it's different for other person. I love your blog, cause is so much full of everything!!! And I also know that almost everyone who writes here are kind and nice persons. It's sad to have them sooooo far away...Where I live, nobody knows Nightwish, and the only one who listens to it, he prefers
    (I can say it) the other Era. I remember that night when NW played in Argentina, it was soo perfect, and I meet a lot of people, but they were from very far way places... But I'm happy the way I'm now. I can feel a little closer to you and to everybody here, and makes me feels soo happy... Just never change Nettie.... Greetings to everyone, and take care....friend...??'re a friend to all your fans too....TNX

  9. A lot of hugs back to you =)

    For me it´s normal to be nice to others...(people and animals)

    I like all who read your blog and they are really all nice to me =)

    All my respect, love, many kisses from Austria,

  10. Oh thanks Anette for all these beautiful words you said about us(the blog readers)!!!!We love you SO MUCH <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    And i totally agree with you...Lots of people sometimes misunderstand what we say and we feel little sad abou it...
    Also noone is perfect and right...We always make mistakes and we must aceept them even they are very bad....Because we alwas learn from our mistakes and because ''every bad thing youre doing and kills you it makes you stronger''!!!So we must keep going and we mustn be scared to make mistakes :D
    And good luck with your work...I will have my fingers crossed!!!!!!!

    Kisses and hugs <3

  11. hi anette hope you have a productive day. hope no-one offended you with their comments. Take care and keep smiling this world can be such a beautiful place big hugs love carol x

  12. Hello my dear Nettie!!

    First of all, I want to thank you so much for you beautiful and deep words. I agree 100% with you.
    Like I said, I'm just seventeen and this age is very complicated for every human in this world and I feel so misunderstood sometimes, even by my mother, who I think is one of my best friends, but sometimes she just judges me thinking she is helping me. But I try to understand and I think when I become mother I will do the same.
    I know I'm a very difficult person to live with, because I don't really like to talk about my feelings, but at the same time I know I'm a good person and I have love and other good feelings inside my heart, I have the will to fight for my dreams and I think it's good. I just think that all of us have to learn how to live, and this is the most difficult part of living and I agree when you say that we must learn with our own mistakes. Make mistakes is necessary to grow, because we can learn from the mistakes of our friends, but when the thing is with us is diferrent and when it passes away, we can look back and see the good side of that!!

    I'd like to read more deeper things from you, cause I think you are very sensitive, but unfortunately there is some people who judge you reading your words with bad eyes, but that's life!!

    So, have a wonderful day in the studio, my dear.
    And thank you very so much again for your words. I love your blog and when you write things like that I start to think more about my life and I feel better than ever =D.

    I love you,


  13. Well spoken dear Anette :)

    You know, i am amazed myself everytime i read through your blog. your view on things and life in general is a great view and life loving, and i like that.
    you are very open minded, lovely, warm hearted, you care for others, you love life, you seem to be very very funny ;)
    and you have the power to reach others with your words. it doesnt matter if you sing, write or say your words, cause you always reach others!
    That, dear Anette is a unique and wonderful gift, you are capable to bright up the darkness and bring a smile to a crying face.

    I am always interested in your point of view,
    when you write here its always a pleasure to read your thoughts, and sometimes mindblowing cool.

    I write this now, cause i feel to say THANK YOU
    You are there for us, you share your daily life with us. and that is not a common thing
    its very sweet and lovely <3
    I really appreciate that :)

    Thank you so much for everything
    Have a warm studio day
    huuugs from munich
    Chris :)

  14. A pair of positive eyes
    Dear Anette,
    i totally understand your point.
    First i wanna thank you for the nice report you made about the dome. Nobody do that..I know, i know someone thinks there's no use out there...but on the contrary I/we really appreciate your semplicity, i told you so many times...we are part of it because you make it possible.Thank you.
    I can see you with a pair of positive eyes, because i feel that you are able to give it as you receive it. that is the wonderful thing.
    Of course, we can share smth or not, it depends on us, if we feel like or not.
    We are free. But if this happens...well wow!!! Even the darkest day will turn into shiny.
    Now, everyone has his own place in life, his very personal mission. You have your own mission in Nightwish and as Anette the vocalist beside this group, you were given a mission in your family, etc...
    About you in the home-made phone photos: I personally love them;o) because it feels like home, it feels like normal life, it can't be fake..I really love when you upload those pics of you because it's like to meet you and listen to a beautiful story - cinderella.
    I know if this happened to you, dear, it can happen to us all;=)) and you were the first who told this, do you remember honey??

    I still believe!

    In that way i will never see you as an idol(as you say on interviews this is so weird experience but this happens in our society) but as a "storyteller", a positive messenger of hope. I am even more interested in you before Nightwish, I feel i am interested in Anette;=) Anette= how a dream comes true
    ...anette at school, anette in the swimming pool, anette eating...anette running....haha yes!

    Will you upload some more old pics of you so? ;)

    Leopard or Zebra...
    It will be fabolous leopard or maybe zebra or tiger decoration in my fab bag, but i'm sure one day i'll get mine as well:=) ;=)

    Also, referring to your post-i would ask you this question so...
    "If I could give you an advice today, which field would you be interested in?"

  15. wise words anette! good to see that you are such a deep thinker. you are very right with what you say.

  16. I so agree with you Anette when it comes giving advice. When I see that something is wrong and could be done better, I don't just scream and say "Do that better!" or anything like that. I always ask "Can I make you a suggestion?". In these cases people do wanna hear my advice because I have said it friendly. And if they don't wanna hear my advice I won't say it, of course.
    Well, I haven't always been this friendly when it comes to advicing... When I was younger I told people my so called good advice whether they liked it or not ;) But I think that it's normal when you are younger because you aren't mature enough ;) Now I'm 22 years old and I'm more polite :D

  17. Hii Anette =)

    I think you are completely right in what you say here, every person has a right to do what they want to do, even if it bad for them.
    Because we learn the most from our mistakes, and next time that thing happens to us, or we stand before a choice, we will know what to do better.

    Also I wanna say that this wonderful blog of yours does not only inform us of your happenings, but also connects us, Your Fans, with each other.
    We speak with people from the other side of the world who have similar feelings and interests as us.
    And we have a place where we can just chill out and read what you've been up to.
    You are one of a dying breed I think, you still take the time and interest in your fans, and you respect them and cherish them, and that is something many stars seem to forget these days.

    You're amazing!
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  18. just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your posts, it really makes my day, so thank you for making the time and thinking about us, with love
    vesna, croatia

  19. Hi Anette,

    Totally agree with your comments about how nice it is on here. As well as fans we are all friends and get along.

    I also understand that you don't want to put anything too deep out there because of people twisting the words or criticising. I've seen before comments on other sites about things you've written here and although it's a shame sometimes it's just not worth giving people the chance to ridicule or be rude to you. Sent an email about a Swedish fashion designer i know by the way, hope you got it,

    best wishes,

    Tom x

  20. *hugs* to you too :)

    I can kinda understand the critique -- after all, many people come here for NW news and when there is none, they get disappointed. But, just like you've always said, this is your personal blog, not a NW website. Besides, what news could there possibly be -- I think it was quite clear that there'll be a big break now, media silence, everyone concentrating on vacationing and their side projects... Just like it should be! Besides, you _did_ post NW-related stuff back then when it was relevant -- reporting about festival gigs, Hartwall and whatnot, which was of course very nice :)

    And, you're so right about being careful what to say, to whom and in what circumstances! Especially if you're a public figure -- Finnish tabloids come here already now to fish out something NW-related, just like they tend to visit the band's official discussion forum. Heh, were you to post, say, "controversial" political opinions or something like that I bet it'd be all over the next day's Iltalehti :p (just like, if I remember correctly, Tuomas once managed to comment something "funny" considering women and it was quoted in, like, all women's magazines around here... *eyeroll*)

    I, for one, have enjoyed your blogging style, and found it brave, honest and positive. I might not be all over fashion myself but so what, if there's a post I'm not so interested in, it's quite easy to skip! I don't much blog anymore but when I did, I seldom wrote detailed reports about my job either -- god knows you get enough of your job already during the day, this 'net is more a way to relax :) Heh, I'm also quite fanatically against all sorts of "celebrity-worship", I try to approach all people as equivalent, just as people no matter how "famous" or "big names" they are which is why I find it so sweet that you present yourself here as _yourself_, just Anette, not NW-Anette, if you get what I mean ;)

    Keep going! :)

  21. I think all of us hate when others judge and question our way of living. So I admire you for your straight-forwardness and for the way you look so confident with what you do. I think we NEED to commit our own mistakes and that we need to live and act the way we think is right. And nobody has the right to judge us for it.
    Your words are nice and always make me smile and be proud of being your fan. And your daily things are always interesting and funny; I enjoy them and more people do, so that might be enough for you to go on like this.

    I love you!!

  22. Hey A - Lovely words and such a shame but totally understandable that you have to be so guarded with your comments. It is so easy to get misquoted or somebody take a 'lighthearted' comment the wrong way. As Marie said this is your blog so theoretically do what you want??
    Personally I think it's fantastic that you take time out for your fans and give so much of yourself away to them. I am sure I speak for all 1000 plus members when I say it is so appreciated- Thank You.
    You must remember that you really do have influence on people and just a few nice well placed words provide such a great inspiration..

    All of the people on your blog think the world of you or wouldn't be here and will support you always!! In fact I have already spoken to and created friendships via your blog across the world with fans who I never would have met without it ..

    Please keep up the great work -It is greatly appreciated by us all.

    Warm Wishes Peter x

  23. Well, after getting on this morning and reading this post I was a little worried. I looked at the old post after school today and saw what was said...

    In regards to that, I'm sorry such a thing has been said, but I'm not sure publishing it was the best idea. That seemed to get up all the emotions of people who love you so much and want to defend you, and seemed to cause a bigger problem- like the fact that a comment was approved saying she needed a man...I was disappointed seeing that was approved. I'm not sure why but it made me upset. I believe comments like that shouldn't be made, it can be your opinion but that wasn't appropriate.

    Nonetheless, I agree that it is your blog, you as a person. Not you as the singer of Nightwish blog. I believe you should write what you feel. I also feel sorry that because you don't write any deep thoughts that some see it as shallowness and materialism. I don't, because I do understand that you just don't want your words blown out of proportion. Personally, I don't think the narrowmindedness of others should hold you back from writing deeper thoughts and saying how you feel (as long as it's not disrespectful) because I'd like to hear what you have to say...but that's your choice.

    And in this post you said, you never know how a person will respond. I think you responded in a kind way. But then again I think that the comment made by others was what I found hurtful. You seemed to let it go there, but I didn't feel like it should have been dragged on as some continued to do. The comment was directed at you, and I think once you stopped it by responding that it should have ended the conversation. I don't think anyone else needed to put in their thoughts when you already handled it. But yes, I know it's their opinions, I just felt surprised that no one could let it go as soon as you did.

    Anyway, I hope you aren't still upset about it and I agree with what you said in this post. I think it's nice that different people, who don't know each other- can get along so nice with people because they share one common interest. If nothing else Anette, at least be proud of the fact that you're helping bring people together. So a warm hug back to you and I hope you enjoy your evening.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  24. You are such an amazing inspiration Anette. I am always making sure I am nice to others- for I never would want to make anyone feel bad. I try and give others advice if I can =)


  25. Since it is your personal blog, you post what you feel like and I understand that you won't go deeper through your feelings and personal life.
    But I say that I love when you tell us about things we can learn from you. That's one of the things I most admire about you, the experiences you share with people here, the positive feelings you put here.
    Sometimes I think you or people who read my comments may misurdestood what I write, since I don't write very well and clearly, but you can be sure that, at least, I will absorb something positive from what I read here.
    And it is nice to read about your tastes, that's the purpose of personal blogs. I end up getting informed about things I don't know, and some of my prejudices about some things break up. If I didn't enjoy visit your blog, I simply wouldn't visit here. And that is what I think people who don't like you should do, in this case I am not referring to who criticize you politely without making you feel bad.
    Keep this blog up. I love to comment here, even if it is some short words and I hope you don't get pissed of about those my comments where I always say the same thing like "hope you have a great time" and so on because my vocabulary is not varied enough, but well, that's what I really wish for you everyday, so that's why I always write that. I want you happy every single day.


  26. Hey Nettie! Thank you for your sweet words!
    I totally agree with you!
    Big warm hug to you too =)



  27. Hi Anette,

    i never will understand how people behind their computers think they have the right to critizize another person. The missing respect when communicating to each other is one of the bad things of the internet, especially when it comes to young people.

    I am sorry to read that you have decided to keep your mouth about your feelings. I can understand the reasons but it makes me a little sad. I really hope your career and the media turmoil doesn't prevent you from being yourself, but i know there's always a little price to pay...

    Best regards

  28. I'm a little late in posting, but I think it's funny that I had just previously posted about you and the Pippi thing. Fight for you individuality and your right to do it your own way and learn your own way! I think that person needs to read/watch Pippi again because they're clearly not getting it.. :P I also think your blog is the best thing ever.. I look forward to reading it every day when I get off work!
    Sending love,
    Desi from Missouri, USA

  29. Hi dear Anette.

    I truly loved this words of yours, really. I just don't know what to say, I like the way you think and write about this things in life, it'd be very nice to hear more
    of your thoughts written here. And... that's it. You know we love you and my eyes are shiny every time I see you've written something new here in the blog.

    Don't ever change, Anette. Take care, hugs ^^

  30. Hello :)
    This post is way cool Anette! I love your "deep thoughts" and I would like to read more of them, if you didn´t mind. I mean, don´t be afraid of posting things like that. I know some people can be mean about it. Don´t let them change your mood, they write bad things either because they´re jealous or because they just want to make the evil. And you´re strong enough to ignore them.

  31. Dear Anette, sorry for my late reply!
    But the only thing that I want to say you is : always try to understand all the advice that the person give to you and pick of them the best.

    I like when you talk about your "deep thoughts" since don't let influnce by the bad people!!

    Hugs, Miriam