Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Soon sleep...

I am tired...we worked until 9 today and we finished the song I told you about;=)

About the red carpet etc:
On friday, me and Lauri from The Rasmus are gonna perform and attend the tv-show called Dome. We are gonna do October and April on stage, some interviews and also walk on the "red carpet"

The clothes I will wear are gonna be black. I will have a bit "cooler" style than gala dress. So for the hair I think most of the things you have said to me can work. I will look at all the suggestions and see what I can do that will look good;=)

Now, bed time cause studio tomorrow again at 10 and then in the evening, I fly to Wienna.

Sleep well and sweet dreams!


  1. Hello dear Nettan , how are you??!
    So you are going to be in black , and..I suggest you to make something in a rock style.
    Wish you all the best!
    Have a nice and safe flight!

    Good night and have sweet dreams. Sleep well =)

    Lots Of Love


  2. Glad to see that you had a productive day. I fell asleep early last night, and ended up sleeping way late, and unfortunantly, my neck is still killing me. I got into Slaying The Dreamer(the live version from EOAE) and just started headbanging like an idiot... Not something I allow myself very often :P

    Hopefully you sleep well, and have another fun day before flying to Vienna for the gig and interviews :)

  3. Sleep well, dear! =*
    You're late today, I thought I was the owl;)
    All the best to you and good flight, of course. And don't forget to drink some preventive medicines&mixtures, your immunity cannot get well so fast. Take care!
    With love,

  4. I wish to you good luck in the red carpet, you deserve. For sure you will make the perfect choice for your hairstyle =)
    I think that is a good option for you:

    So, you like? I hope that I've helped you =D
    I hope that tomorrow you have a nice and very produtive work day.
    Sleep well my dear, have a good and relaxing night. ;-)
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  5. Hi Nettie =D.

    Now that you told us that you finnished a song for your son my anxiety grew up to hear all your songs. Cant wait *______*.

    And I hope you have a wonderful time in Wienna, I think it will very very nice!!



  6. Vienna is such a nice city. I've been there once (business, so I had only a little time for sightseeing) and enjoyed it very much. Nice old buildings, nice cafés and stuff. Hope you enjoy your stay there.

  7. Anette did you already finished the song for you son? Wow! Mmm i love back clothes and my favourite hair style is tail. :D In the last pics your look was great. I'm tired and i go to bed. Good night dear Anette! Big hugs

  8. Have a great time. I hope to find a link to the show somewhere. Last night at work, my patient named her baby girl Anettzie (kind of like Lexi). I thought it was cute. Love the eyelashes!

  9. I'm so excited about this,
    I can't wait to see what you end up doing!
    Will you be posting pictures of you
    in your outfits? It always gives us a better
    look than the online videos do...

    Oh, and today I saw that video for
    The Making Of October and April,
    and I thought it was funny. I loved it when
    you were talking about Pippi Longstocking,
    and being too busy because of 10 kids! Haha
    You crack me up, and you looked gorgeous!

    Here's the video, in case you want to post it
    on your blog for others to see-

    Good luck at the studio tomorrow, hope you
    feel inspired!

    Sleep well and sweet dreams!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  10. Today I finally could go to the cinema and watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon (it's completely awesome!)

    I wish you have a really good day tomorrow at the studio with your partners.

    Sweet dreams for you too, Anette ^^

  11. J'espère que vous aurez un très bon show avec Lauri;)

  12. Good morning Anette!

    So the Dome is in Vienna? Oh, that is near to Germany, cool. Have a great time there!!! Maybe one can see the TV show in Germany later on?
    Oh, you wrote a song for your son? Wow! It is really a very personal gift to write someone a song.
    Have a good time!!!
    greez, Lisa

  13. Hope to see some YouTube footage about the performance and the red carpet hugs!!

    Miriam xx

  14. hey :)

    How are you Dear? have you had a good sleep?

    Thanks for telling about the outfit and dome thing ;)
    its very nice that you share so much with us and that you care for our opinions :)

    SO you had a productive studio day?!
    Very nice :)
    Free your creativity :)
    have a nice day and a good flight to Wienna

    SMIIIIIIIIILE And the sun will shine^^
    huuugs from sunny munich
    lil chris :)

  15. Hey =)
    Vienna is a very very wonderful city ...
    There are so many cool shops where you can buy some really cool things. And the Opera house is amazing. There are so many cool musicals.
    In Vienna are to really big museum. I love the natural-history-museum!

    I am very often in Vienna but I have to drive 3 hours with the train.. =|

    Hope I can see you on TV !

    All my respect, love, big hugs and many kisses from Austria,

  16. @EnchantedLullaby: Thanks so much for the link to the Making of, I never knew there was such a vid out there and it's always cool to watch some random shooting and "backstage" chit-chat.

    And hey-ho Anette!
    I hope you feel better after a good night's sleep and tomorrow you'll be even fresher and more rested for the show. I wish you a good flight and an excellent performance. Also, I would like to know whether the video of the show will be posted or uploaded somewhere. Since it is a TV show, they usually either make a livestream or they post it to the TV channel's official site afterwards. Do you know anything about it, whether it's gonna be broadcast in real time or not?
    Thanks in advance, sleep well and have a superfabulous day tomorrow!