Thursday, 12 November 2009


So, next week I got a letter saying that I could go and take the flu vaccine for the swine flu...and of course, I am not at home the whole next week...aaarrgghhh!!! When I called them and asked what to do they said they couldnt do anything and I have to wait for the next time...which is in january.

I understand that they need to do these things as easy as they can etc, but really, why cant I go there and get the vaccine another day? Now I dont know what to do and my only thing I can wish for is that I can find the vaccine some of the weeks I am in Stockholm.

I always take the "normal" flu vaccine since I travel so much and cant be ill and with this flu I feel its better to take the shot to prevent others from being ill from me (if I get the flu that is). But maybe this is a really small thing to complain about, right? I guess I just have to eat lots of healthy food and wash my hands 100 times a day;=)

Have you all the same kinda situation where you live? How are things in your countries with the swine flu now?


  1. Hi dear Anette
    How are you?

    My house (in France) we talk a lot but I saw the news just now that there were not many people go to be vaccinated this and you go to?
    Have a good times!


  2. In my conutry 3 people died form swine flu but they were really ill before they got it like constnat heart failure,diabetes etc.
    There is still no will come in 2 weeks.But honestly I will not take it(i never had flu in my life) and i dont belive in this whole swine flu.Every couple of yars there has been major lost in medicine industry and when taht happens all of a sudden there are bird flu,now swine flu..then there was sars etc.
    The thing I do is what i read its good is: wash hands every time when you come home for at least 30secs,wash your motuh and nose with salt water and drink vitamine C.

  3. hey anette :)

    ok, that sucks! i dont understand..where´s the point? is that such a big problem if you go there another day and get your shot???

    You asked about the situation ;)

    Ok, over here in "dumb" old germany its chaotic and complete hilarious -.-
    the Vaccine is prepared and ready...but we need many many more, and they wont be ready until march (at least the news have told that)

    i think its something likes this: on december there will be 20 million ampoule´s

    and we need round about more than 50 Million times...and it wont be ready until march -.-

    So, they try to poison us with the constant fear of the flu and on the other hand they say: Sorry not enough ampoule´s !

    I dont wanna complain ;) sorry.
    i will get my shot, even if i have to ride on a horse to the moon ;)

    hope your day will go on nice^^
    thank you for asking :)
    (im sure you will get your hands on the Vaccine soon ;))

    warming huuugs from Munich
    lots of
    Chrsi :)

  4. That's fo weird. Don't you have an asthma? I think they should give you this vaccine because of this ilness. I have an asthma also and I got this vaccine three weeks ago (I'm finnish). Still haven't got normal flu-vaccine, but I get it next week.

    Hopefully you will get that! Fight for it! :)

  5. hello anette
    I not believe in this vaccine, in my country Argentina, swine flu and was ordered to vaccinate all
    I will not vaccinate! but if I had my care q is not necessary the vaccine does not trust her: /
    I think it's more politics than anything else unfortunately

    Have a nice day!!

  6. Well, here in North America it's not too bad yet. For the vaccine only the elderly/new born/people with a chronic sickness are getting it first, at least where I am (Upstate New York). Then if there is any vaccine left regular people can get some.

    I'm personally not getting the vaccine for swineflu because I think they rushed to get it available and I'm nervous about how it will effect the whole body. I hope it works and doesn't have any bad side effects.

    I understand why you want to protect yourself/others with it because you travel so much, so I hope only for the best for you!

    How is healthcare in Sweden, btw?

    Take care!

    ~ Irena

  7. Right here where I live has never had a case of swine flu. In Brazil had a few cases, but in the city where I live does not.
    It seems that everything is controlled here. You do not hear more news of new cases on television. So, it seems, here is fine. Thanks for asking =)
    Have a great day,
    All the best to you
    Hugs from Brazil

  8. We don't have any special arrangements in England so no letters summoning us to get the jab. As you say, we are just told to make sure we stay clean and wash our hands as often as possible,


  9. Here in Armenia only 8 ppl are infected, but the number of sick ppl increases day by day...i think that vaccine will have side effects, so i'm afraid of that more than the swine flu..
    Take care dear Anette..xoxo

  10. Hy!

    I went through the flu now... Too I lived!;)
    I get both vaccine on next week.:)
    But I do not like it because I will be ill always then :S And this is not good idea, because i will going to Helsinki in December. So i dont want ill. :S
    In my country (Hungary) three people died the new flu. I think that WHO absorbed the Hungarian vaccine, because it is necessary to extinguish it once only and 10-14 days give immunity already.

  11. Here in the UK they are currently giving it to priority cases, like people with chronic diseases, the very young and elderly, pregnant women, etc. My mum, who has Type II diabetes, is getting it next week.

    From what I've seen from having visited Sweden, the health care is excellent. My brother had to have a major operation over there and I was impressed with what I saw (compared to the hospitals and health service in the UK).

    Is everyone in Sweden being offered the vaccine for Swine flu?

  12. Dear Anette, I don't want to upset you, but there is not only "normal" and "swine" flu. Influenza viruse often mutates, so there are hundreds types of flu and swine flu is only one of them. So if you did the flu vaccine for one kind of the virus you cannot be sure that you wouldn't get ill with another.
    But I can comfort you - there's nothing special about the swine flu and to recognise it you need to do test. So it has the same symptoms and requires the same medical treatment as "normal" flu does =)
    Actually, I don't know what is the reason for the panic about this flu. I think that the media are engaging in sensationalism and as the result many people are worried without real cause.
    Considering my country (I live in Russia) I can say that Moscow is very big and crowded city, so the panic is much greater, yet the number of infected people isn't great. I use Moscow Underground to get to the university almost every day and there are a lot of people who wear special masks (through I don't believe that it can really help). Some people with a good sense of humor write different phrases on such masks - for example "Say No to the swine flu!", "The place for advertising is available" or smth like that :) Some people draw pig noses on such masks or some other funny stuff. :D That really puts me in a good mood.

  13. hi Anette!
    Well in Spain there are a lot of cases of swain flu, at least that's what doctors have said to people who go to see them when the've been ill with the flu. According to doctors it is impossible to have so many cases of seasonary flu as we have now in spain because of the warm weather we still have, so it may be the swain flu. But I think most people dont want to have the vaccine because they dont feel sure about it, and besides, it is less dangerous that the seasonary one... It is more virulent so it is easy to get it, but not so dangerous if you dont have any other important illness. I know people who have had it and the've had fever for two days and that's all, so I dont think I will get the vaccine, if I get the flu, I will became immune! hehe But it would be good to have the normal vaccine for people with asthma like you so you dont get ill during the winter :S
    We dont want you to be ill!!:P hehe
    Good luck with that Anette!
    Luv u! =D

  14. Hi Anette,
    Here in Maine it's been the worst in schools. I think the media is scaring the public, as usual. I've heard people being sent home without pay even if they don't have symptoms, but came in contact with someone who's awful. I haven't had the shot due to being afraid of what's in it. I've had colds and fought them with liquids and my own immune system. Plus I work at home so I have less contact...but I always have my anti-bacterial ready when I go out!!!
    You have a totally different situation with're smart for getting a shot. It's too bad you have to wait. I hope you can get it in Stockholm....


  15. I heard that our government will just sign the treaty for the swine flu vaccine...So I think, that maybe next year during the summer it will be the hottest topic: Slovakia got the vaccine for flu.... I am ashamed of our government...If they need to do anything for themselves it is done immediately and we people have to go abroad to buy vaccine. And what it the sweetest thing, I live near Ukraine 98.5 km from Uzhgorod), so another flu.... So we are in stress who will get swine, Ukraine or common flu...

    But I think that the vaccine always has side effects and if there is a flu epidermic I always get angina ( tonsillitis ).

    I am sorry for my sarcasm and irony.When I heard that other countries have the vaccine and we are still waiting. Fear makes people crazy so we will see what the fear from flu will do here.

  16. Hej Anette!!
    Well, I talked to a friend of mine (she's studing medicine) and she said that this type of vaccine isn't enough powerful, because it has been prepared in 3 months and a "normal" vaccine should be prepared in 3 years and her advice is to vaccinate with the "normal" flu vaccine.. Well, this is just my opinion :) Have a nice day!

  17. Well a Friend of mine have swine flu, and I can say it's true that this flu is sooo bad, she says it feel so bad her entire body hurts and the fever makes everything worst, now she is in quarentine but I spoke by cell phone yesterday and she is getting better now, but here in Mexico there are lot of people dying because of this disease.
    And there are people still thinking that this is an invention of the government...3 weeks ago I was thinking the same way but after my friend infected with this virus, well I guess I will use now an antibacterial gel and wash my hands always!!!
    Hope that you can get your vaccine there here we have to wait until december to have it, long wait but I will have mine even if I have to wait days and days outside of the hospital
    =), hehe
    Now its time to have my "normal" flu vaccine cause now is winter here and they are giving us for free in the hospitals so good bye!!

    hugs an love♥


  18. This swine flu is just like any other flu, I don't really understand why everyone is being so hysterical about it. From the people I know, those who caught it said they just sat in the hospital and took some little pills, and were healthy again - that's it. You must have a really low immunity to die from this, especially if you go at the hospital and get treatment. I don't suggest you take that vaccine, because you can never know how good it is. I took a normal-flu vaccine two years ago and all the winter I felt between flu and healthy. Maybe the fact that you're not home next week is a sign you shouldn't take it. But you do as you wish.
    Hugs from Romania :-)

  19. Hey Anette!
    You're not alone with this problem!
    Here in Germany, people talk nearly the whole day about the swine flu...
    But everyone that I know won't get a vaccine. Somehow many people are more scared of the side-effect than of the swine flu itself...
    Me and my whole family also won't get a vaccine, though we fly to Brazil next month... Actually I don't really know what to think about this whole thing...
    Hugs & Love from Germany

  20. Hi Anette,

    here in Germany they now say it's important for young and unhealthy people first. People of our age already went through a similiar flu so don't worry to much. Symptoms are like a light cold. (A lot of people already have developed antibodies without even noticing any sickness.)

    All the best

  21. That can't be true! I think that it's stupid that you can't get the vaccine. Can't they be more flexible that you could get yours..?

    I'm now in the first grade in yrkeshögskolan (don't know the english translation to that :D) and when my school started teachers gave me this paper where was information about the swine flu. There were the symptons (which don't exactly help me since they are the same as any regular flu) and instructions how to sneeze and cough.

    I just got an e-mail today that in my school it's possible to take a vaccine. Here in Finland a few people have died to swine flu. Today I was informed that one of my classmates is having the swine flu. So I'm a bit scared. When I come from school or from shops to home I always wash my hands with soap and then take disinfectant to rub my hands.

  22. ey,,

    in our small country with 17 million people living in here they bought 32 million shots and they only give shots to people with a disease and to baby's and 60+ and the country will sell the other shots to other country's
    thats stupid i would say give everyone a shot


  23. The swine flu is in Croatia too .
    Over 2000 people is sick :(
    That's really bad.One girl (just 3 years old) died because of the swine flu :'(
    Well...we need to take care , wash our hands , take a lot of Vitamin C etc. =)

    Wish you all the best



  24. There are/were a few people sick here in the city where I live in Brazil. I heard that there are not enough vaccines here, so I won't take a vaccine so soon.
    Personally, I am not afraid of H1N1 flu, but we here are always taking care of ourselves.

    Many hugs, take care,

  25. Ah, Swine Flue: the overrated kind… We had shots on campus a few weeks ago for those who wanted to be vaccinated. I was talking about it with my previous roommate and she read somewhere that it’s bad to get both the regular flu vaccine and the swine flu vaccine. They’re saying that it produces some bad side-effects so you might want to check into that if you’re planning on getting both.

    And I just found out yesterday that at one of the dorms here there is a building that’s been quarantined because the students have the swine flu. They can’t leave their rooms because they’re trying to keep it from spreading further. It’s kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Sick people need fresh air instead of being confined in closed off quarters. Personally, I don’t even bother with vaccines or worrying about getting sick. I trust my immune system to deal with whatever I catch and it’s pretty strong because it gets a lot of exercise, so to say.

    And really, the more you worry over it and think about it, the more likely you are to get sick. The mind is a powerful thing so if you keep fabricating scenarios of getting the flu, chances are, they’re going to happen. That’s my two cents anyways ^.~ Have a good and healthy day, hun.

  26. Here in America we have had deaths, and lots of illness, expesially where I am at my university. We had the first major outbreak there. I have to say Anette and everyone else who reads these. I got the swine flu. It really is not that bad, I just wanted to sleep a lot. I got the regular flu within a day of healing up from swine and it was twice as bad! So I guess I am immune now, but many others that I know that have had it have survived, I do not think that you have anything to worry about Anette, pregnant, very young children and the elderly people are the only ones that we have to worry about, but you will be ok. It feels like a bad cold, but I never threw up, s o your in luck there.

  27. In Italy, a lot of person, are dying and no one of the population at the moemnt has done the vaccine.

    Miriam xxx

  28. I don't believe in those vaccines... I have heard that they are dangerous to human and might cause more problems then the swine flu itself. I don't even think that all this swine flu is so important- I mean, c'mon, people die because of normal flu too! It all comes to few basic things- if you heal it at its early stage, it won't kill you. And, of course, if you eat properly, take care of yourself, I doubt that you will be infected.
    Oh well, it's your choice, but I won't take that vaccine even if I do have more problems with my health without this flu :)

  29. Hey..

    We had a looot of cases here in Curitiba (Brazil). And many people have died already =( I don't know the actual number, but It's really sad. We had rain here since.. July or August. Rain, cloudy weather, cold and everything, so People didn't open the windows very much and stuff.. Saddly, many people died.. We don't hear much nowdays about it because it got a little warmer, but still..

    I think only here in my city we must have had like 10000 cases of the flu.. with something like 2 or 3 hundred deaths.. I'm not sure of these numbers, but it can't be much less =/

    We don't have the vaccine yet, so I have no idea how we're going to deal with it. Luckily, summer's comming and hopefully it will make the flu step back for a while.. but I have no idea..

    The flu is very dangerous for kids, so.. Make your son take the vaccine and tell him to wash his hands all the time too.. and if you or him start to feel ill (fever and cofs), go to the doctor because this flu can be a real pain.

    Take care,


  30. Well I hope you get it soon! :)
    Over here in KY, I know a lot of people who've had H1N1, such as students and teachers, but they've all recovered. I dont think that everyone needs to be freaking out as much, but still cautious. :P
    Have a good day!

  31. Hello Anette!

    I'm surprised you receive such letters in Sweden O.O Do they give out vaccines to every person for free or are there any requriments?

    Never heard of anything like that in me hometown or the rest of the Poland. I had a seasonal flu in September but it wasn't anything serious. Swine flu it Poland isn't spreading too much which is good but many people are sick with the seasonal flu. I guess the number of the cases isn't serious here to take make taking vaccine mandatory.

    I am about to take vaccine for hepatisis so flu vaccine is out of the question for me, at least for now :s

  32. Heh, the piggy flu... As with everything, media makes huge tabloids about the epidemic, almost stirring up panic. "Fight breaks out in the vaccine line!" "Help, my child is dying because they didn't give her vaccine!" "Potentially 65 000 deaths!" etc etc etc... I understand the concern and especially in a job like yours where you have to travel and meet lots of people it's better take precautions but honestly, I'm getting a tad tired of how media treats the subject. What good do those end-of-the-world threats do when all people need is down-to-earth and matter-of-fact information about the thing, duh... Especially when just a common flu kills people every year!

    Heh, it was the same in last Spring when the flu had just broken out in Mexico -- I was just about to leave for Houston (and had planned to go see that NW gig in Corpus, a city which is right next to Mexican border :p) and I _was_ nervous, I packed these certified virus masks and chlorine hexidine hand disinfectant in my bag and was sure that either my conference or your gigs would be cancelled... :p But, nothing happened -- I sloshed my hands with that disinfectant all the time but when even the locals weren't nervous and didn't wear masks I couldn't be bothered either :) (though I heard afterwards they had _almost_ cancelled the conference but because it would've cost them too much to refund the conference fee to all those 4000-5000 participants they decided to take the risk...)

    Here, from what I've gathered, they're giving the vaccines only to some risk groups at the moment (children, old people, chronically ill) and this far it has also been only chronically ill who have died because of the disease. So, I've decided I'm not gonna be any more nervous about this than regular flu -- besides, maybe some common flu I've already had has been caused by H1N1 because it can also give just mild symptoms!

    Just lots of hand washing and no unnecessary handshakes or kissing on the cheek :) Hopefully you can get that vaccine in Stockholm though because, naturally, in your job even regular flu is bad! But, no panic... ;)

  33. Well, here in Russia the vaccination has started, so students, schoolchildren, doctors, etc can have the vaccine... If they want. As for me, I don't. The vaccine is quite new, nobody knows what real effect it can make, because the investigation cannot predict everything. Now these people feel good, and the next day they feel awful. It is not paranoia, I just cannot trust this thing. I don't feel like trusting it. No, that's not for me. Besides, in Russia the swine flu is not widespread. People are forewarn, you can see lots of them in subway wearing special masks. Less of them in the streets. Swine flue is dangerous for the bad immunity, so I take Immunal, vitamin C, etc. Quite okay now;)
    Of course it's up to you to decide, I really do not know what the flu situation in Sweden look like. But anyway don't panic about the vaccine, take medcines for immunity and use special things like some disinfecting kinds of oil to protect your breath from the infection. Briol, for example (Baby Teva Ltd (Israel)). You just inhale it and it kills the infection. My English teacher uses something like that few times a day. Also, antiseptic soap for the hands. Most cases of the flu are treated without any special medicines! Everything will be okay!
    Sincerely yours,

  34. Well, here in Italy there are 2 different points of view regarding this situation

    1. to do the vaccine because of the frequent exposure to the people/lots of people -so the doctors the most

    2. Not to do it because some do not agree with this theory of inject a little quantity of virus to prepare the body to cope with it, if i understood well.........

  35. Hi Anette

    One boy in my class had the swine flu one week ago. In Germany died about 13 people. I dont want to get the vaccine bacause i think it is the same as a normal flu just a bit harder. Here in Germany arent so many infected people then in other countries.
    I hope you dont get the swine flu.

    Have a nice time
    Lots of Hugs

  36. Men det är ju jättekonstigt! Jag har vaccinerat mig idag (skulle egentligen gjort det i måndags men var fortfarande sjuk). Jag ringde och hörde och de sa visserligen att jag helst skulle komma denna veckan eftersom det var min årskull, men det verkade som jag ändå kunnat få den senare.

    Jag vet inte om det kan vara så för att de prioriterar de yngre eller något. Men tillhör inte du riskgrupperna? Du har väl problem med allergi och astma? - du skrev om det på bloggen ju.

    Du kan kanske försöka vaccinera dig på någon annan klinik? kanske en privat? det brukar ju vara så att det är olika regler överallt. Du kan ha tur så att de kanske vaccinerar senare. Eller så får du åka till Stockholm, för de vaccinerar först i december. ;)

  37. moi!

    i envy you! do i understand you well, that in sweden everyone has an appointment and gets the vaccine? maybe even for free..?
    here in hungary we don't have enough vaccines in the apothekes (but still, my country exports it..). if i want to get it, i have to go to an apotheke, buy the vaccine, then go to the GP to get it shot (and also pay for the shoot..). and i also have to sign a paper that i'm the responsible for any side-effects, 'cause the GP's and the state are not.. no one dares to say that it's safe, but still they tell us every evening in the news that we should buy it.

    not so many people have died yet here (and all of them had fatal diseases..), so people think that it's just media hype and we don't need the shot. the most of us did/will not buy it.

    personally i don't know what to do, 'cause i also think that it's not THAT dangerous, and i've never got the normal flu vaccine either.. maybe i'll hope that i survive it, and get the shot only if i see that the situation is getting really serious..

  38. Englands had a pretty nice outbreak of Swine Flu, but most of the time we prescribe TamiFlu and it clears within a few days, a few have died however. As for the vaccine, theres a particular list order of who gets it and who doesn't as we have VERY small numbers of the vaccine. Basically all 0-10 year olds are being called for it first, then 11-65 year olds who are at risk, then over 65s who are at risk. People not at risk wont be getting the shot even though they're all panicking and ringing our surgery for it. The reason for this order is the fact the young kids haven't been exposed to regular flu so theyre much more likely to pick it up, where as the over 65s have had a lifetime of exposure.

  39. Jag var sjuk på vaccineringen i skolan så jag kommer inte kunna ta den förräns nästa vecka. Men det är lite bättre än din situation.

  40. Swine flu's a bit weird in my country. Some people die from it and others just seem to have a cold. I think I may have had it but I'm not even sure! I have a Japanese pen friend, and her school was shut because of the disease!
    My Dad got a letter offering him the vaccine recently too.

    At the moment they're also giving us vaccines for cervical cancer. I'm having mine soon but because I'm 16 I'm part of the catch up programme, so I won't be able to get the booster because by then I'll be too old.

  41. forgive me if i sound rude Anette, but taking the vaccine it's very stupid in my opinion. You can find a lot of infos online about how dangerous it can be and all the truth about the "swine Flu".

  42. They collected our absence notebooks today. The reason is that they want to know if there's need to vaccinate people anymore. Some of my mates have been very ill almost whole week, and I think that vaccinating does not help us very much, because people have already had the flu. Almost half of my class have had it.
    Take care of your health :)

    -Dismal Wings-

  43. Jag tog vaccinet idag.....jag grät som bara den för att jag har fobi för sprutor (haha sjukt att jag kunnat pierca mig om jag är nålrädd), men sprutan gjorde inte ont alls (konstigt nog).
    Jag är ju i riskgruppen, astma, så därför tog jag den, även om jag är orolig över innehållet, vem vet vad som händer om flera månader eller så? Fast hellre det än att dö som 18 åring.....eller överhuvudtaget.
    Men mot vanliga influensan den klarar jag helt okej ;=) haft två ggr så länge jag va inte så hemskt..och blir sällan sjuk också!

    Känner mig lite febrig nu, ömmar i armen men det är vanligt.
    Ångrar mig lite lite att jag tog den men ändå inte.
    Men sjukt att du ska behöva vänta så länge! Jag kunde bara åka dit och ställa mig i en liten kö.....sen vare gjort!

    Får hoppas du får ta den tidigare.....kram!

  44. Hi Anette...quite a few children and mid range adults have died in Canada already. I'm not sure of the stats, but my husband is an ER doctor and litterly 100's come in on a daily basis with concerns. Some have it and others don't. They have been giving them in hosp, but we have special clinics in the city designateed to give the shot to those who fit the criteria needing it.

    My son and I have already gotten the shot. I have no idea what kind of germs he brings home and he's even been picked with a suture needed and had to take the test for HIV. But the patient was a small child and healthy so he wasn't really concerned about her carrying it. But you never know.

    I was really nervous about the shot. Especially for my kid, but I'd rather be safe than watching my kid dying of resp arrest. I needed it because of I have asthma and told to take it. I know what it's like not to be able to breathe. It's a horrible feeling!

    Good day!

  45. Check this videos out, I beg you:
    Don't take the vaccine!
    and there are many other videos like this on youtube. Please, take care of yourself and of your family and friends, take vitamins and eat healthy and don't take the vaccine!

    Big Hugs!

  46. Here in the Netherlands people who are in the 'high risk catogory' can get swine flu vaccin, just like with the normal flu vaccin. I don't take both of them, even though I can get them for free because of my astma. I'm terrified about needles (You need a few doctors to keep me in my chair xD), and there are some doubts about the swine flu vaccin..
    But a few people died because of the swine flu here.. Well, not more then die of the normal flu every year but media is so damn stressed about the whole thing..


  47. Hi Anette,
    here in France, the flu vaccine is like "a defeat", the nurses and other professionals health don't want to get it.
    There is a big paradox about it ! Many people are afraid by vaccines in France... Not by the sting but by the product injected in our bodies !
    For my part I won't do it for the moment (too much problems with vaccines...)
    Good evening !

  48. Vi har väl så att bara personer som är i riskzonen får vaccinet.. Vilket är helt förståeligt. Jag kan alltså inte ännu få vaccin, vilket jag inte egentligen hade planerat över huvud taget, så jag får ov att vara extra healthy här nu :)

  49. Media is a really bad thing...we hear about this all the time, that we all MUST get the vaccine and so on...
    Many people think that the new flu is not as serious as the governments say.
    And it is a fact that the people who died had many other illnesses. And only a few died so far, so I don't really believe that everyone is in danger, if that would be the case there should have been many more victims already.
    Hard decision... my parents got the vaccine 2 weeks ago, because they are quite old and have some minor illnesses, but as far as I am young and healthy I can take care of myself with staying clean and taking vitamins.
    I live in a big city -Budapest- and with all the public transportation I use every day I still haven't got any flu so i guess the situation is not that bad as it sounds.
    Though I'm not saying there's no danger at all.

    I see your point, you're travelling so much that you could catch anything easier or others can get ill from you too...well your choice.

  50. In Croatia two people died of a swine flu,one of them already had leukemia, and another one was over 60 so they were indangered group. No one here is wearing mask though, but it's probably just the mather of time.
    I think it's really smart of you to think of all this things, considering how much you travel.
    My opinion is the whole thing blew out of the proportion, remember the bird flu?

    Take care, dear Nettie, sweet dreams


  51. Här i grannlandet Finland har 6 personer dött i influensan och vi har några tusen bekräftade fall, om jag minns rätt. De håller på vaccinera de största riskgrupperna just nu, och efter det ska alla få vaccin som vill.

    Jag vet inte ännu om jag vill ha det, för jag tycker inte om att de inte har utrett alla möjliga bieffekter. Dessutom är jag egentligen inte alls orolig för influensan. Jag vet inte varför, men jag har inte orkat "bry mig" om man nu kan säga det så; jag vill inte stressa över möjligheten att bli sjuk, och jag är inte orolig för att bli det heller. Det är klart att jag inte VILL bli sjuk, men jag tror inte heller att det är så farligt som gemene man ibland tycks tro.
    Just nu har jag märkt att ett halsont har kommit smygande, så det gäller för mig att dricka mycket varma drycker. Det sägs också vara bra mot svininfluensan, så där slår jag två flugor i en smäll :)

  52. I'd never trust that vaccine anyway, hardly any time was put into it, for all we know it could be horribly dangerous side effects. They took like...two months (?) on it, vaccines should have years of work and results to be considerd safe. If I would be offerd it, I'd reject it INSTANTLY untill I know it's safe.

    And swine flu isn't that bad; my mum had it, took one tamiflu tablet and was fine the next day! :) Sure, people have died because of it, but I think the human race has forgotten that normal flu can kill ¬.¬

    And people where I live are ignorent about Swine Flu. There was this woman from where the swine flu first broke out, and whereever she went, they coverd their mouths. She wasn't even infected! I had a really nasty go at them, and made them feel hella guilty XD And when one office worker got it, they were screaming. Ahh, sucks to be in a all girls school, they scream so loud XD

  53. Hej Anette! we have quarantine time..We're not going to universities, to's closed until this swine flu will go away. We have got the vaccine already but i'm so doubting about taking it in. I know that the vaccine is a small swine flu dose so I'm a little bit afraid...if they will infect me by this? That happens sometimes when our organism is weak a bit or if it takes the vaccine wrong. So I sill don't know...By the way we can take it any day we want. The announcement is hanging in the central emergency welcoming everyone to come and take it in. so....

  54. Here in Canada its a Swine Flu disaster! My sister had it, as well as an old school friend. Lots of people have died, no one can get the shot! The government's reaction is a disgrace. You are so lucky to have been given the option to get the shot at all.

  55. I live in the U.S., we've had some cases
    of it of course but everyone
    I know that has had it, has gotten
    better within a week or two.
    My choir teacher had it, he lost his voice
    for almost a week- but he's great now.
    I haven't had a flu shot in a couple years
    and I haven't gotten the flu or swine flu.
    But I understand your concern because
    you travel a lot. But I agree that if you
    wash your hands and eat healthy you should be
    fine because that's exactly what my health
    teacher said to our class.

    But our school is offering the vaccine
    in a nose spray, but I'm not
    getting it because I'm pretty much against
    any medication that isn't necessary
    for me to have to either be in school
    or leave the country(which I only say
    the leaving the country part because I'm
    going to China in two years for graduation).

    But like I said, I'm not getting it
    and I haven't had the regular flu vaccine
    for a couple years and I haven't gotten sick
    from either one of the flu viruses yet.
    I don't think you should freak out if
    you have to wait to get it, because you seem
    like a healthy person and I don't think
    you'll get the flu or swine flu. :)

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  56. You will get that vaccine somehow! It shouldn't be a problem not to get it only because you are not at home that week!

    well I think the whole thing is bit in Romania everyone is talking about it and how terrible it is and people die of it, but there haven't been so many cases and here noone has died of it so far!
    There are certain rumors about a vaccine they want to do to people.....
    I've never had a flu vaccine before and I don't think I would do it now!
    Besides we don't know if this new vaccine is 100% safe .........
    In the region where I live there hasn't been a case yet so I'm not worried right now!


  57. First Improvements to you Anette.

    I did not know you was with the flu O.O
    more you are strong and this will pass soon.

    I just as soon as you recover.


    Juliano \õ - -

  58. Hello Anette!
    I don't really know what to think about the swine flu vaccine. The disease started to spread around here as well, but from what I know, there haven't been any serious or life-threatening cases so far. Some schools were closed, some people were hospitalized, but there's a great amount of discussion going around here. Some say the vaccine itself is dangerous, since human beings don't naturally have the anticorps for this virus, and getting an injection of it may provoke some easier or worse form of flu, therefore people say it's better to just keep a good hygiene and not get in contact with ill people etc. There is also an issue concerning the vaccine itself, since some people don't trust the Romanian vaccine and would like to get it from abroad; at the same time, the doctors and Health Ministry says it's one of the best and safest in Europe so that makes everyone even more confused.

    I personally avoid this vaccine because I have read about a conspiracy theory a few weeks ago, an Austrian journalist called Jane Burgermeister if I'm not wrong discovered that this virus is actually a human invention, a mutation of the basic flu virus, and it was made by New World Order so that the human population of the world starts decreasing. I have actually been terrified to read that and even though I don't usually pay attention to this sort of "fantasistic" stuff and so-called evil plans, but it really got deep within my mind and now, whenever I head about this vaccine, I instantly think of NWO wanting to get rid of 90% of the population of the Earth.

    Anyhow, Anette, I don't think you should worry, no matter if you get the vaccine now or only after January. I have heard doctors saying that even this AH1N1 virus, which is quite a strong one, can be cured in approximately one week if one takes care of himself, stays isolated from other sources of infection and gets a Theraflu/Tamiflu treatment, which proved to be very efficient. More than that, apparently swine flu has actually lighter symptoms than ordinary flu and is cured more easily as well. The only bad aspect about it is the fact it's more contagious. So, as long as you don't use public transport so much and don't come in contact with ill people, I think it's going to be just fine. Also, maybe you would like to buy your son one of those sanitary masks whenever he has to take the school bus or something. Though schools and other child-insitutions are supposed to get closed if more than 3 cases appear.

    I'm so sorry for the epic amounts of text I typed up here, hopefully it won't confuse you too much and you will find it useful and comforting.

    Have a great night and don't believe all they say about swine flu! It's just like a cold, only it's called differently! :D

  59. I got the vaccine somewhat three weeks ago (I work in a pharmacy) and even at the very moment of getting it I wasn't sure if I wanted it. Both options felt bad, but since this vaccine is quite like the "normal" flu vaccine I guess there's no harm if not any use either.

    I don't understand the hysteria but I also get annoyed when people say this flu is nothing. Sure you can be very ill and in the worst case you could die from regular flu, but that doesn't make swine flu equal to nothing. I also understand the concern of the vaccine being made so fast, I was also a bit worried about it, but since people still live after getting their shots I guess it isn't that bad. I'm not the type to worry things that might come up after ten years or so.

    My point being: take the vaccine or don't take it, you'll die someday anyway. We can't know what we might have in ourselves that the vaccine (or anything else) triggers, we can't be sure if the vaccine helps at all or if it's harmful in the long run, we can't know if the flu goes by without notice... Life is full of "ifs" so what's the use of being afraid before hand?

    Taking the vaccine doesn't make me feel any more protected, but if it works, it was worth it. And if twenty years later I give birth to a mutant child I think I'm not blaming swine flu vaccine in the first place since things like this can't be undone and it's nothing to worry about now :D

  60. Hi Anette, well in Spain the vaccine "delivery" is still a mess, because at first the ministry is telling that it will be just for kids, then just for kids and women, but what about old people? I honestly don't know any more about this but I'll let you know if any news come out.

  61. Oh dear...We have terrible situation in Ukraine with this flu.near 100 people died.But our people are afraid of any vaccinations.There is a sad experience.And a vaccine for the swine influenza have received only a laboratory mouses:)Most people wear respiratory masks,which are already impossible to find and need to sew yourself,here is a huge panic,no concerts or movies-quarantine...Three boring weeks...
    I believe that everything will be fine,just people should stop thinking about it and make out of this world-show.I think that happiness and humor are the best medicine for any disease:)

  62. Well, in Austria are thounsands of peoples ill...
    In my school and in the neighbour school are some classes closed...
    (in my class nobody has the swine flu)
    I think it is more dangerous than most people think...

    Hope that you are not going to be ill !

    All my respect, love big hugs and many kisses from Austria,

  63. Hey Anette!
    I don't think that I will take a vaccine..I think the swine flu is very similar to the normal flu and I can't understand why almost everyone here in my town is so afraid of the swine flu..I know some people who had it and they told me that it felt like the normal flu.

    Hugs and love from Germany<3

  64. In Belgium, the people with the most risk to get infected, can get the vaccin, like elder people and children -12. I don't know if other people can buy it too, I do know that the government is spreading these flyers that say "wash your hands, don't cough without covering your mouth", etc. I haven't seen a single person wearing a flu mask, maybe some drunk students did it for the joke, but that doesn't really count;)
    It's a real media hassle, but I think life goes on for most people, with or without this swine flu, which we actually call Mexican flu over here.