Sunday, 8 November 2009

Todays song;=)

Hi everyone,

My bf thanks for your nice congratulations;=)

A bit tired today...we had a great party yesterday and even if I didnt drink more than one glass of wine I am tired today. The weather is grey so a perfect day for a lazy sunday;=)

Todays music will be a great song from Sting, enjoy!


  1. Åt du någon kladdkaka igår? Det var kladdkakansdag :) Hoppas du ahr en lång och skön söndag =)

  2. Lucky you are;) I have to write sooo many works till tomorrow... And it's also grey and dark and bit rainy in here... All I want is to watch "Coco before Chanel" and go asleep... Damn;)
    But anyway, thank you for the great song;)

  3. Hey ;)

    No need to say thanks :)
    That goes without saying ;)

    Hope you had a nice party^^
    and now have a wonderful day!

    Thank you for posting this great sting song^^ like it :)
    the same wonderful day for you and your son :)

    You all enjoy the day now
    oooooooh happy day *LOL* ;)
    kindest regards

  4. Hii Anette =)

    Wish i could have a lazy sunday, but i have my exams this week so im studying my brains out ;p.
    Finally the weather here is better than in Sweden ;p, we have sunshine now!

    Enjoy the day,
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  5. you're lucky :) hope you'll have a great day with your bf ;)
    what about song - it's a bit strange as for me... but no doubt, it's very beautiful)
    and oh, i forgot - hello! i'm new in your blog :)

  6. Hi Anette,

    Hope you & your bf had a lovely day yesterday! Lovely gifs for him by the way ;)

    Right now i am listening to the Live "Made In Hong Kong" Album!! You seriously rock =) Your vocals are SO awesome!!! Its so fantastic to hear such strong, clear & powerful female vocals over a metal band."You blow it out the water girl"!! haha

    Cant wait to hear your new stuff

    Have a nice Sunday!


  7. Hi Anette, i'm so happy that the celabration was great. Happy birthday to him in advance! I know the song that you've posted... it's great! Have a sunday! Hugs

  8. Cloudy day today. And I got sick and I'm a bit feverish, so today is a lazy sunday for me too :)

    Thanks for the song, Anette. I like it!
    Have a great sunday.


  9. Hope you had fun yesterday. You and your boyfriend deserve =) As I said before, he is a very luck guy to have a family that loves and admires. Tell him not to waste that luck ;-)

    My father betrayed my mother when I was 9 years with a girl at the age of my sister (20). He destructured my whole family, the world I knew in a few days was gone. We had to start all over again. The worst was not the divorce, becouse when these things happen you can not do anything about it, the worse was the indifference of it after the divorce. I have stayed a year without any news of him, and that for a boy of 12 years (age I was at the time) is a lot.
    Today I hate what he did to me, my brothers and my mother. I hate the attitude he took, because for most absent that he is, it is difficult for a son to hate the father and I do not hate him, hate only what he did to my family.
    Sorry for the long and boring comment, I just needed to unburden.

    Have a great day
    Enjoy so much =)

    Hugs From Brazil =)

  10. Oh Anette, I LOVE this song! I already listened to it quite often but never seen the video. Thank you for this nice gift :)
    It matches perfectly to the 20th anniversary of the decline of the wall that separated the east and the west of Germany! Cool that you chose this song.
    Have a nice day!

  11. Good morning! Even if you didn't drink much, you probably were pretty active or up late-which would be why you're tired.
    But I'm glad you had a nice time!
    So I know what you mean because my friend
    and I did so much yesterday and I'm wiped.

    Oh! I saw a movie with Meryl Streep and
    Amy Adams and it's called "Julie and Julia"
    and it's about a girl named Julie
    who writes a blog everyday on Julia's cooking
    book. It was really good!
    Just the whole blogging everyday part
    reminded me of you, because I forget to go
    to my blog everyday! But it was a good movie,
    very funny, and I think you'd like it!

    Sunny in Ohio, so I'm going to try and
    be active or something.
    I just want to soak up all the nice weather
    while I can and before it starts to snow!

    Hope you enjoy your day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  12. Hej Anette =) You didn't allowed my was too sad or something? Anyway if you thought it will be better it's okay =) Now i'm better))
    Thanx for the song ;) Very nice one...
    Today i bought some new bright pink and blue hair emmbelishments so i'm happy) Shopping always works like this ;)
    Wish you a nice evening,

  13. Nice to hear that you had a good day! Say hi to him!
    Thanks for the song!

    Have a nice evening



  14. Hi anette, how are you?I´m tired too because my birthday was november 4 and all my friends have been with me listen good music, so we must rest Great Song enjoy the day and thanks for everything!!!

  15. Hi Nettie! And bog thanks for this great Sting's song! :-)

    Have a nice evening with your son and bf! ;-)

    With love,

  16. hi Anette!
    i like this song... maybe because I'm Russian girl))))

  17. Hey, I must say you that in our Idols, tonight are the songs of Michael Jackson (and Madonna).

  18. Dear Anette,

    thanks for the song...I liked it!

    Hope you've had a very relaxing and lazy sunday after yesterdays party!
    I went swimming this morning with my mum ...but after that I was so tired and lazy that I didn't do anything the whole day...and it feels so good!

    Have a nice evening and sweet dreams!!!


  19. lol more than one glass of wine? to get drunk with wine you have to drink lot of wine!

  20. Nice song =).

    I hope you can rest a lot to start your week weel =DD.



  21. Yay. I had a day a little lazy today too. It was cool.

    About the music, Russians is a great song. Because of your last post I woke up on Saturday singing Fragile xD

    Anyways ... Take care (:

  22. Hi Anette! thanks for sharing your days with us, you are fantastic, te quiero mucho!! :)
    kisses & hugs :)

  23. Woow, there is like a Belgian Metalband who covered this song, but I didn't even know it was a cover ;)
    What are you planning on doing this week, again another studioweek? :)

  24. Hi Anette! I just wanted to point out how cool I think it is that you called the day "Lazy Sunday." I call all of my Sundays that because of the Lazy Sunday video from Saturday Night Live. Haha. With love from Detroit, USA.

    Alex =)

  25. I love that song It's beautiful!! I love Sting !!