Monday, 29 March 2010


Hi all and sorry for my abscence but I have been really ill and are still not 100 %, even if better.

As you know I got some antibiotics for an urine trait infection and for the first time ever, I got an allergy from the medicine. It started friday morning with totally red eyes, itching over the body, bad headache and sooo tired. Lied all day totally out.

Saturday the same but now also puking and the headache really bad and also the itching. Got more and more itch and in the afternoon I decided to call the hospital to ask what to do. They said that I should stop the medicine immediately and then go to my mid-wife today to get new medicine.

Yesterday and today still itching and red eyes and headache and when I got to my doctor she gave me new medicine and said it was weird, cause I have taken these pills before. But when pregnant the body can be much more sensitive.

So now I hope the itch and everything will fade away and the new medicine can kick in.

Horrible weekend but I am happy there are good doctors to help when we need it;=)


  1. Wow, Anette !
    Bad news but I'm really happy that you feel a bit better now with the helping medicine. Thanks for the news. I have headache too. My god.Tomorrow I'll go to hospital for 6 weeks and more..and thats the reason why I send my gift for you later..hope that youre not too sad.. oh.. I'm so sad because I have to leave my family, my wonderful cats and everything I like in my warming home..

    So.. now I have to pack my things for tomorrow.
    Have a nice rest-day ;=)
    I love you.

  2. Hello Ane!!!

    don't worry..
    Only moment in your life
    and will over soon..

    Godbless you
    kisses and hugs from


  3. Oh I'm very sorry for u Nettie!
    Get well soon!

  4. Aww, I'm sorry you're feeling bad :( It will get better soon! It's spring and it's a new beautiful day. :D
    I'm a little slow on this, but I just found out that you're pregnant! AWESOME!!!! I'm very happy for you!

  5. Hi Anette, indeed i was i little worried. Thanks for posting and giving news about you! It's always a pleasure to read you. Sorry to hear that... i can imagine that orrible week-end you spent. How are you today? I hope you will feel better in the next days. Today i went in swimming-pool, i like it even if it's very weary. I think i will go again thursday Get well soon and don't get worry us! Have a nice evening hun! Big hugs

  6. Oooh! Poor Nettan... I'm sooo sorry for you.
    Thinking of you. Hope you'll feel better tomorrow...

    Lots of love, ♥

  7. Hi Annette,
    I am so glad to hear from you again. I hope and wish that you are completely healthy again soon. I hope the new medicine has no side effects more and it helps fast.
    Your baby is doing well, or?
    I am glad that you're back online.
    Wish you a nice evening.
    Hugs Brigitte

  8. Awww, that is not nice;( Hope you will be better soon:)<3 Hugs Emilia

  9. I was really worried for you =)
    Wish you all the bes , and I hope you will get well soon =)
    I am sending bright sunshine rays from Croatia to you ,

    Lots of love

    Take care


  10. Wow, I hope you get well soon ;)

  11. Hi!!! I'm sorry you're still ill... I hope you'll feel better!
    Now I'm watching TV: here there are the regional elections... What a mess! And also the usual news, always bad...
    Get well soon!

  12. I was wandering what happened to you since you didn't write for a while, I hope you will get better soon, hope the new medicine will be perfect so you can be on your feet again. Take a good nap and a lot of rest.
    Is the baby doing fine?
    Have a beautiful evening,Hugs.

  13. That's not good! :( But I hope You will get it over! :)
    Take care! :D

  14. You don't have luck!! but I hope you will be fine tomorrow, and your baby too

  15. Oh, that sounds terrible! I was worried if you were better or not. I'm so sorry for you, but glad to hear you are up and got new medicine.
    Please, get well soon. Sending more warm hugs to you. :)

  16. Oh, poor you! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Take care,
    Marie x

  17. Awwwww, I'm so sorry you had to
    go through that! That's terrible!
    And it sounds like it painful
    and nasty...because of the puking
    and whatnot, man...eww.
    Seriously, I agree with what you said
    before to me- puking and headaches
    are some of the worst things!

    I have a headache now, so I really
    sympathize with you sweetie.

    I had wondered what happened to you,
    I figured you were really sick!
    But I hope you feel better, and that the
    new medicine will work, and
    that you and the baby are ok.

    Lots of strengthening hugs and comfort to
    you! I will keep you in my thoughts!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  18. Hi !
    Sorry to hear that quite bad news...Really hope the new medicine will take the pain out reallyy sooon !

    Lots of love & above all, take care !

  19. Hej Anette, nice to see you back. :) I had very special thoughts for you and the baby yesterday evening, before going to bed. *blush*

    Awww, poor you, this allergy seems really horrible. And you'll never know how your body will react with antibiotics, and it could be funny... It happened to me 2 years and half ago with penicillin; for years i had it for very short time and it was fine. And then i had a gallstone attack, something really serious, and had to take penicillin for 3 weeks. After 10 days, i woke up in the middle of the night my whole body burning. In the morning, i was covered with urticaria from head to toes (really everywhere between the two, breasts includes)! It was stopped very quickly, and instead i had shots of something in my lower back for 2 weeks... No more penicillin for me now, im allergic to it. :(
    I hope that the new medicine will work for you, and that the allergy symptoms will stop very soon. *hugs* I beam you some TLC now...



  20. Oh Anette, I'm so sorry for you !

    I hope you will be fine soon ! You have no chance =S

    The doctor has been said you that there are no danger to the baby ? ?

    Hopping you will be better soon ^^

  21. Hi Anette,
    so bad that you are ill, all of those urine infections can be really nasty. But good that you are taking your treatment so it won't go to kidneys. Some girls don't want to take any antibiotics when they are in pregnant, but sometimes it's not so bad to take it. I'm personally really scared when i'm thinking about my possibly future pregnant (if I ever be in any), because it sometimes effects on kidneys... and i have only one left... but hey, one kidney is still better than zero! ;)
    Take care and let your cats heal you!

  22. Hi Alive,

    Sorry to here that your still not feeling well do to such complications as being allergic to the Meds you've been prescribed. Feel better soon:)

    lots of love,

  23. Hi Anette=)Oh,it's bad that you had allergy...I checked your blog every hour...I hoped that you was ok and you went to any place...But I'm so sad...My mother bore some month ago.She is younger than you for one year.And my mum sends greetings to you=)I am sure that your health will be good.Remember your fans are with you always.You are optimistic woman and be such optimistic always.

  24. Hope you get well soon, Anette.
    I was already worried because you didn't post yesterday. :(

    Greetings and hugs from Germany

  25. Hi Anette! It's sad to read you aren't fully recovered yet. But it'll be gone in 1 or 2 days (top) I'm sure! TONS OF HEALTH FOR YOU ^^

    Best wishes for everyone =)

  26. Oh NO!!!!
    This must have been horrible! I'm so sorry to hear about this, but I'm glad that the worst part is over now and that you are better and you wrote to us today!

    Is everything fine with the baby?????

    Take care of yourself & baby and get well very very soon!!!
    Hope it will be over soon! I will be thinking of you a lot!!!
    Sleep well!

    Love and warm hugs ♥,

  27. Oh i hope you will feel better tomorrow! ;=)
    All the best wishes ^^

    Love, Teodora :)

  28. I hope you feel better Anette!!!!!!!

  29. Poor Nettie!

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

    Keep smiling :)


  30. Hi A !!
    Just catching up on your posts since my return from holiday.

    Sorry to hear that you have not been so good just lately. Hopefully you will be over the worst of things now.
    I'm sure with your positive attitude and strength you will overcome all these setbacks.

    I can sympathise with you about the itching as I had terrible 'Prickley Heat'on holiday in Tobago. It was like torture ... At times I was nearly scratching my skin off.

    You will be pleased to hear I looked after some of the local cats on hols - The poor things were so thirsty they were drinking out of the Hotel Pool!

    I have added some pics to my blog.

    Warm Wishes from a cold dull England - Give me the Carribbean heat any time ! Peter x

  31. Anette, what are you doing now? I hope you are relaxing. :D

  32. Stackars dig, hoppas du mår bättre snart! Kram

  33. Hi Anette,

    What a pain in the backside that must have been!! You certianly dont need that sounds really irritating. I think I would be in such a bad mood!! glad the worst is over & I hope you recover fast!

    Take Care


  34. Oh no, poor you..I'm sorry for you :(
    Being ill really sucks..
    Get well soon!

    Lots of love xx

    P.S. How is the weather in Sweden? I hope it's good so you will soon feel better ;)

  35. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that Nettie
    I hope you get better soon.
    Oh, and some things that we call "grandma's remedy": drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. It'll help you to get better ^^

    Kisses and Hugs from Brazil!
    Pleeeease, take care okay? Not only for u, but for your babe!
    We love you! (you two hehe ;=)


  36. Poor Nettan, hope you'll be better soon(( Try to drink more water and check the medicines, some of them are prohibited when pregnant...

    Today we had a horrible case in Moscow, two suicide bombers exploded two subway stations, 37 people died, about 50 damaged. Some say it's not the end, people are afraid to move around the town... and I have no wish to go to studies tomorrow, there's a message in the net that there are more terrorists in the city and they plan more actions on different subway lines, don't know what to think. Anyway we cannot sit at home forever... Yet I'm still nervous, you cannot know what's going to happen... Some of my friends were in the next train and arrived only 5 minutes after the explosion... Awful. I hope this will settle down somehow...

  37. Marjaviini: Hi! Yes, I was so shocked this morning when the news came... it´s truly horrible and I so understand your fear. Please be so careful and avoid crowds and of course, the subway. I do hope all this terror and hatred could come to an end, but it seems it will be a neverending story;=( Lots of strengthening hugs to you!

  38. Awwww! I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better real soon Anette :). It must be horrible to feel that way while you're pregnant.

    To cheer you up (at least I hope it will, hard not to laugh at this :D):

    <3 Lauren

  39. so sorry to hear the bad news
    but i hope that the love from all of your fans will magically heal you
    Lots of love from Serbia

  40. Hello Anette,

    I hope the itch and sickness is away by now. Meds can cause so much more comlications than the wellness healing itself.

    I'm sending huggs and cheer your way and hope the next couple of months will go by faster than the last few. Keep well


  41. Hi anette!!
    Oh, I'm so sorry you had an alleric reaction to medicine, sounds pretty awful. I hope this new medicine will work and cure you!
    I really hope you get better soon!

    Best wishes and take care both of you ;)

  42. I'm sorry Anette, I really hope you get to feeling better! :( Keep us updated. You will be in my prayers. ♥

  43. Thank you Nettie, I'll do my best and be as careful as I can... I have to go to university today, I'll try to use the last coach and watch out. Moscow's strangely planned so it's very hard to travel by surface transport. The sun is shining now, its +5, I feel better and I truly hope nothing else happens this week. Thank you warmly for your support, I hope you'll never face the same situation. I'm also afraid that the atmosphere in the town will be hot, as Caucasian people are under suspicion, because of the anti-terroristic operations held there, and people are very angry and furious against darker-skinned people of muslim look... Ohh, I hope the government will be able to hush this.
    Thank you again, kisses, and try to walk around your lovely forest and have some fresh air, I hope you'll feel better =*

  44. I would advise you to go to an alternative doctor who works with homeopathy, he can correct a disbalance in your body the correct way. Or an orthomuleculair doctor.

    good luck

  45. Awwwww Poor Nettie! Oh btw I've been meaning to ask you, when you gunna post pics of the baba's nursery and any cute little outfits you've bought? Surely you must have started doing that by now?! I know I had by this point!
    Claire x x

  46. I'm so sorry for all that what you went through during the weekend. It really sounds horrible!

  47. Oh I'm so sorry, Nettie. I really hope you get well soon.

    Healing hugs!

  48. hey

    Not good to hear :(
    But nice that you feel at least a bit better.

    And i hope that you feel wonderful by now :)
    May the weather is good?!

    take good care, ok?!
    sending you some hugs
    yours Chris :)

  49. Hope you are well soon :-)
    And I hope you can enjoy the Easter weekend with your family.

    Glad Påsk

    Charlotte x