Monday, 15 March 2010

Marco in Kuorosota;=)

Yesterday Marco and the Kuopio choir performed two songs and one of them was a new Tarot song and the other a finnish song, Huomenna, which starred Marcos two beautiful and talented twin sons;=)

They are now in the finals and I just know Marco will win! Go Marco!

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  1. Looks promising, i will listen the songs when my Jermaine Jackson cd will stop. Thanks for posting :)



  2. Thank you for showing this-it takes courage to sing in national TV at such a young age. Go Kuopio!

  3. Great! Thanks for sharing, Anette. We never have anything like this in England.

  4. I was giggling so badly while watching Marco's twins. They are just so cute and brave <3. It takes a lot of guts to get up and sing in front of so many people, especially at that age.

    Marco was wonderful and so was the choir. Hope they win <3

  5. Marco is excellent, as always \,,/ =D
    The photos you took in the previous post are beautiful, as I said many times before, Sweden is a country blessed. =)
    Today I start my new job and I'm very excited. This job is much better than the previous one I had and paid very well too. Cross your fingers to me today =)
    Well, have a great day dear Nettan, don't forget to take care ;-)
    Hugs and best wishes from Brazil =)

  6. I'm looking forward for Marco !!! He will win ;=)

    Thanks for the vid, its nice !

  7. Those videos are great , thanks.
    And the one with adorable twins is the best. They are sweet just like daddy.



  8. Oh!! His children are so beautiful!! I felt really excited when watching the video, they are wonderful. By the way, the song the twins sang, Huomenna, is my favorite one by Finn band Uniklubi.

  9. Antto and Miro were so cute! :') And the Tarot song was simply amazing. But I must say I liked Ilkka's choir's songs too. They did them so well.
    If anyone's thoughts right after the program can be found at my blog. 8)

    Jag och min syster roade oss med att konstatera att tvillingen till höger (från kamerans synvinkel) ser ut som en mini-Marco, medan han andra mer liknar deras mamma Satu ^^

  10. They we´re just awesome - once again :)

  11. Hej Anette!
    Thanks for sharing these videos. Marco's kids are so cute :-) So nice to see them and their dad perform together :-) And Tarot's new song is great! Marco rules!! He's amazing!! :D
    Have a nice day!

  12. Dom finska körerna är helt klart bättre än dom svenska. :3

  13. WoW the songs were wonderful!
    I loved them! And Marcos boys are so so lovely!
    I'm so happy that Marco and his choir made it to the final and I hope they will win, cause they're the best!


  14. So those are Marco's sons. They're so precious! And very brave of them to stand there and sing for everyone. And how cool that they've both got long blonde hair like their daddy ahah

  15. Thank you for posting the song. I love Marco's voice and i hope he will win! Let know to us!

  16. His sons are so, so cute, just loved these performances!

  17. Hellow
    How are you today?
    His 2 sons are so adorable! Let's hope Marco and his team will win!

  18. oh God that was so cute!!!
    Marco is a great father!!!

    GO MARCO!!

    have a nice start of week!!

    hugs and love


  19. Marco has got lovely boys :)

  20. Hello Anette,
    many thanks for the lovely pictures and for the 2 videos with Marco. I hold him the thumbs quite tightly.
    You live at the sea? I love the sea. Sometime I would like to live at the sea ;-)
    I hope you had a beautiful pleasant day.
    Wish you and all a nice evening.
    Lots of hugs Brigitte

  21. Thanks for sharing these videos!! I love the when the twins sing. I bet they are going to be great singers like Marco when they grow up. Or better :)
    I was wondering... Have you been to a musical collage? Or you just played the oboe for eight years and took singing lessons?
    I'm hoping for an answer!!! =)
    :* Kisses from Poland
    PS: I love you and your voice! I'm surely going to be a singer, too! :D

  22. Hey Anette!
    How are you?!
    Of course, Marco will win!
    I just love his voice, I could listen to him for hours and hours...
    Their performances are really great!
    Hugs & Love

  23. I'm so glad you share this with us. In Brazil, we never have anything about the music in other countries... And it's soooooo amazing! Oh God... Allow me to see Marco singing before I dye, he is so amazing *-*

  24. It's weird how taken I am with this programme, considering any music-based programmes here in England are AWFUL.

    I hope Marco wins!
    Best wishes

  25. Thanks so much for the links, Anette!
    I'm especially surprised by the fact his twin sons also took part to one of the songs! And they really did a good job, despite their young age.
    Go Marco and the choir, hope they win the finals!!

  26. Oh yeah, I watched the episode yesterday. Not the whole episode, just the parts where Marco's choir sang. I can really say that the twin boys are just like their dad ;) In a positive way of course. So cute little guys!
    I liked the first song, Tarot, very much. I hope Marco's choir will win.
    Last time Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius won, so I guess we finnish people are addicted to metal ;)

  27. De var så otroligt söta! :D
    När jag tittade höll nästan inte mina nerver, jag var så nervös för deras skull! :D Men det gick bra, tycker jag :)

  28. OMG! Anette, thank you!
    Marco boys are amazing and so brave!So talented...
    He must be proud of them.... <3
    I hope you enjoy your evenind, dear :*

  29. @Sonia: Yeah, I've thought so too many times. But you can't say it's a bad thing ;) at least I don't mind the slightest being addicted to metal. We Finns have a good taste in music. :)

  30. haha all the little twins need is that awesome beard and the only way to tell them apart from daddy would be there height

  31. HEy Anette :)

    Great! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    have a wonderful Evening now!
    take care
    With L and R
    Chris :)

  32. Good guys))) Marco may be really proud;) Next time bring them to Russia with the band, our fanclub is just in love=)))
    Good luck, Marco!!!

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  34. Here is the images of the "Anette Candidates", hee hee

    Have a nice evening! (well... In Brazil, it's almost midnight =O)

  35. Marco is so going to win \o/

    The twins nailed the song, and Marco looked so proud conducting them :')

    They were so cute and looked just like Marco when he was younger, and they will be as handsome as their daddy when grow up :D

    The new Tarot album its so freaking great, i just cant stop listening

    Well dear, hope that everyting is fine with the little one and have a nice week :D

    ps: Loved you pregnant looks, it seems like you didnt gain any weight at all, totally in shape :O


  36. One positive comment for a change:
    Love the tarot song!

  37. Hi Anette!
    What beautiful?
    Your video is a great source of culture. The children of Marco are great as his father. I appreciate the work de Tarot, Marco and You!

    All to Best!

  38. Marco's kids were really cute. =) AND THEY HAVE HAIR LIKE MARCO! haha =P that's great.

  39. Heyo Anette!

    Thanks for posting these! I wish America had better music reality shows like this... ;P The songs were really great and Marco is amazing! So are his sons... and they really are little mini-Marcos! Thanks for keeping us updated and have a good night!

    xx Marz

  40. yeah! Anette, go and listen our music, we are new band from Kerava.
    Two woman who are writing their own songs. Our friends help playing the instruments.

    Tell me what you like! :)

  41. hello anette hey you don't have the video where marco hietala singing bad romance,
    it's so funny 'cause i love nightwish and lady gaga and i never think what this happened jaja


  42. Hi Anette i saw the one show w/ marco and his boys....those 2 boys are the cutest little boys i have seen...they have amazingly beautiful hair just like their dad =D well have a wonderful day !
    lots of huggs - Tracy ,Upstate NY