Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Beam me up!

When we were on tour, we all felt that we wanted to have a device that could "beam us" away to the next city so we didnt have to fly so much. Marco has said many times that this is his dream and I do have to say I agree;=)

Now I would love to have a beamer that could take me in an instant to a sunny, warm place where I could lie and just enjoy the warmth and a soft breeze from the ocean...

Miami is a place I really want to visit, so that could be a great place. I also would love to visit Miami Ink and do a nice tattoo;=)

And of course: Thailand again;=) It was as a dream came true when lying there watching the ocean, the sun going down and having a nice dinner.


  1. If only it could exist... I'd love to travel the world without having to do the travel part... *sigh*
    And those tattoos looks gorgeous! I'd love to have one (or more), but i'm too scared of needles to do it. *blush*



  2. I love miami ink!! the guys are soo talented!

    Glad to hear the baby check up went well, how lovely if baby is a girl and then you'll have one of each :). Glad to hear he/she is healthy and happilly moving about :)

    And there is nothing wrong with the odd lazy day :) - they are great!!!

    Amy x

  3. Hi Anette!
    This thought has been going through my mind for so long already, since I am quite a lazy person and when sometimes I need to go to a place repeatedly and it becomes a routine, I get so bored on the way there and feel like I'm just wasting the time. Maybe Marco should use this time off after the TV show ended, in order to try and invent this teleporter. =)

    I would also love to see Miami myself. I think it's one of the most "iconic" places of the US and that city must be so full of life and action and people must have such a colourful lifestyle. I've also watched both Miami Ink and LA Ink when they were broadcast on the Discovery Channel and even though I'm a big fan of Kat von D and Kim Saigh as tattoo artists, I must say that the atmosphere in the Love/Hate tattoo studio in Miami, with Ami and Garver and all the other guys appeals to me so much more, it's much more intimate and less "always being in the spotlight" like LA.

    So if you ever travel there and get a tattoo, don't forget to take your camera and take some pictures with the guys! They have some fans here. :)

    Have a wonderful day too, Anette!

  4. That sound really nice =)
    I like that idea for beaming up. Do you like to watch Miami Ink?? Sometimes I do...
    I would like to go somwehere in Scandinavia....
    Here , in summer days is really , REALLY hot...

    Have a nice day



  5. Hi Anette ! I hope your are having a great day :) And yes a beamer will be a so great idea !! No transport, no car's accident, ne problems with flies ( I'm afraid when I'm in a plane .. ), no bags lost etc ... We will be able to go wherever we want, whenever we want to !! So cool !! Sun all the time, with a beautiful sea ... What a dream !!

    Enjoy your afternoon :)

    With love

  6. Hi Anette,

    That's the kind of device I always say I wish I had too. It would be great. Right now I'd like to be in Sweden with my brother so that I can record more songs for our band. It's expensive to keep flying over from London. Also, I hate where I live so much because there's so much noise, and right now, if I had such a device I'd take myself somewhere nice and peaceful.

    Have a nice day!

    Marie x

  7. Many years ago, in 1995 in went with my family in Florida. It's really beaufiful country. I have been in Orlando, in universal studio with all the famous movies as back to the future, E.T, the shark, the birds in 3D. I was really scared beacuse it was seems the you were wearing them (i hope it is right word). I als have been in islas key west, i've accrossed the long brigde where was filmed the movie true life. I really want to come back there one day... who knows! Anette: how many countries did you visit in your holidays?

  8. Hello Anette!

    I disagree with you about the beaming up ;) Of course you all must be sick of flying since you do it so much and so often, but I like the part when I'm travelling by an airplane or train or whatever and waiting to get to the destination =)

    I would so love if I could get to somewhere warm place right now. I'm quite sick of all the snow and slipperiness we have here. You know, before x-mas was here I wished that we could have plenty of snow during x-mas... And now I can't wait to get rid of it :D
    It was such a spring feeling when I went to school today. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and the snow had melted a little bit on the road. :)

  9. Hi Anette!

    It's sunny in Holland to now, but a holiday would be great! My dream is coming true in september this year, I'm going with my mom to New York! Awesome :-D

    Wishing you all the best!

  10. I would really love going to Miami too! Oh, it would be so nice if I could get my first tattoo by the hands of Chris Garver *o*

    I'd like to have a dragon inked... I just love love dragons!

    Have a nice day, and I hope the sun shows up there ^^


  11. Ohh Anette, i want to visit Miami Ink too, to get a tatto, those guys are really talented :D hope you can do it very soon :D


  12. Yeah, it would be great if we could go from one place to another in a few seconds or minutes. I would love to go to a cold country and see the snow (I'm the opposite of you, laughs).
    Science is progressing fast, maybe in some years we have a nice machine. :D

    There are studies that are trying to create a functional teleportation, but all I know is that at now they can only transport things by making copies, like we do in the computer. There are also the wormholes, a short cut through the spacetime.
    Although they are hypothetical, they are very interesting subjects. I hope it can become accessible to people some day, hehehe.

  13. Dearest Anette,
    I can understand that you would like to beam you at a warm place. Lie in the sun, read a good book, a walk along the sea and think of nothing special. This would be a dream of me. Unfortunately, I will have vacation at the end of October - at the beginning of November. This is still such a long time. I would like away ;-)
    It would be beautiful, if one could beam himself during the tour from place to place. If this would be only possible!
    What would you let yourself be tattooed or is this a too personal question? Unfortunately, I am afraid of needles, although I like tattoos. Perhaps I will be courageous one day.
    Enjoy the day and dream at least of beach, sun and sea.
    Love and Hugs Brigitte

  14. next time your in the new york city or new jersey area you should check out, silk citys tattoo place. thats where i got my tattoo, and my friends have also gotten theirs there. we go to this guy named russel. hes very very good. abit pricey but very good. and ovcorse you can come visit me if your in the area. itll be extremly cool and wonderfull to get an anetter visit :D

  15. Hii Anette =D

    I love miami ink!
    They're tattoos are so amazing, if ever i'm gonna get one (when i don't live at home anymore, my mum would completely murder me ;p) I think I would try to get it there.

    Weather has been nice here too, just not as good as in Thailand I think ;p.
    I can't wait for the summer, already bought 3 waist skirts with cute prints at H&M today ^^.
    It seems like Sweden only brings us good things, You, H&M, Ikea, and the coolest clothing brands ;p.

    Anyways, hope you have a nice day ^^
    Lots of love, Lisa <3

  16. Hi Nettie, Yep Beam Me Up Scotty! I wish Transporters were real too so i wouldn't have to travel seeing as it screws with my head and make me feel like I'm moving when In fact I'm stationary lol. I'm gunna get a tat done eventually when i can decide on a design and save up the money to have it done (Unless I can persuade the other half to give me the money for my birthday on saturday :D ). Hope you're well today. Have a good day. Claire :0)

  17. Dear Anette,

    yes a machinery like that would be very useful for you guys on tour. With such a beamer you could sleep every night at home in your bed and the next day to be wherever you have to be with the tour.

    To get a tattoo at Miami Ink would be great...I hope we can do it one day, their tattoos are wonderful.

    Right now I wouldn't like to be anywhere else, because it's sunny and clear weather here in my hometown and there were almost 20 degrees at noon!

    Enjoy the rest of you lazy day!


  18. "Beam me up, Scotty!" -- indeed... Take me away to some faraway galaxy where life would be full of excitement and adventure instead of waking up to work in a dusty office day after day... :p

    Sorry, but as a long-time, dedicated Star Trek fan I just cracked up when I saw your post title... :D :D

    Haven't been following your blog so much recently (went through a lil' bit of a nervous breakdown and burn-out fit at work and, because of certain "funny" coincidences and misunderstandings it took epic and poetic dimensions, LOL... though thank gods and heavens it's solved now... O__O) -- anyways, so happy to hear your pregnancy is going well! :) And thank gods the Spring and sunny days are finally coming to these Northern latitudes too! This was the first day when I could really FEEL the heat from the sun and probably burned my face already for staying too long outside -- there's still so much snow on the ground that the UV dose doubles from what it would normally be!

    Ah well, nothing more "important" at the moment, just thought to pop in to say hello :)

    Take care, wear sunscreen, enjoy your days and all the best with the pregnancy ;)

    PS: Too bad Marco's choir didn't win Kuorosota -- he did a great job and his boys were just cuteness personified! ;) Good to know though that the winner's money went to an equally good address as well and of course, Tarot got some great publicity and advertisement also ;)

  19. I underastand the beaming thing, you could just pop over to another part of the world whenever you wanted to! Personally there are loads of places in Europe I'd like to visit - Scandinavia, Finland, Greece, Russia, and France and Italy again. I'd also love to go back to Japan, I went there a couple of years ago and it was the most amazing experience of my life!
    Best wishes

  20. Oh, It will be perfect if that will exist one day. I will immediately go to Finland or Sweden... I wish I could speak Finnish or Swedish one day, than I will move to you :D
    Every year 3. class go to some excursion in gymnasium, so for two years I wish we will go in France or maybe England...That will be so cool!
    Have a nice evening!
    Take care,
    your Marija

  21. I wish we really could beam places,
    like on Stargate or like aliens, haha!

    Miami's nice, Florida is just an
    amazing state, I live in Ohio-
    so of course Florida looks colourful!
    But there's a lot of really fun
    things in Ohio to do that I love.
    We have certain amusements parks
    not available in any other state of the U.S.
    so it's always fun to find something.

    Have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  22. @ Steff:
    how I just have read ,you are also afraid of needles? Let you an injections given to you? I unfortunately not, since I have panicly fear of needles. How do you handle that?
    Want you beautiful evening Brigitte

  23. @Brigitte: actually, when needles are close to me i do not handle things great. Most of the time i have panic attacks, so now i try to hold a little something i really care in my hand and i watch away. I could hndle good blood tests fine, though don't know why.... But other than this i usually end up in tears.... *BLUSH*



  24. Det skulle onekligen underlätta resandet massor. Även om jag själv gillar att flyga - åtminstone korta sträckor. Resan från Amsterdam till Nairobi var liiite för lång för min smak, speciellt som jag inte kan sova på flygplan, i vanliga stolar that is :S

  25. @Steff:
    Hi Steff, I feel the same. If I am the blood decreases, I can handle that. But everything else not. Why I do not know. I must watch the syringe since otherwise I frighten me and it gives me a sting in the heart. I am hysterically probably what syringes concerns. Thank you very much for your answer. I will also try to keep something in my hand.
    Sleep well - hugs. Brigitte

  26. Want to exchange? I move to Sweden and you move to Miami haha =p

    I have been raised in Miami, I've lived here for 10 years, soon to be 11 years. Miami has a lot of beautiful places, and of its most famous one is South Beach. Most of the places in Miami are influenced by the Cuban culture in my opinion since there are more Cubans here than people from other countries, Miami should also be called Cuba 2.0 =p but none of that is enough to keep me here and as soon as I can I will move away. I'm Cuban but I'm not entirely into the Cuban culture, people sometimes don't even know I'm Cuban since I don't talk or act like the stereotypical ones haha

    My dislike for Miami though mostly the hot weather and the over population, I like cold weather better, but like always most of us want the oposite of what we get =) I think Miami is a place that is better to visit than to actually live in.

    I use to watch Miami Ink and I have to say they are all great but for me the best one is Chris Garver, and someday I hope to get a tattoo by him.

    Well I'm guessing is Thursday over there already so have a nice day and hope you get your hot weather this weekend and enjoy it, bye.

  27. Reading this just made me think of the Caribbean, California and Sydney (and Japan), sites and countries I really would like to visit this summer. I long so much for the beach with the sun on top of the sky =)

    Best wishes for all of you

  28. Hey hey :)

    Yes! a beamer would be great.
    imagine! if you just wanna go shoppin gat the hollywood hills, just beam and bang! youre there :)
    Or beam quickly in to the ice blue caribbean ocean :)
    I would take Silvia by the hand, and then beam both of us back to her homeland (Serbia)
    jsut to make a lil visit for her. and then we would go right to mexico :) for some time....

    To bad, that this will never happen :)
    but i keep my fingers crossed and just believe in all the scientists ;)

    HAvE a happy happy friday :)
    With all Love and Respect

  29. hi anette,

    finally my comments work, yeah!!!

    i like miami ink as well but i prefer la ink;-)) i read in a german tattoo magazine that miami ink is not a real tattoo-shop. somebody was there to check it out and found out that you can get only merchandise in that shop. so i guess it was only for the show that they build this shop. quite disappointing, though:-((

    greetings from "Bärlin";-)