Sunday, 14 March 2010

This week

Some of you have asked for some photos of me, so here are the latest days.

Going to bf´s concert this thursday in a dress from Whyred, leather jacket Dsquared, fur vest, leggings and thigh high boots.

Taking a walk yesterday in the sun. Maternity jeans from H&M, t-shirt from Rica, cap from Stockholm (dont remember the store) and cardigan from Gina Tricot.

Going to mum for dinner and Eurovision song contest competition in TV yesterday. Jeans from Stella McCartney, belly belt, sweater from H&M, t-shirt from Sinaja Italy , maternity necklace with a little bell from sixth sense, bracelet, ear rings and ring from Gina Tricot and shoes from Michael Kors.

When I wear normal jeans, not maternity, I solve it by using a belly belt which makes it possible to use your normal pants also during pregnancy and I just love this. So nice to wear my favourite jeans also now.


  1. You're always so well dressed! I just love all of your clothes... May I borrou some of your looks? Hehe, just kidding :D

    You've got a very nice taste for clothes! Congratulations o/


  2. Hej Anette, hope you're ok :)

    Wow, this day's quite good (it sadly don't stop me about being anxious for my bday tomorrow, but at least it give me a smile). First Martin Fourcade won the men's biathlon race of the day (and Vincent Jay got the 3rd place), and then you post photos of you, it's great! :)
    You look so thin, i couldn't tell your pregnant in any of the pic. On the second one (my fav), i could guess something that look like a little bump but so it may be the way the t-shirt is and not your belly... BTW, i'm in love with the tee and the cardigan, it's really beautiful. :)



  3. Thanks for the pics! You look wonderful! You just have this maternal glow that shines all around you! Have fun at your boyfriend's concert!

    Take care, Anette!

    Hugs and lots and lots of love from,

    The Botticelli Angel

  4. hey, that belly belt is a great idea!

  5. Hi Anette, thanks for post a pics of you! I have a little doubt: Pain are started their tour?

  6. You have a great appearance Nettan dear. Are you with a very happy face =)
    Sorry for not commenting yesterday, but I had some minor problems here. I do not know if you remember (probably not, because there are many people commenting here every day) but I have four dogs. Yesterday three of them were poisoned and I had to take them quickly to the vet. Thank God they are ok now, the poison was not very strong but this left me angry. I went to the police station and registered a complaint and they said they would investigate. I do not know yet who poisoned my dogs but when I find, the person responsible will pay. What I can not understand is why someone would do this. But for security, I put my dogs in a safe place now and they are fine and making much mess, as always. =)

    Well, now I have to buy some medications to my dogs, so have a good day dear singer,

    Hugs from Brazil =)

  7. You always have such a good sense in style,
    even when you're pregnant you look
    amazing! I love your Whyred dress,
    thigh-high boots, Michael Kors shoes,
    and Gina Tricot ring, they're all really cool.

    The picture of you, that you didn't take,
    oh my gosh, you look so pretty!
    Not that you don't in your others,
    I just really love that picture.
    I like your hair in it too.

    But thanks for posting pictures! You still
    don't look very pregnant girl! But I guess in
    a way that's kinda a good thing? Haha

    Hope you have a good day!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  8. Thanks for the pics Anette! I love your style!

    You sure don't look preggo yet :D I love that belly belt idea! I wish there would have been something like that around when I as pregnant. That was long time ago... my daughter is 11 years old now.

  9. I love when you post photos, Anette! You are looking great, love the cap on your head. :)

    Bonome: God, I have two dogs which I love so much hehe, but they bark a lot. One of my fear is that someone poison them because of the noise.
    I must have felt in panic if I were in your place, but glad to hear that your dogs are ok. I hope you find who did it.

  10. Awwww , you look adoreble dear Nettie , sooo sweet ^^
    Wish you a nice day
    Lots of love


  11. Good Lord Anette, where are you hiding that baby? You're as flat as a pancake there!!! Lol. Any chance of some side profile pics at some point with a slightly tighter top on, so we might actually be able to see bump? Have a nice day :o)

  12. Hi Anette!
    You look great every photo. I'm sure then you have really good style. Thank you so much for posting. When I see your smile I'm smiling too. :-)

    I wish you have a good evening.

    Hugs from Nan. ;-)

  13. You should take pictures of your baby-bump every month so we can see how fast the child is growing.

    =) It'll make us feel closer and kind of like family, don't you think?

  14. You look adorable, Nettan! =)
    Always well dressed with such awesome clothes.
    You're beautiful! <3


  15. That jeans extender is rather quite ingenious. Suddenly maternity wear look a lot more economical.

  16. You're so beautiful, Anette... almost anything fits you! :) I love your style.

    - Btw, Marco's two songs tonight were so cute, especially the last one... you must see it. ;)
    I'm sure it's here soon:

  17. Hei Nettan! :)

    You're looking adoreable! as always. ;) i really like that first pic, with the leather jacket. And the last pic where you're having this sweet looking lighter sweater is beautiful. That colour really suits you. :)

    I love the way you smile. :) And i can see, it is true what are saying about pregnant womens, they glow. :) And you are glowing!

    Hope you're feeling wonderful. Have a great evening!

    Hugs and kisses
    With LOVE,
    Ewe :)

  18. Such sweet photos, Anette!
    It seems to me like there's a tiny, tiny belly bump in the last two, but it's definitely very little noticeable!
    And you're beautiful and radiant as always. :)

  19. Hey Anette,
    thank you very much for this beautiful picture. This is a good idea with the trousers. You look very pretty. I hope you feel very good with the pregnancy.
    Wish you a beautiful evening and kind greetings.

  20. Hey :)

    Thanks a ot for poating thos enice photos :)
    You look so beautiful,
    one can see that you feel good and happy :)
    There is a big big feeling of happieness that sorrounds you :)

    Hope your sunday was very nice :)
    take good care, ok?!
    With L and R
    yours ChriS^^

  21. Love the clothes!

    Though you don't look pregnant at all in the photos, you're right...small belly, lol! But I guess you seem thankful for that right now.

    Are you and your bf going through lists of names right now? Is your son throwing-out ideas? I wonder if he wants a little sister or brother. :)

    Hope things stay happy for you during this great time!

    <3 Lauren

  22. you look so beautiful, Anette =)
    I wish you the best!

    with love,

  23. Wow, your still not looking very "baby on board" just a little extra weight on the hips is all that I can fat butt nice. hahaha:)

    Take care, stay safe, and
    Enjoy the day:)

    lots of love,

  24. nice photos:-)

    and you look so great;you don´t look like pregnant in the pix,maybe a offence!I mean even if you´re pregnant you really look great,kinda normal...

  25. yes!!!! very good photos!!! I hope you're fine and I would like to know how many time are you in pregnancy? one month? more?
    lots of hapines, a fan

  26. hi anette!! thanks fot putting pictures, I LIKE A DRESS:) its fantastic;) a question : you know the sex of baby? in spain a lot of people are very nervous to know ;) enjoy the day =) kises Natalia.N

  27. Thank you so much for these photos, you are lovely in all of them. Thank you =)

  28. Hey Anette, You don't have to post this to your blog, but I'm not 100% sure how else to get hold of you. Anyhoo, I've notice on both your offical web news page and on the offical NW news page that nothing has been put up on either about your pregnancy!!! I mean this is big news, so I would have thought as something as important as this would be on both of those pages....But maybe that's just me.....

  29. Thanks for the pics!

    What about one in profile, so we can see the size of the belly (unless you mind ;))?

    nightallica > I agree with you!! You're not the only one thinking Anette's pregnancy is something important, even if it does not concern NW directly.

  30. Hi Anette!

    Nice photos! I love your "BAD HAIR DAY" cap! :=D It's cool... If you remember the store name, can you tell it, please? Thanks :=)

    And congratulatios for your pregnant!