Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Regarding packages to me

Good morning all;=)

Sun is shining and a new wonderful morning to wake up to.

I have gotten two packages sent to me via my management Hagenburg that have been sent in my name directly. These packages cant be picked up by my management and that means I cant get them sent to me from them. So if you want to send me something through Hagenburg, please dont write my name on top. Write Hagenburg on top and then my name second. This means that the people there can pick it up in the mail office and send it to me.

So the two packages we couldnt pick up will unfortunately be sent back to the sender;=(


  1. Hej Anette, hope you're ok :)

    Oh no, one of these package is mine, i feel really sorry. :( As soon as i'll have it back i'll do the address the right way and i'll send it back to your management. It's a pity your management couldn't pick them, still, in France this would be possible...

    I wish everyone a good day


  2. Good morning!

    Is this a Swedish thing or a thing
    your management does? Because
    I have to agree with Steff, if it was in
    the US, as long as your name is
    somewhere on it, you could pick it up.
    It wouldn't matter if it was first or second.

    But could you give me that address again?
    Can you type it down for me exactly
    like we would on the package?
    Because I wanted to send something
    awhile back ago but I couldn't find where
    you had put down the address.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  3. Hi Anette, if i undestand well we have to write before Hagenburg and then Anette. Right? I was thinking to sent to you something for your birthday. Thank you for the notice!

    Have a nice day!

    Big hugs

  4. This is the right address?

    Hagenburg (Anette Olzon)
    Kyrkogatan 31
    411 08 Göteborg

  5. @Katie T: it's the same in France; even if your name came second, you could pick the package up, it just need to be writen on it. Swedish post seems to be really funny...
    (BTW, i wonder if the whole week will be crappy for me or if it will stop after today... *sigh*)



  6. @Steff Yep, same here in the States;=)

    Ohh, I'm sorry your having a bad week,
    if it makes you feel better mine's
    not great either. I have "post concussion
    syndrome" from hitting my head and the
    doctor said I'm going to have headaches
    for 8 weeks! Can you believe that?!
    And the medicine she gave me I can't take
    before school because it will make me tired, so I have to go pretty much the whole
    day with a huge headache!

    But I hope your week gets better!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  7. Hello!

    Great that it's shining again ;) here in Saint-Petersburg we also have a great day - there's a little frost and warm winter sun %)))

    2 Steff and Enchanted Lullaby:
    I guess it would be hard and inconvinient for Anette to get those packages by herself since Hagenburg office is situated in another city, in Göteborg ;) so even if the adress was written correctly or post rules allow Anette to get packadges by herself, this situation with diff places make it hard ;)

    2 Arianna - perhaps, this is correct:
    Hagenburg Management
    Anette Olzon
    Kyrkogatan 31
    411 08 Göteborg

    have a nice day everyone ^__^

  8. Thank you Lerren!

    Have a nice day!

  9. @Lerren: Looks like swedish post works differently, because where i live, no matter if it's not the first name written, If your name (or the company/management name) came second then you could take it the same. And since i'm a kid, i've read countless time that you put the name of the person firts and then the name of the management - i even had a look on my old Top 50 magazines (mid 80's) earlier today and it was given like this: name of the artist first. Unless the person named first need to sign (and for Anette's package, i've sent mine like normal mail, so it wouldn't happen) there's no problem for the second name to take it. Oh well, as long as everything will came back without being damaged, all i could do is to send them like it works for swedish post...

    @Katie T. : I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. 8 weeks of headache, it sucks!!! *hugs* The only good thing is that it will end after this time...
    Past week was quite good for me, and it make all the crappy things worse. Bad bday (thanks to my friends who didn't forget me, it wasn't totally awful), very bad night (5 nightmares, the last one between 7:15 and 8:30 am), and then this - and i'm not talking about my bad ankle who's quite painful this time... Sometimes focusing on the good things is quite hard, especially when you feel close to tears for any little thing...
    I'm here if you need to talk (click to my profile for a way to contact me).



  10. Oh, it's so sad when we can't take our packages... Happens sometimes with me, since I do a lot of internet shopping... I hope the senders recieve their packages back, so they can send it to you correctly again =)


  11. How funny, I had to type "olzoan" to send my comment! Hehe, your blog knows who's in charge here! :D

  12. @Lerren- Yeah I know and understand
    how the Swedish post works,
    Steff and I were just comparing it to
    our posts in France and in that States.
    I was saying how here in the US,
    as long as you're name is on it, you can
    open it. If you're name isn't on it,
    then it's illegal for you to have
    it and you can get charged or go to jail
    depending on how bad it was/how much you
    opened someone else's mail.
    And just as a side thought, I don't really
    think it's inconvenient for her to get
    them because they would belong to her, being
    as they were sent to her, and therefore
    are her responsibility. Although I do see
    how it would be stupid for her to have to go
    out so often to do it herself.

    @Steff Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that.
    Nightmares are terrible, but read or
    think positive things before you go to sleep.
    Put lots of ice, then heat, then ice,
    and rotate between the two on your ankle-
    and it'll heal faster. I have had a bad b-day
    recently myself so I know what you mean,
    but happy late b-day! And the same to you,
    anytime you want to talk!

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  13. Hi all! I cant get the packages myself since I live very far away from my management. That is why if it is written directed to me and not Hagenburg and then my name, I cant get it. Here in Sweden, if my name is written on the very top, noone else can pick it up or open it. When I worked in an office many years ago, I could only open the letters that were not adressed with a name on top. Maybe stupid swedish rules, but I must say it is good for keeping the privacy of peoples mail.

  14. @Katie T. : Thanks for your kind words. Sadly, for my bad ankle it will not heal, it's permanent and for at least part of it progressive (osteoartithis). My ligament is dead, it gives a lump on the side and my bone is misplaced. I also have hyperlaxity (in both ankles), the starting point of my condition. I could glue my right heel to my left toes and my right toes to my left heel, and this with a laced brace and shoes that block the ankle. And without my crutches (or my crutch, i use only 1 at home this way i could carry things) i couldn't do more than a couple of steps... I remove my brace only for my shower; i use to sleep without, but i use to sleep on my back and without the brace my foot was totally flat on the bed (yeah, gross i know) - and i could tell you it's painful to wake up like this. It will not heal up, at best it will be not worse with surgery (to fix the ligament and the bone) but it's not even sure. I'm now a permanent crutch user.... :(
    And for the nightames, i could tell you i think positive before going to sleep, and i avaoid some books after a certain hour. Curiously, horror movies or tv series like Medium gave me quieter nights, don't ask me why (but then i'm a weirdo who use Jerry Goldsmith's The omen as relaxing music)....



  15. @Anette: actually, it is stupid swedish rules, but french got other ones that are stupid too (one of them being that the postman don't have to ring to deliver the packages, no matter if there's 5 in your box or if he need to damaged some by pushing them too much in ordeer to fit in the box)... And for keeping the privacy of mail, i usually trust people around me for not being too curious and keep them private. I know, i'm being optimistic....
    And at least now people here know what they have to do to send you packages to your management. :p Every bad things god a good side too...



  16. Anette- It is a good way to keep privacy.
    But what Steff and I were saying
    was that whether your name was first or last,
    as long as it is on there, you can still
    get it. That's all we were saying.

    But as long as someone isn't opening
    mail that isn't their's
    there shouldn't be a problem.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  17. Thanks Anette for tell how write the right address to send something to you!

    Have a nice evening!

  18. That's a shame about the silly Swedish rules :( I make jewelry and hairpieces, and I might just have to send you a little gift for the next tour ;)

    Have a great night!

    xx Marz

  19. @Steff, Oh my gosh, that sounds
    totally horrible and painful! I'm so sorry!
    The only permanent conditions I
    have are scoliosis- a slightly curved spine,
    and hypothyroid- which if I don't take meds.
    can make me tired, depressed, my hair will
    fall out (me dying my hair doesn't help that
    one! Haha;=), my nails will break, I'll be
    pale, stuff like that. But it's manageable
    with the proper medication dose.
    A hormone your thyroid makes is called TSH, and the level is supposed to be between 0.47
    and 4.69 and mine was 60.69! Which is WAY
    off! So they had to change my dose of meds.

    But I'm so sorry about your ankle and
    I will pray for it to get better;=)

    The U.S. makes me mad because the
    postman doesn't ring the bell when delivering
    a package! He doesn't if it's mail of course,
    but it'd be nice if he would if it's a
    package. I mean, who wants something that
    could be valuable sitting at their front door
    all day??? That's one thing
    I hate about American postage.

    Anyway, Anette, here soon I will be sending
    you something! Just so you know;=)

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  20. When i said french post could be stupid too, i just have a perfect example this morning. I've received a couple of photos sets signed by Sam(antha Fox), and trust me it coast me a lot - but they're really beautiful, and with lovely messages. Well, first the neveloppe had a whole side open (hopefully nothing what missing, or so it seems since i have the 2 photos sets complete). And thanks god it was in a rigid enveloppe with "please do not bend" written in big and red letters, because, guess what? Yup, it was folded!!!! Hopefuly damages on the photos are very small and it could be fixed, i've spent something like 80 pounds for everything (told you it was expensive) and i would have been furious (well, more than now) to have them really damaged by some stupid assholes!!! I tend to think swedish post is better, even with the stupid thing of the first name... And trust me, this is not the only stupid thing done by french post... A few months ago i had a promotional picture from The Last Emperor movie really damaged because it was folded, despite being in a hard enveloppe. This thing was so hard to found (and The last emperor is my favorite movie of all time), the seller sent it carefuly, and here's the french post damaging it... :(

    sorry for ranting *blush*


  21. @Katie T. Thanks a lot for your kind words. I also have scoliosis, a slight one but my pulmons are affected - something not great with asthma. Along with this, i have a Raynaud, a leg about 1cm shorter than the other one, and since i've lost a huge amount of weight extra skin in many places (and for some a real pain in the ass). Add to this my BPD and you'll have a picture... Great health, really. :(
    I'm sorry for your hypothyroid problem, it seems really bad. *hugs* At least drugs could fix it...

    And it seems US post is not better than the french one. What's the best, stupid rules or stupid postal service? Mmmmmm....



  22. Heyas,

    German post is not that much better, although it is not due to the rules, but more to stupid opening times and individual stupidity of single delivery persons..

    A friend of mine had a valuable vinyl record sent to him via mail.. the envelope wasn't hard (only padded), but the record sure was! And what did the postman do: Fold it. Which means, he broke the record in half. He must have felt and heard he was breaking something inside the evelope! Makes you wonder how stupid people can be.