Sunday, 27 February 2011


Today I have had a dress on to celebrate the sunday at mums place. Took my rental car and drove there and had coffee and apple pie;=)

Now I´m practising some demo songs since its just one more week until studio recordings. I know the songs really well since I have recorded them once but always good to listen to all the harmonies again.


  1. This dress looks comfortable :) And it fits your figure very well. Respect! You always have very good looking clothes on. Hope to see some beautiful dresses on tour, too! :D

    I'm still very excited how the album will turn out to be, the concept seems very good. And Tuomas seems to stand fully behind it, what makes me hope that it will be a great thing with the movie and that all.


  2. I hope you will bring some inspiration of yours in the vocal lines (if it's not already done!).
    You made such a good job on stage, changing the melodies a little bit to add emotion and power!

    Have a lovely Sunday night


  3. Hello Anette !!
    You look amazing on the pic :D
    That dress is lovely :D
    I hope you had a great Sunday with your mum :)
    Its good to hear that you already know the songs really well,i cant wait for your studio recordings,im sure you will have a great time and everything will fit perfectly in the songs :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  4. Your dress is very beatiful perfect for the weekend =)
    Well, the album only will be released on 2012, right? But Tuomas said one single will be released this year! *-* Waiting so anxious! *-*

    Letícia Monique

  5. Hi Anette,
    I love your dress ! Where does it come from ?
    Have a nice evening.

  6. Lovely dress! And I love your hair also! :-)
    Just some greetings here som Denmark (Danmark).
    Looking forward to hear you sing again, with Nightwish, especially with the new songs!

    Sincerly (de venligste hilsner)
    Natasha R.

  7. I really like it, and especially how the belt enhances the look of it (sorry for my english mistakes ;p)

  8. oh,dress and you look like so lovely and nice!
    i am glad that soon songs will record!
    love you so much!
    have a good night

  9. Hi Anette!
    You know, I dont leav a comment in every pots you write, but I read everything you post here :)
    I really liked your dress and I have a question! Maybe it sound stupid, but I live in a warm coutry and I would like you answer me here in the comments.. about your hair, how looks your hair when you go out in this cold weather? It changes something or nothing happens?
    Have a nice day!

  10. Hi,
    you have very nice dress. You look very pretty.

  11. have you gotten some ideas of playing with the harmonies or is it all a done deal?

  12. Hi Anette! You're hair is getting longer. Growing it is so hard when the growth is slow. Mine is just past yours and grows like a snail! You look wonderful. Happy Sunday.


  13. 1. The dress is lovely, I love these simple dresses, they make a person look elegant and a little formal, but also feminine and sexy.
    2. I'm craving apple pie now!!
    3. You keep talking about the songs... I can't wait to hear them!
    Have a beautiful day, dear.

  14. Good evening!

    Isn't that "shirt" under the dress the same you have worn at gigs? At least the pattern looks quite similar. I love that belt!
    I'm always so amazed how you combine this kind of festive dress style with more "regular" clothes! Have you ever considered to work as stylist? Don't get me wrong, I do NOT want you to quit singing in Nightwish!!! :D

  15. Good evening Anette,
    nice dresses. Today i have been at ikea, i've bought some thing told by my mum and gifflar kanel and chips - salted. Super good!!! I can tell you that the chips are so much good then that i eat in Italy. :D

    Good night dear and sleep well!

    Big hugs

  16. Hi Anette. :)

    I love the dress, you look beautiful. :D

    I hope the studio recordings go good next week, I'm sure everything will sound amazing! Be sure to let us know how everything went. I always love hearing updates about the new album. :)

    Best wishes,


  17. Hi Anette!

    You look amazing in this dress! I don;t know if you have already seen Dolce and Gabbana winter 2012 collection but you have to. It's full of stars and some notes outfits. So cool! Here is the link:

    Have a great day!

  18. great dress it suits you very well!!



  19. What a beautiful dress! It looks great on you. Hope your practising goes well. Take care