Friday, 25 February 2011

Lovely friday

Today I have had a really wonderful friday;=) First woke up and read a really nice email that made me happy, then went and did some errands before my dear mum came and visited. We ate some really nice beef salad, played with Nemo and then I followed her to the bus.

Took a walk in the really windy and cold weather and my feet were so cold when we came in but it still was nice to get some air. It´s gonna be warmer now and everything above 0 degrees is great!

Talked for a long time with my dear sister and we always have deep and nice talks. I wish I could go there tomorrow cause they are having a big b-day party but since we are gonna go to Finland soon we´ll stay at home and visit them on our way home from Finland instead. That´s how it is when the loved ones live far away.

Now some exercising and then TV. Let´s see if I can do some more fun blogging tomorrow with some photos, I feel I have been bad at that this week but it´s been a really quiet and "normal" week without so many new things happening. But soon Finland and then I´ll write and take photos for you the whole 2 weeks in the studio;=) It´ll be great and I long to go there!

Sleep well and enjoy this wonderful friday!


  1. Awr, Anette! This picture is really lovely, your best one since a long time! (don't get me wrong, the other ones were nice, too!)

    And its no problem that you haven't blogged so much, I only do that when I have something to tell, too.


  2. Hi Anette, Your pic is sooo cute , i like your blue eyes and hair ! I hope you'll have sunny days soon, today 's been very sunny and warm (+10C) in my city , so spring is coming obviously , i'm so mega happy ..Have a lovely day , love ya

  3. Hello dear Nettie, how are you? I hope that everything is ok =)
    Glad to hear that you haed a nice day
    Btw, you look wonderful ob the picture, wonderful eyes ♥
    Sleep well too
    Good night & sweet dreams
    Big kiss to you and to the boys
    Ena :*

  4. Hi;)

    could you tell me how you did your hair in that photo? my topknot always look like these ones:

    but not so high on head.
    My hair is (3)diferent length but they never look "messy".

    hope you will be able to understand cuz i don't know how to say it more clear.

  5. Good evening Anette,
    nice to read you that you got and e-mail that it made you happy. :) How many brothers and sisters do you have? Do they live far away from you? Lovely pic that you posted! Thanks! I don't have my loved ones far away from me but some friend of mine that live in other city and i can't see them but i can do it i'm very happy. I can't wait to see the pics of the studio! Now i'm thinking about... when do they give back you the car?

    Have nice evening and week end!

    Big hugs

  6. Hi,

    You 'sound' really enthusiastic about Finland :) Please keep us posted.
    Good night to you too ;)


  7. Hi Anette,
    nice to hear so good news. Have a nice evening!

  8. Hi!!
    It's nice to know you had a good friday too, the mine don't started so well, but now it's perfect, I started to learn Italian, I never know any word in Italian but now I'm lovin' it, Italian is a beautiful language and very dificult ;)
    What do you think about the Italian? Do you speak some words in Italian?
    Enjoy your evening!
    Letícia Monique

  9. Hi! This picture is so cute! Have a nice weekend!!

  10. Hi again! I read a translated interview (in Portuguese) and I could see how real you are.
    I wish you happiness and sucssess =D

  11. Hi Anette!
    Wow, your hair looks really pretty today.

    Do you watch the Danish X factor? If so, who will win?


  12. Hi Anette!

    I love your hair in the picture! :D Could you maybe show how you do that? I really want to copy it from you ;)


  13. Glad to hear that your day has been lovely! :) Mine has been quite regular. My winter break began today but somehow I'm not so happy. Don't really know why. Maybe I'm still so tired of all school work and don't even realise that I have a break :D

    I have also a sister and we talk often deep. About a year ago she still lived far away and we had long talks via phone. Now she lives in the same city as I but we still often call to each other even though we would have met each other two hours ago :D

  14. Awr, Anette! This picture is really lovely, your best one since a long time! (don't get me wrong, the other ones were nice, too!) [2]

    Well, it's not a problem that you haven't posted so much in the blog, you need to post something if you really want to. ;=)

    P.s: I'm listening some songs from Alyson Avenue (Whetever You Need Someone, When Dreams Fall Apart, Perfect Love and others), and I really enjoy this musical project!! I downloaded the two studio albums Presence Of Mind and Omega... There's only one thing that I can say about the sound of the band... S2

    REALLY LOVELY MUSICS!! Your voice it's perfect and the melody it's fantastic!! Simple, but original... :D

    Well, now I really wish a good night and sleep with angels, sweet Olzon... :)

    Hugs from André...
    São Paulo, Brazil...

  15. Hello Anette!
    I'm happy that you had a great day. My friday was all about.. shopping. :) I bought some really nice spring tops and my favourite one is "I love cats" all with little black cats, hihi. ;)

    I hope the weather will change soon couse in Poland is sooooo cold. Now -10 degrees... brrr. :(

    I can't believe that 2 weeks ago I was on my vacation on Madeira and there was +25 degrees. I long for this incredibly beautiful island. Sun and amazig Atlantic Ocean, ahhhh...

    Sleep well and sweet dreams! :)

  16. Hi Anette. The picture is beautiful, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes. I love to read your blog every day. Kisses

  17. Hello Anette !!
    Wow !! You look absolutly beautiful again =D
    That pic is beautiful,you look like a queen !! I really like it :D
    Im glad to see that you had a great week,everything quiet and normal :) Im sure you had a great time with your mom,kids and your sister :D My week was peaceful too,school stuff,everything fine at home... I am almost on Carnival Holidays,i only have this upcoming week and then i have 5 days without school :D
    These last days have been very sunny :D Its very nice :) One of my friends went to Brazil today,im going to miss her in 2 weeks :S But she will have a great time ^^
    Sleep well Anette,and lets hope this peaceful days will continue :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  18. Hi Anette, :)

    Thanks a lot to share with us pictures of you,
    and telling about your life :)

    i can't wait to see those pictures :)

    and i don't blog so much, but i'm addicted to twitter,

    have a great day, take care.

  19. Glad you gad a great day!

    I've had work all day, come hope and put the new TH design live, still some work to do but it looks so much nicer in my opinion. Having a litle quiz for members tomorrow with a signed prize. Just something for fun.

    Bet you are excited for Finland. It will be good fun for you.

    Midnight so best off to bed.

    Take care

  20. Hi Anette :)

    Aww, your pic is so cute! I love your hair :)

    And I know what you mean by loved ones living far away.. most of my family and friends live in a different country than me, and it's hard when you can't see them when you want to...

    And I don't think you've been bad at the blogging this week, it was good! Some great posts :D

    Sleep well:)


  21. Good evening Anette,

    Oh, that’s so nice to hear. It always brings warmth to my heart to know that you’ve been able to enjoy a nice day. And yes, I definitely agree, even when it’s cold it so pleasant to get some fresh air and so healthy for your body as well :). I hear you fully when you speak of loved ones and relatives living so far away, I am afraid my family is quite scattered, but I always make efforts to stay in touch and arrange visits, so it’s okay :). Anyway, thank you for the picture, you look very beautiful as always, and I completely understand about the Blog posts, and sometimes there simply isn’t anything to write or post pictures about, and that’s fine. In fact, it’s good that sometimes things are simply normal and relaxed, because although it’s also nice when things are exciting and interesting, being able to experience the simple and peaceful times are equally as important in my opinion. And to be honest, I am just so flattered and grateful that you keep this Blog so updated as it is, it is so kind and thoughtful of you and it’s always a highlight in my day to read your blog posts, whether they be simple or detailed :). What is so wonderful and real about it is that you are writing about your day to day life, and whether that is complex or normal just depends, and that is what makes it so real and special.

    Anyway, I am so glad that you are looking forward to going to Finland, I am sure that must be exciting and I look forward to the updates :).

    Well, I pray you sleep well and have a lovely day tomorrow :).

    With much love and warm wishes,

  22. I love your hair!!!! You look so stunning!!. I hope you have a lot of day like that, good luck in the studio =)

  23. I'm glad you enjoyed your day, yesterday. :-)
    Can't wait for the pictures in the studio, thanks for posting them! We love ya.

    P.S. You look so pretty in this picture, even though I can't see your face very well. :-) Your hair is awesome!

  24. hello anette!oh,i am glad that you had wonderful friday!me too
    love you

  25. Anette,

    Glad you've had a really awesome Friday! Those are the best when you have time to just chill! :D
    Can't wait to see the updates for the sessions!

    Have an awesome evening and take care,

  26. Dear Anette,
    wonderful to see that you feel better and everything is going on ;=)
    Have a good saturday with your family.. enjoy the time ♥
    Can't wait to see photos !
    I have a question to you: When will you take videos of hair-do's ? I cant wait to see how to do the Björk-Hair ;=)
    But only do it, when you feel for it and when you got time, ok ?

    Wishing you also a lovely saturday

  27. Nice picture and wonderful eyes!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Lots of kisses

  28. Fun, Finland!!!! I know what you mean, my sister, who I'm very close with, moved to the U.S. a year and a half ago. I haven't seen her since and I really miss her, but we can only talk via the internet, :(
    I love this pic of you...your eyes look so pretty! Take care in Finland, tell Tuomas some random fan said hi!

  29. Omg, how beautiful you look on this photo!!! Like some gothic queen ;) You look very pretty with this hair. I don't know how we call that kind of hair, is it hair in pony tail?? :/
    I had birthday in friday, 17th!! I can't believe I'm already 17. So sad... And I and my brother are the oldest one in our class :/
    Have a nice evening ;)