Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Me and my new kettlebell, my new pink gloves and pink exercising clothes (yepp, so girly today;=) are now gonna have a nice little "meeting" for an hour of sweat and hard work. Let´s see how I´ll feel tomorrow after my new heavier kettlebell joining the exercise;=)


  1. I LOVE IT! And I can even see your muscles!
    But how does it work?
    How many kg is it?

  2. Ganbatte! (Japanese for you're doing great, keep going!)

  3. Hi!!
    I agree, very girly, but It's nice some pink with some black ;D
    Enjoy your exercising!
    Letícia Monique

  4. ahhh haaaa there it is the modern kettleball now i see now i know i think i will get one of these if i can find where to get them from

    Thanks Anette for sharing :D


  5. Don't be too strong like Madonna! It's not pretty. ;-)

    Please, do you have some excise to develop the muscles of my back? My vertebral column is twisted and sometimes, I have pain. Thanks you very much!

    Have a nice sleeping! For this night, sleeping drugs will be regrettably my friends.

    Make sweet dreams!



  6. Hi Anette, I have found a website that sells the KB but i want to know more about..... How many different movements & exercise you can do with them? They only show small clips! Do you get a disc that you can watch or something when you buy them?? I really want to buy one, i think i could start on 6kg since i have already been lifting weights in the gym not many though haha!!


    Again weather is soooo dull in England :oO

  7. I think pink is a very terrible color xD
    But at home it doesnt matter if pink, violette or nacked xD

    But i wish you all the best for your training. Motivation and stamine are the most important things.

    Ive got neither the first virtue nor the second one ;)

  8. Hello Anette !!
    I really like your clothes,they look confortable and the show that you have a great shape and you look healthy !!
    The pic is amazing,you look young and very strong :D
    I read the news from Nightwish,and they sound great !!
    There's no need to do everything fast,these things need time to be perfect at the end,a job is always better done with time :)))
    Keep going with your exercise !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  9. Your arms & shoulders are looking great. :)

  10. Good luck with your exercises! :)

  11. You look great, Anette! You make me motivate to work out very much.

  12. Hello mumy Anette
    Hope you,your boys and little cats are fine.
    Thank you very much for posting as often as possible,and pictures videos of Nightwish orchestra recording of London.
    You look very nice on the last photos of you,very beautiful woman;glad to see you take good care of you by eating good food and sport exercices with your new kettlebell.
    I like lingerie you posted here on valentine's day,it's a bit kinky but very elegant,i would like to see a photo of you on your favourite underwear... ;)
    It's so exciting to see all these news about upcoming Nightwish album;i'm so happy about Imaginarium album and movie project;Tuomas is somebody with full of imagination and creativity so I'm truly optimistic about this new "Baby"!
    I know he wants to make an album more happy than DPP but i hope there will be some speed,agressive riffs guitar  and epic songs.
    I read there will be 2 or 3 songs without orchestra,what a great idea! It's very nice for people as me who still enjoy old Nightwish like Wishmaster for example.
    I would like to know if you will come to Lyon on next october with Pain cause on last show,i was disapointed you didn't come.
    Big kiss and hug.

  13. Sometimes it's boring to dress always in black for instance, so pink is a good change :)
    The kettlebell looks kinda small? I thought that they are bigger. Well, of course it's more practical if they aren't so big.

    Have a super nice day!

  14. Good morning Anette,
    how are you feel today after the exercising? It was an hard work? Let know us!

    Have a nice day!


  15. Êêêê! Good morning Anette!
    I like the pink color, and I really don't know why metal people imply with it. :-/
    Anyway, I don't care about it and I use a lot, because I think that combines with my eyes =oP
    Have a nice day!

  16. Awww, you look like a sport's priss! so cute! I used to wear pink all the time, but now I mostly wear's the only color I feel comfortable in, lol
    take care

  17. Hi Anette, what types of exercise do u follow? is it to loose weight or to build up your body or a mixture of both to shape up? What do u have to say about your experience in isometric and isotonic exercise. I wrote some details in