Thursday, 3 February 2011


Good day everyone;=)

Today I have had a really tired and un-motivated morning for going up on the tread mill and do my intervalls. A bad sleepless night again and some tired muscles made me lie down in the couch again and sleep for one more hour. When I woke up I was so close to saying; I wont do it today!

But thanks to having a great exercising partner in Johan and also my own motivation, made me push myself up and did the workout. It was so hard and I felt so many times that I should quit etc, but when that happened I pushed myself a litle bit more and told my mental self that its only a few more minutes left etc.

And I did it. I survived. I feel good. I feel strong and proud of myself;=)

Many years ago I would never had been that motivated or stubborn to fullfill it like I have done the last years. When I was younger I was quite lazy and hated to run. Every time in school when we were having outdoor running, I ran a little bit and then faked an astma attack to just be able to skip the running;=)

But all over the years I have started to "long" for being able to run cause the people that run seem to looks so content while doing it and after being one of those that run nowadays, I agree. I love to run, even if some days are like today, harder and not so fun.

What I want to say with all this is that some of you ask me how I can get so motivated to do this day after day and its because I have learned that I need to exercise to feel good. My mood and my body need it. I feel so much happier inside, I can handle stress better, I sing better, I am a much better mum cause I have the strength to play with my kids etc. And I also love to have a strong and lean body and for me, that means that I need to keep it in shape since I am getting older and the metabolism and the organs slow down.

And not everyone love to run, but then there are so many other exercises to do, like dancing, bicycling, swimming, tennis, squash, volleyball etc.

Johan has started to follow a great app in the Iphone where your goal is to be able to do 100 push ups after following this programme. And there is also an app where your goal is to do 200 sit ups in a row etc. Great stuff out there;=)


  1. Hi Anette
    I find it hard to get motivated to exercise. I need to do more. I just have so much work on at the moment, so many different projects and being a mum leave me with so little time.

    I will look out for those apps however.


  2. Hi again Anette,
    sorry to i'm read that you had a sleepless night againg. About the sports what i went to school years ago i've praticated modern dance, volleyball and art gym. Since when i've started to work to work i became very lazy. Last summer i've played at beachvolley, i like so much but it's very tiring. I know that the sports they remove the stress and after doing them you feel better. I can't do the pushup, after 4-5 i'm already in the groun. XD They It takes too many muscles, it's not for me.

    How many Johan can do of them?

    If you like to do exercises, do it. It's for to keeps in good shape.

  3. Hey Anette!
    I would like to remove something and get fit .... do you have some tips for me?



  4. Hi dear Anette
    It's always good to have motivation...It makes me think how lazy I am-no running in my life:/ Oh,if only you could give me a bit of your motivation:P


  5. Hi Anette. You're a strong woman, you only have 39, you're young.

  6. Sounds interesting!!
    Yeh, it's so hard sometimes. But Anette, I would also add this to your amazing tips:
    1 time in a row, just let yourself relax and feel free to say that "NO" that the body or the mind are asing you. Okey, NOt to be lazy, but also, we are free and not slaves!
    No? thanks a lot for your entry..

  7. Hello,
    It's really good, that you have so much motivation to run and do other exercises. I agree with you that in some age people should take care more about themselves. My mum is doing the same. She is 52 and she is doing exercises every evening and it really works - she doesn't look on her age at all and she also feels better "inside".
    I'm also running when the weather is quiet apropriate. Sometimes just like you I tell to myself that today I'm not going, but eventually I always go :) It is true, that after some physical exertion everything in the body is starting to work better - I had a real problems with blood preassure and after I started running the problem is gone.
    I wish you that kind of motivation for all the time.
    take care
    Marta from Poland

  8. Hi Anette,during exercising brain releases special chemicals: serotonin,dopamine,endorphins, adrenaline wich can improve mood and regulate emotions!By the way, i start my ever day by reading your blog, i get positive energy from you..Thx for sharing with your fans! Much love

  9. to be motivated to do some sport regularly is really quite hard but it's as you say, it makes you feel better and stronger! it has a positive effect on body and soul! that's why i keep going too, we just have this one body and should take good care of it!!

  10. Hello!

    I agree, it can be very hard to motivate yourself some days. The cool thing is that you feel really great, moreso than other days, when you push yourself. Keep it up! ~V

  11. Hi!
    I have problems at the hour of physical education at school, because I just hate to play or practice sports, but what I most like doing exercise in question is run. ;D You actually get more prepared, is exactly as you said. =)
    Have a Nice Day!
    Letícia Monique.

  12. When I was younger, I hated running too. I did long walks but never ran. Once I tried it for a little bit but I still didn't like it so I stopped and kept just walking.

    I moved from my childhood home into this city where I'm living currently couple years ago. I had to move because my new school is in here. On my way on the first day to the school was a big hill. I went by bike. And when I reached the top of the hill I became breathless. At that point I realised that I have to start excercising. First I began with the long walks but then one day I tried to run for a bit and since then, I have continued running more and more and it feels good! :)

    Loosing weight is not my goal at all (I'm already lean) but taking care of my condition has become quite important to me.

    Even though I like running nowadays, sometimes I fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the evening...:D (and I think it's not totally safe for a girl like me to go out alone in the evenings in a bigger city)

  13. I think the key is to find an exercise you enjoy - then it isn't exercise at all! Before I developed a chronic illness, I practice the martial art Muay Thai. I loved it with all my heart, and no matter how hard it was, or how much a broken toe are an elbow in the face hurt, I was elated every time I trained. Now that my body cannot cope with it, I have discovered the Egyptian variant of belly dancing. I love the music, the movement, and of course the pretty hipscarves :)

  14. Hi, =). Thank you for sharing your story Anette. I'm meant to be going running this evening and when I woke up I thought, ahh I really can't be bothered! But then I have read this post and it has made me think, "yeah, I can do it!".

    My friend and I went running on Tuesday evening; about an hour of running/fast walking up and down many steep hills. It was really hard work, and now I have really sore ankles (odd place!) but I felt so good when I had finished, like I had really achieved something!

    I think its important to have someone there to support you and give you encouragement, that is why my friend and I exercise together; it gives a lot of motivation, =).

    Have a lovely day, take care!

  15. Hej!

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer to the motivation-question!! I´m so happy for you, that you´ve got the strenght to even overcome your "un-motivation"!

    I really hated sports at school. But the reason for that is, that I was quite chubby at that time...
    Today I´m (fortunately) far from being chubby, but I still start moaning when it comes to exercising, because I´m so damn lazy. Especially running has always been my "worst nightmare".
    I know exercising is important for me, since I suffer from a very low blood pressure, but (stupid) I still conjure up excuses...

    But from now on I will remind myself of the advantages and good effects, sport can have on the body AND the mental state! I know the supergood feeling when I finished my exercises, so I´ll try to keep that in mind, to overcome my lazyness...

    I didn´t sleep good tonight too. I feel so exhausted and my head hurts badly... But I won´t use this as an excuse today! I will do at least my short programme.

    Thanks alot for this post! I think I will print it and read it everytime I feel like skipping my workout again. I will let you know, if it works!

    I wish you a wonderful day my dear "motivation-queen"!



    P.S. Unfortunately I don´t have an I-Phone, but I will ask my boyfriend, if he would play the "Johan-role" for me, to support me. :-))))

  16. hello anette!
    today i ran in my school too!i like many kinds of sports and especial football!i am girl but i like it so much!swiming,zorbing,handball are good for body!
    have a great day
    from georgia

  17. I agree, I also feel much better and more able to handle stress when I exercise regularly. Usually I enjoy it but as you say, there are harder days when you're tired or distracted or just not feeling fit. But afterwards I'm always content that I've pushed myself.

    I wanted to try 100 Push-Ups myself, but I had the problem I always slipped trying to do push-ups at home. Now I got an exercise mat which should be better. So I'll probably try it again soon.

  18. hii,,
    i know recognize the story about faking the astma attack :p but now i have so mutch work to do zo mutch projects i have to exercice every day just to keep my mind clear and it helps :) at first i didn't want to but now it's fun

  19. Very well said, as you know I run on the tread mill in the morning (5:30am) and lift weights when I get home (6:00pm). I run 5-6 times a week and weights 4-5 times. I feel the same way you do.. I have days were I go home and look at the weights after working all day and say I don't want to do it. Then I feel guilty and after the first 5 minutes I am always glad I have worked out. It is hard when driving the kids around, work, etc.. but I still make time and I feel so much better. Have a great night. That is funny that you used to fake an astma attack, when I was younger I didn't like running either. I faked a ankle sprain once.. LOL

  20. Hello, dear Anette! How are you?
    I'm so glad to read a post like this. You're an admirable woman and many people should follow your example; I really think that you are a truly inspiration. I wish more poeple could think that way.

    Hugs for you and your lovely family♥

  21. Hello Anette !!
    Im soooo proud of you !! You are such a strong and beautiful woman :)
    Im 100% sure that you do a great job as a mother :D
    I think its good to be motivated and do this,we have to think in what is the best for us :D
    Well,i am a bit lazy to run :P But doing other things its very cool :D At school i hate runing,but today i dont know why,i didnt stop runing maybe because i got motivated and i was always thinking that this was the best :D
    Im glad that you feel happier because we want you happy,you deserve that !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  22. Hey Anette!
    I'm your age and I totally know what you mean! I was super lazy when I was younger and I discovered sports only later in life. It's hard to get up and train when all you want to do is crash out on the sofa, but when I make it through the workout I feel great ;)
    Greetings from Italy!

  23. Hi Anette!
    You can be very proud of you, you're right!
    I think it helps so much having Johan with you, when we are alone its more difficult to find motivation =)
    I hate run but I looove Powerplate! Do you know it?
    I plan to subscribe to a fitness center with Powerplate and so much others machines! For me use machines is motivated! =)
    I advice you to taste powerplate it's a really good machine, above all on tour when you don't have so much time to trainning!
    Let me know if you try it=)

    Love and hugs,

  24. Good for you! I stopped exercising during the holidays, but I've just started again, a little at a time, and I feel much better and, I don't know, more alive. :)
    I'm so tense about the competition. Usually I'll tell myself over and over that I'm not going to win anything and to not get my hopes up, but this time I'm just going to hope I win something, :)
    take care!

  25. Hi Anette,
    Thanks for your motivational message today. It made me start doing the hundred pushups program again so thank you. I want to start running again and every time I think about it, I talk myself out of it. But next time, I'll try to remember you and your motivational messages.

  26. Hey Anette, Thanks so much for writing this today!!! I really needed to read that as i am starting back at the gym next Monday!!

    Hope you have a great weekend :D

    Kelly xxx

  27. Wow! I loved this post! Really, there isn't a single time that I felt bad after a workout ... it's always a wonderful feeling, but it is very difficult at the beginning ... =D
    Now imagine if the exercises are not only sport but an art? =)
    My motivation is martial arts, especially kung fu! <3

    Kisses, Anette!

  28. Hey Anette,
    My old running coach used to say when you feel really crappy and unmotivated on a particular day, to just go out and run 5 minutes in one direction. If after the 5 minutes you still feel bad, turn around and come home. That way you still got a 10 minute run in on your worst day. What invariably happens though, is after 5 minutes you feel fine, and you end up completing your scheduled run anyway. It's a good mental trick!

    Since you enjoy running so much I highly recommend the book 'Born to Run'. It's a fantastic and interesting read about ultra marathoners and tribal runners in north and central america. Best running book I've ever read:

    Denver Colorado, USA

  29. Hi Anette, thanks so much for this post. Today I went running for the first time in about a year because of you!

  30. Until one finds the inner drive and motivation to play or train, there can never be true motivation. Finding the big 'WHY?' is the most crucial.