Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday music and cooking

I am cooking food and as always we dig some music while doing it;=)

Tonight I have Masterplan on. I have loved Jorns voice for so many years now.



  1. goog evening anette
    i like this music
    i cookde pizza for tomorrow!i am 13 years old but i can cook many things!
    have a good night
    love you
    from georgia

  2. Good afternoon Anette,
    what are you cooking? How are going to speding your evening? I'm going to dinner with a friend and after to dance with others friends. I'm not a lover of discoteque with commercial music, afro or huose or techno but only rock alternative that unfortunately where i went many years ago has changed the music and the setting so i don't like it anymore. For this night i can do it... just for only to be with some friends and to have a fun! Have a nice afternoon, evening and enjoy them!

  3. Hi!!
    So nice, Anette, I liked the first! It's something explosive! =D Remember me other band called Dragon Force. The second is good too, I liked the beginnig, remember me the old Europe with the Knights Templar, rsrs...
    Thanx for sharing it with us!=)
    Letícia Monique

  4. Wow wow wow!!! They are amazing! I just love their music! And Jorn has an amazing voice!
    Thanks for sharing those two videos!
    Wish you a nice evening


    Ena :*

  5. liked the songs very much :D thanks for posting this :)


    I'm listening it now thanks to Niclas that he has posted it on facebook. I really love it and the version also. I turned up the volume. :D

  7. Very nice music!!! Especially the second song. Have a nice evening, I gotta go back to study for a test.

    Take care ^^

  8. Hey Anette,
    music is great :) I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU :) Do you ever listen Nightwish, and I am particularly curious about the album DPP, and if the answer is yes, do you enjoy it or always think that something could be better, etc. DPP is my favorite album and I love your voice, especially in the song Cadence of Her Last Breath. You are great and I can not wait new album.

  9. Great music Anette!! I love it too!!!

  10. Hi Anette,
    I also like to listen to the music while I'm cooking. Sometimes I also dance around and tap with a spoon :) Today I was doing it actually during cooking my dinner.
    This Masterplan songs and the vocal reminds me one of my favourite albums of Black Sabbath named "Tyr" and their vocalist Tony Martin - great music to kitchen madness.
    Enjoy your dinner and take care
    Marta from Poland

  11. Hey,Nette

    The band Masterplan is very good!!
    The drummer also plays with Tarja Turunen!!!


  12. haven't Known Masterplan before but now i like them and you're right Jorn's voice is really nice.

    Mr. Terrana on his drums, the best drummer i've ever seen.

  13. Hello Anette !!
    Im sure that you cook very well :D
    Listening to music and cooking,thats really cool :)
    I never heard about MasterPlan before,but they sound really great !! *new fan* Lol
    Thanks for sharing the videos !!
    Have a great day :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  14. Wow they sound good! I love that you introduce these bands to us, always enjoy to listen to something "new". So thanks :)

  15. Masterplan is amazing, although Metallica is number one for me...these guys are awesome
    Meg ;)

  16. Hey, Anette!
    Masterplan is amazing :)
    Hope you have a great day.

  17. Hej Anette!Masterplan is a great band, we like them and followed them for years. Their drummer now is Mike Terrana who is Tarja's drummer at the same time, he is great, he replaced another great drummer, Uli Kusch, ex-Helloween. Do you know Helloween? I think they are another big band in metal. And atm ex-Masterplan drummer Kusch has joined a new band called LAST UNION for their debut album, we are following them at their facebook and we see Niclas is following them as well;=)
    There are some other great names in their guest and member list such as Epica, Angra, Symphony X (do you know the last 2 bands?)....interesting and it's always good to see people from different bands uniting! :=)

    Masterplan singer is very good, I found some songs he sang with SX Russel Allen on Youtube.
    They're even stronger together!

    Will you duet with Jorn? Haha I actually have this feeling!!
    I can't wait, I am so curious about your songs...please start promotion soon and give us a call when you're ready....because...we ARE!

    Have a pleasent day,

  18. Hi,

    Greetings for the good music today :)
    very good last album of Masterplan!
    Have a pleasant evening!