Thursday, 24 February 2011

Leave it

Now the car soon will be in the work shop, Johan will drive it there so that´s a relief;=)

And to make the negativity fade away from this day, me and Nemo will take a long walk in the sun. Everything always works out with some positive thinking;=)

Enjoy the day!


  1. It's really good idea to take a walk. Think that all will be ok, relax and ejoy your's the best thing that you could do! :) It's still cold overthere? Here it's so much. :(

    Have a nice afternoon!

  2. hello anette!i am sorry about your car,but dont worry!i am glad that you and nemo are well!why you are not posting his photos?

  3. Hi!!
    Of course, when something boring happens we have to think good things and see the beter side of the live! ;D
    Enjoy your afternoon!
    Letícia Monique

  4. :( So sorry to hear about your car Anette! Some people just don't give a damn about others... I hope they catch the guy who broke in.

    I hope you enjoy your walk, is it getting warmer there? In Ireland it is, getting up to 17 degrees today! Very warm, especially for February! :) Summer's getting nearer!

  5. Good Morning Anette,

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that about your car. I hope they weren’t able to steal anything important? Stealing is so very wrong, and I pray you don’t have issue with that again. But still, I have much respect for your positive attitude, it will serve you well as I am sure you know :). So, despite the fact that I am sure this morning wasn’t any fun, I hope the rest of your day is warm and lovely. Here in the Eastern side of the USA we’ve been having some abnormally warm weather. Today it just began to rain, but before that it was all sunshine and so warm you could comfortably wear shorts and sleeveless tops…quite untypical for February, but I am not complaining. So, I hope you have some nice weather, too :). And hopefully the car wasn’t too badly damaged? Well anyway, I am sure everything will be okay :)

    With much love and warm wishes,

  6. Enjoy your walk lovely Anette & little Nemo XX

  7. to think positic is the right way :)
    and a car is just a "thing". It would be harder if there breaks something you cannot pay with money :)

    Today i bought a new car.. its huts my wallet QQ

  8. Hi Anette, I'm really sorry to hear about your car, =(. I really don't understand why people steal, it's so morally wrong and causes so many people hurt and trouble.

    Although, you have exactly the right attitude to deal with this (you are very optimistic). I hope you and Nemo enjoyed the walk, =). Have a lovely worry-free evening!

    Take care.

  9. That's so sad Nettie! That hapenned to me last year too...The guy/girl broken into my car and stole my cd player....I got sooo angry I could make him/her eat the goddamn cd player ;=(

    Things are gonna be all right, you will see! And a nice and long walk in the sun will help you to forget this for sure ;=)

    Hugs and Kisses

  10. Hope you enjoy your walk. When I get really mad, I go out for long walks till my feet hurt. Then I always feel better. Take care, love,

  11. "I really don't understand why people steal"

    .x-Jasmine-x. maybe cuz they dont have money to buy food...

    well, but he didn't steal the car so... could be worse

  12. That's exactly what I expected to hear from you:).
    Enjoy what's left of your day and good luck!

  13. Hello Anette !!
    Those are sad news,but no problem Anette everything with your car will be ok soon :D
    But be positive :)
    Have a good night !!
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  14. Dear Anette,
    I want to apologize. I was in a hurry while reading your car post and I and that's why I got the wrong meaning.....I thought someone crushed a car into yours. Now that I am back to your blog, I read someone broke in your car and I am sorry. It has happened to me once and it puts you down.
    Did they steal you smth important?
    I really hope no. How are you now?
    I also do hope you will forgive my carelessness with my previous post.

    Lots of comforting hugs now!

  15. Hi!

    Why did they do that? Jealousy? Did they know it's your garage?

    Good luck!


  16. Glad to hear that it will be ok! :)

  17. Hi Anette!
    I'm so sorry for your car! I hope you and little Nemo enjoyed your walk ;)
    Sleep well ♥

  18. @Izabella: reading this back I think the phrase "I don't understand why people steal" was not right to use.

    What I mean is that it is so frustrating when people do something such as braking into a car or generally tampering with someone else's property.

    On the other hand, I believe that however desperate a person is, stealing, burglary and brake-ins etc are wrong. In my opinion there is always a way to
    get through really hard times without braking the law.

    I hope this makes sense now, =).
    Take care.

  19. I just got done reading/commenting on your last blog, so when I got to this one I was relieved that everything is working out. It's a good thing you're staying positive and not letting it bring you down too much. :)

    Best wishes,


  20. Hi Anette,

    I cant believe people who seem to think its ok to steal from other people. In New Zealand we have had a major earthquake in the 3rd biggest city just a couple of days ago. There are people trapped and being found dead under rubble, and there are some people who seem to think its a good idea to take advantage of the situation and steal from people and businesses. One of the people that is still missing has had her house broken into and totally robbed, and there are probably plenty more cases like this. Fortunately though most people aren't like that and a lot of people around the country are offering spare rooms/houses for people affected by the earthquake. So even though people can disappoint with their behaviour, there are plenty more people that will be amazing and supportive in times of need.


  21. dearest anette,

    I hope everything is okay now. :)
    Stay positive and never forget to smile, even if the toughest of times.

    You're an inspiration, for always being so positive.

    Best wishes <3

  22. I hope nothing too important was taken! I've had my car broken into several times and the feeling is just like...well you just feel like your private life has been invaded. Anywho, glad no one was hurt and that the car is being taken car of! ~V