Saturday, 5 February 2011

Raffle ends at midnight!

And dont forget (for those who have NOT written that they want to win) that you need to do so before midnight tonight (00.00 saturday Swedish time!)

Everyone who has written a comment before can relax, I have all the 815 participants and will pick 3 winners with a random programme tomorrow. To help me I have Seth;=)

The 3 winners will be published with their signatures or names and after that I´ll ask for the adresses to send the prices. So you dont have to write any adresses at this moment for everyone to see. And since I will use a numbering programme you dont have to write WHY you should win cause it´s pure luck that gives the winners.

Good luck!


  1. omg,it ends tonight!i am sure winners will be happy becouse they have perfect gifts to win!i want win too,but i am not so lucky
    good luck everyone
    take care
    from georgia

  2. Hi dear Anette, you're such a nice person!You're my inspiration. Good luck to everyone !

  3. That is a truely fair competition I believe so!^^

    I am really excited

    Enjoy your saturday<3

  4. Thanks Anette for this raffle !
    ...three chances on over 800 people ! =S

    Whatever, it's very kind of you !

    Have a nice week end ;)

  5. Good morning Anette,
    i'm relaxed and i can't wait to know who will be the the lucky winners! Good luck to all!

    I've just want to ask you this: yesterday i've sent you an e-mail thruogh you manager and i would like to know if you got it and if yes, i would like to know what you think about it. :) It's a long time that we don't talk in private, and i will be happy if you want to answer me.

  6. Hi Anette, lucky me that I've read this post about the competition.. and yes, I'll be very happy to have one your dresses w/signature and have it my wardrobe like gift from you!

  7. coulndt agree more, its pure luck that gives the winners...

  8. 815 participants?!
    oh my God! good luck everybody, and good luck to me :P


  9. I'm so excited for the results :D I wish everyone good luck ^^

    Hugs from Spain, César

  10. Hi, Anette
    that so kind and fair for all so there is oportunity for all ^.^
    greetings from Portugal


  11. Hey Anette! I love the way you sing and think you're a very warm person! And I'd like to win one of your dresses!;)

  12. Good afternoon Anette!
    Ooh, the competition ends tonight! :/ It's very tense! 820 participants and only 3 winners, uuuh! That winners are so lucky! Can't wait for results! :) Wish you all a good luck! :*
    Today, in Croatia, is a nice weather! The sun is shining and it's not so cold. Such a nice day! :)
    And you Anette, have a nice day and enjoy with your family! ;)

  13. Oh, I forget something! Those three winners will get a clothes, but you said something about 500 posters! Will other participants get that posters? :)

  14. It's tonight... I just can't wait for the results. I've never had much luck in that kind of raffles, but everything can happen...
    Wish good luck to everyone who is taking part in

    take care Anette and have a nice Saturday :)
    Marta from Poland

  15. I'm excited! Even if I don't win, it's still cool to be a part of it and know that you had the idea in the first place. =] ~ Irena

    Have you heard of the band Dommin? I think you'd like them, AND they'd be great to open for Nightwish on future tours... :D

  16. It's good to see you online. I have been searching for your songs at youtube.

  17. hello anette!hope that nightwish will came in romania!love and respect, and good luck for everyone!

  18. I'm so exited! I got butterflies in my stomache right now. I would really like to win this, but then, everyone else would. I just hope I have enough luck :)
    And it's really toughtful of you to do this competition random, 'cause, like you said, not everyone can sing, write etc.
    I'm one of them so thank for the opportunity :) <3

  19. Hiii!!
    Do you want to kill me?! rsrs..
    I almost dying here! Seriously! rsrs...
    Good Luck to everybody! =)
    Have a Nice Day, Anette.
    Letícia Monique.

  20. oh my God
    i want i want i want...

  21. Hi Anette! Snowy greetings from Kitee, North Karelia. I have been amusing myself by reading your posts about spring and great weather, when here in Kitee we have appr. 50-75 cm snow everywhere... and more keeps coming ;) I love winter, so it's not a problem for me. I guess we have to wait for the spring a few months longer... :)

  22. Ah damn! Glömde vad jag ville vinna... >_>
    Den där korsetten eller vad det var, och lilla kjolen som var en slags kilt, rödsvarta, vore något, du! :)
    Nightwish hoodien låter mysig också, fast jag har en sådan.. i M så den börjar bli liten..
    Nåväl, då vet du! =)

    Dagens låttips till dig; Rolling Stones - Streets Of Love

    Kram, Elle

  23. hello Anette :)

    omg, i can't wait for the results,
    i'm going to eat ''lucky charms''[i love that cereal],and see if i get some luck n.n,

    i got a probability of 815/1, good luck to all :3


  24. Good evening Anette! :D
    Iván Alarcón
    Greetings from Mexico.

  25. Hello Anette !!
    815 participants ?? Woow thats a lot :)
    I cant wait for tomorrow,im sooo nervous !!
    Im always unlucky maybe this time ill be more lucky :P Lool,but you gave the chance to everyone win,and that its the most important !!
    The gifts are very good,but for me its already very good to have the chance to write in your blog,for me,its already a gift :D
    Good luck to all !!
    Tack Anette, du är den bästa personen i universum, och vackrare!
    Puss och kram från Portugal

  26. I hope I could win something!

    I really want to win!

    Good luck to everybody!!