Thursday, 10 February 2011

Evening with candles

Well good evening everyone;=)

It´s been fun to read your exciting comments about Imaginarium and all the questions you might have will soon be answered, but before the press conference in 2 weeks I cant say anything more about this.

Today I have been at Niclas for a short while during the early day and been doing backing vocals for another song for the coming Alyson Avenue album. Fun as always and we also had time to sit down and have some coffee and just talk about this and that;=)

Then this evening mum and her husband came over and also had a little chit-chat and played with Nemo and he was so happy to see them;=)

Now I am so tired but I am thinking about if I should continue painting all the baseboards and wooden doors that I have started to do the last days in the whole apartment to make it look fresher. It must have been so many years since it was done and when the day comes for us to sell I want the apartment to look tip-top;=)

But sleep well everyone and see you tomorrow!


  1. Hi!!
    I can't wait for the next Alyson new album too, I want to hear your new harmmonies ;D
    So, this candles are so beautiful, and when is evening the light of one candle stay beautiful in the house =)
    See you tomorrow~~!!
    Slepp Well!
    Letícia Monique

  2. Glad you had a nice day! Hairdresser ruined my hair so I'm annoyed. Will have to re-colour myself.

    Take care and sleep well!

  3. Hello Anette !!
    Beautiful candles :D I hope you enjoy your night :D
    You must be tired with all the stuff from Alison Avenue and with MANY questions of the fans about Imaginarium ...
    Im sooo happy that Nemo had a great time with your mum and her husband :)
    Continue painting your apartment,but if you feel that you are getting ver tired,finish :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  4. Det ser härligt ut. Har du testat att tillverka ljus själv? Det är lättare än det verkar och kul.

    Läste artikeln om dig i Sweden Rock Magazine. Mycket intressant. Jag anser att du är en förebild just för att du är den du är. Kämpa på!

  5. Good evening to you Anette,
    i'm happy to know that the my answer will be answered very soon. I will wainting for it. For me it's always a pleasure to read your comment ansd some news. Thank you again! So...Niclas was talking about you today one fb! I didn't undestood immedialtely beacuse it was written in swedish. XD Anyway i'm glad that you had a good time with him. :)

    Is Nemo feel better? When you are you going to sell your home? I can understand you, it happens to me also that to move from my old homes but since almost six years i can say that this is the last one. We don't need to move anymore, finally!

    Sleep well too and sweet dreams!


  6. Good Night Anette :)

    It's Nice To Do a Room Makeover, I Haven't Done One In Years xD

  7. G'nite Anette Sleep well :)

  8. By the way, did you know that 'Nemo' means 'Nobody' in latin?

    I hope that he doesn't turn out to be a 'nobody'!

  9. Hi Nettie,

    I hope you don't get too bombarded with questions about the new album.
    But it's very nice that you (the band) chose to release even a small amount of detail. It sounds very very exciting. Nightwish were always the trendsetters, not followers, and it seems this will continue. It's one of the reasons you fit in the band so well, because you're so unique.

    I'm currently reading books by Henning Mankell (the Wallander books) as part of my degree at University (I study English literature but I'm studying detective fiction currently so doing some comparisons with European literature). Sweden has some great detective stories. I can't wait to read more! Do you read any books like this?


  10. Hey, by the way, how is your house project going? I remember something like you had some kind of house option, that wasn't quite perfect for you but suitable for now. I'm sorry if this question is too personal to you. Don't mean to be too curious. :)

  11. Imaginarium... I am intrigued! So this is the secret project which has been eluding us ;-) The concept sounds very Nightwish; I see many themes from the music and lyrics in this idea. But is it a film, animation, or what? I guess the answers to these questions will be revealed in coming weeks. I was banking on the new album coming out this year though :(

    Anyway, have a nice day. I hope Nemo's teeth are not hurting as much today and you are all getting some sleep! ;-)