Monday, 21 February 2011

New kettlebell

Hi everyone!

Today Busan is a the vet to get sterilised and I do hope she will be ok. And that her screaming and restless behaviour will come to an end. She has gotten birth control pills but they seem to still give her some hormone problems. So now this surgery was the right choice.

We´ll go and buy some new kettlebells and exercising clothes today cause the 8 kg kettlebell isnt enough for some of my exercises. I am do damn strong now;=) haha!

We also have our resting day and eating day but I am not bulging to heavily cause the stomach gets so upset. But some hamburger and sushi is on the menu and some chocolate;=)

See you later;=)


  1. Anette! Do you mean 8 kg in total (4 + 4) or 16 kg total (8 + 8)? o.O

    And wow it's already time to record your voice on Imaginarium?!!Your turn, already!Spring seemed so far.... Do you feel prepared for that? I'm sure yes. You look relaxed day by day, it's like you're taking it did you manage the study of the songs during this time? Did you meet a vocal teacher, practiced on your own while cooking :) .....?? Is there a harder song to sing? It's quite special thing to do and what we admire in you is that you always try to keep this relaxed and normal mood, no matter what. I think we all need to face our routine like this, so, if you could give us the secret.....;)

    Kisses and hugs,

  2. They make birth control pills for animals too? I had no idea! Hm, learn something new everyday ;-) ~V

  3. Poor kitty. Luckily animals bounce back quickly!
    Thanks for all you share with us!


  4. Hello Anette !!
    I also hope that she is ok :)
    Im sooo happy to hear that you feel strong,but dont forget that you are always strong,no matter what :D
    I never tried to eat sushi,its a bit weird but i would like to try :)
    I dont like meat very much,only some like chicken or sausage,the rest i dont like :S
    But i love fish lol :)
    You look beautiful again on the pic,you are a rare beauty,im glad that in the world there is a woman beautiful like you :)
    I hope you have a great day ^^
    Kisses and Hugs from Sunny Portugal

  5. wow u look great! Hope Busan will be ok!
    When are u go to come to Scotland? We miss u!! Have a nice rest of the day Anette! :)

  6. Good luck with Busan, hope she's ok...

    My dog has some hormonal problems, too, after having her period she's really weird for many months... :-S She drinks a lot, doesn't want to walk so much and just doesn't seem good. Vet said she maybe should be sterilised, but she's already 10 years old! I think she's too old for such a big operation.

    You're really strong, yes, I wish I could be it too... I'm too lazy. ;P Now I have had 2 days intensive Zumba-course, and it was really fun, I want to learn it more! - Have you tried Zumba? I think I'll buy some DVD:s so I can train at home, too, cause in our town we have zumba only once a week and it's so popular that it's often full-booked...

  7. Good afteroon Anette,
    i didn't know that there was a pill for a cats. If you could not to solve with it the castation in the right way so your little Busan will be more quiet and she will not has any problem. In which way did you give the pill to her? Did you put in the food?

  8. @THK: My dog was the same. She was 9 years old when diagnosed with an infected womb, which was why she was behaving so weird. She also had "fake pregnancies" and stuff... The vet wanted to sterilize and assured us everything was going to be okay, but my dog died during surgery... So you are right, it is a risky operation for older animals! But of course she also was weakened by her illness by then, so...
    I hope your dog will be okay and that she isn't really sick.

  9. Glad you're getting stronger...Yeah, I heard that birth control pills for animals are bad for them....
    I've always wanted to try it good? Take care, love,


  10. 8 kg kettlebell isn't enough to you?! You ARE strong! :D I have two weights, 3 + 3 and they are quite enough for me for now :D I don't excercise with them daily, just couple times a week.

    I didn't know that apparently there are birth control pills for animals as well. Well, I have never had cats or dogs. I had just fish :D

  11. birth control pills are not very good for animals... I gave some for one of my cats and she became very agressive. I've decided to do a surgery and the vet told me he cut out a little tumor, certainly caused by the pills !
    Hope Busan will be jumping around very soon !

    take care ;)

  12. Hi Anette :)

    Hope all went well with Busan :)
    I remember when the time came to sterilize my cat.. she had gotten very restless, plus we had a male cat, and we didn't want to accidentally end up with a litter of kittens, even though kittens are beyond adorable!

    Wow! 8 kg kettlebells? That is strong! Awesome!!

    Mmm sushi and burgers sound delicious! And chocolate of course also delicious :D

    Hope you had a great day!


  13. iam sorry but what is a kettle-bell??????

  14. Hi!!
    I hope she will be okay =)
    I loved your hair in the photo, is great! =D
    Enjoy your day!
    Letícia Monique

  15. Kelly Jane: Here you can read about it;
    Take care!