Monday, 28 February 2011

Give and give;=)

Hi there!

Today I have been so tired and just slept and felt a bit under the water. Those days are not so often but when they come I let them come and just rest and give the body that so I can be fit for fight the next day again. Luckily it´s my resting day from exercising today so it was ok to relax;=)

Otherwise I have quite some things to do this week before Finland so the week will be a bit stressful.

And Nemo has gotten 4 teeth now and there´s still one more on its way...he is cranky and cries all the time so he has a hard time, poor baby;=( I hope the tooth gets out soon and that there wont be any more for some time after that.

Sleep well and enjoy the evening;=)


  1. Hello right there dear Annete!.
    It´s so sweet to know that your little son Nemo has 4 teeth already!. Congratulations to him!
    I am anxious about the new album, and to see NW again in Argentina.
    Best wishes for you!.

  2. Hii!
    We have to know that along with the rest comes boredom ;/ But it's nice to rest before a working week =)
    In my case, my monday were hectic and stressful =/
    And I'm ending my homeworks, here in Brazil it's 17 o'clock yet.
    Sleep Well!
    Letícia Monique

  3. Try to take it easy as much as you can and hopefully you'll feel better soon.

    I sent you a fanmail out today, so maybe that will brighten up your day when you get it.

  4. Best wishes and good night Anette <3 :)

  5. Oh, dear, you're having this period with Nemo and the whole Finland thing... I wish you'll get over it well. :)
    Good luck with everything and have a nice time:). Good night to you too and rest well. :)

  6. Aww, I hope Nemo gets that tooth fast, and that it doesn`t bug him too much. Hope you had a good rest, and that the week won`t be TOO stressfull. Have a good time in Finland!!
    Take care, love,

  7. Hi Anette,
    nice to read from you post. I thought that you haven't write anything today.

    Poor Nemo:-(

    Good night

  8. Hey Anette... take some picture of you with the baby..!

  9. Hello Anette !!
    I feel bad for Nemo,we ALL know how the teeths hurts,i hope his tooth grows fast,he dont want him to be sad :)
    I hope you had a good time relaxing and sleeping !!
    Its almost your time to go to the studios in Finland,you must be very stressed and nervous,but dont worry it will be fun and im sure that you will have a wonderful time ^^
    Goodnight :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  10. Hi Anette

    Good night and sleep well



  11. It's indeed quite uncomfortable when our teeth grow, but it's great Nemo's are growing nicely. =)
    I hope he feels no more pain soon.

    And hey Anette, have you watched the new videoclip of Lauri Ylönen?
    He is with a solo project, different from what he has in The Rasmus, my fav band together with Nightwish.
    The song is called "Heavy" and it talks about freedom, and the director of the video is Owe Lingvall, same of October & April.
    The video is so cute and the song so beautiful, I hope you have the chance to check it out. =)

    The link to the video on YouTube:

    Take care and relax a lot. Have a beautiful and wonderful week!

  12. Anette,

    Must be something in the weather all around! I've been the same way all day!
    Glad to hear Nemo got more teeth! I hope he's doing ok with them! :)

    Sleep well and take care,

  13. Hello Anette!

    I must say that it was a little surprise to me to notice that you write this blog very often. Very nice! :) I don't know any artist who would write as often as you.

    So you're coming to Finland soon? Great, because I think nature is in it's best right now. Much snow and it glows in the sunlight.

    If you have some free time here and if there's a lake near you, I recommend you to take skis and go for a trip. Skiing on ice is very nice. Or if you don't have skis you can also walk, of course. But first you have to make sure that the ice is thick enough. I think that Finnish nature has some kind of calming effect and it's worth enjoying. :)