Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Post office

On my way to the post office to mail the prices to my dear winners;=) They will be with you in some days from now!


  1. Dear Anette ;=)
    how are you? I hope you feel good..
    I'm also not so good.. I'm in the hospital since saturday and thats the reason why I couldnt write you and was absence.. I'm sorry.
    So, have a nice day.. hope i will see you again in the next days.. I hope that they release me soon ;=)


  2. Ohh, so cute! :)
    This was really a good idea!
    Congratulations, winners!

  3. Oh... Anette you are so nice! I hope that the winner could get them very soon! :D

  4. Can I just say that you are the sweetest person ever?! Haha, have a wonderful Tuesday! :)

    -Amanda (US)

  5. Hi dear ANETTE i know i'm late but i didn't know that you've already picked up the winners , please if you only can give me the link to know who won ,if only you posted them
    Love Asmae

  6. Hello ANETTE i know i'm so pushy , but i'm taking my cat to the vet tomorrow to be sterilized and when i was calling the vet to take and appointment she didn't give me all the details so i wanted to ask you if i'm allowed .
    1)-did your cat take antibiotique ?
    2)- For how long she took them?
    3)-did she feel so much pain when she came bach home , if yes fo hwo long did it take her to feel good ?

  7. Hi there!
    Well, congratulations to the winners, in the next time, I wait to be one of them! hihi
    Letícia Monique

  8. Wow..wonderful news! Just yesterday I said to my mum : the pack coming from Sweden is mine! Don't touch it, don't open it..it is sacred! Ha ha..Probably she has thought that his daughter has gone mad!
    Thanks and kisses from Italy!

  9. are you going to organize anything else?
    it was great idea!

  10. Congratulations to all winners! What did they win and what will they get? I haven't noticed that there has been a competition. :D

  11. Hello Anette,
    Don't know where to send this to you. Just wanted you to hear my version of a song by a Swedish band... Ace of Base. I would really like to know what you think of it, if you have any time to have a listen. Thank you so much! Can't wait for the new album... Here is the link: http://bit.ly/eeRUzd