Wednesday, 2 March 2011

To Kelly Jane;=)

I couldnt find any email to you or a contact in your blog so I´ll answer you in here, hope that is ok?

So, its always hard to say what another person should do and it´s up to you and what you really want with your singing and what your goal is. But when you write your obstacles: that you cant go that day and about the weight all I can say is that if you feel in your stomach and your heart that you want to try out for it - GO!! Fix so you can go and dont care about the weight cause if you can sing and feel confident they wont even care about that.

My advice to make a great audition is:
- Dress in clothes that make you glow! Dont put on something you dont feel beautiful and comfortable in. Do not dress in something that is not "you". They want to see YOU and who you are so dont try and be someone else;=)

- Be prepared for anything. Choose a song that shows the best in your voice. If you have a great strong and high rocky voice, go with a song that shows your whole register. if you have a beautiful soft voice, choose a softer song that really shows your way to use your emotions. Do not choose a "to hard" song. That is: don´t pick a song with the hardest notes to reach cause you will (probably) be nervous going in to the jury;=)

- Also prepare to have another song up your sleeve if they say that they want to hear something more from you. Its always really hard to find a song from your head when standing there feeling nervous.

- And if they dont choose you - dont be discouraged. Just take it as a really good way of learning to deal with the whole auditioning pressure, cause you will probably do some more of them in your life;=)

And last but not least: if you go - GOOD LUCK! And know that I am there with you cheering in your head every single time you feel nervous;=) Go girl! And give them everything!


  1. Kelly Jane, I did something exactly the same and I was rejected because they said I wasn't contemporary enough and needed to sing songs in the charts but that wasn't me so I didn't. Whatever happens, stay true to yourself and remember that it's just their opinion, it doesn't define you. :)

  2. Good Luck Kelly Jane!
    Keep positive

    Hugs and support!

  3. Hey Anette, Thank you So very much for this advice I really appreciate it!! I will think long & hard about this opportunity although it seems as much as ive got rid of the other reasons not to go there are now some further obstacle's for that particular day in my way but i will try my best for this Only having 2 weeks notice really didn't help :(

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my message & thankyou for your support it really means alot :D

    Extra Big Kisses



  4. Thankyou Holly! Yes it is important to be true to yourself for sure thats one thing i feel very strongly about :D

    Thankyou Carol & Thankyou for the gorgeous Escapist Website! :D


  5. So sweet from you to encourage her :)
    Go, Kelly! I'm sure you're gonna do a great job!

  6. Joining the support! good luck, rock them!

  7. Hey Thanks! I didnt expect anyone else to comment haha!

    Well I woke up this morning & read Anette's wonderful message again!! It made me realise what it is that i admire about Anette the most..not only is she a lovely,kind,caring & thoughtful person... From this message/advice i can see that she is giving me this advice from her own experience & it tells me that she is a strong & determined person who has always fought for what she wanted, always believed in her dreams & never given up on herself no matter how tough things may have been. Personally I think Anette is a great role-model as well as a vibrant artist/singer! So i will take a gamble & i will go no matter what it takes...after all its my life & my future & if i dont try then i will never know :D

    Thanks Again Anette Your Simply The Best XXX

  8. Hello Kelly Jane and I'm crossing fingers for you too!
    I would also suggest getting plenty of rest before the audition (you said two weeks left till you sing, if I'm not wrong); well, don't stress out too much or over-sing, I think more than one hour - one hour and a half of singing per day would be sufficient. Other than that, and yeah, I know it sounds very amateur-ish and not very normal and stuff, but in my case at least, egg-drinks help a lot, especially if you've strained a bit while singing OR had long singing schedules. Or laryngitis. So egg with milk and honey really does the trick for me in that case.
    And, of course, something that anyone would say, try to relax as much as possible before going on stage. When you're under a state of anxiety, your salivary glands stop functioning at their natural level, as you surely know, and you're tense in the muscles, the larynx might tend to "jump upwards", causing a "closed" throat and voice cracking or more tension and difficulty in singing.
    Just be yourself and sing for yourself, think of the way you want it to sound, think of the way you should sing it in order for YOU to be pleased with it, feeling proud and at ease and just rejoicing on it. The happier and brighter and more "flowing" you are while singing, the better the result. And the jury will surely feel it.
    Wishing you the best of luck!

  9. Kelly is the audition for the X Factor? I have an audition for that on Sunday, I'm so nervous, I got rejected from Britain's Got Talent so added pressure!

    I know the advice wasn't directed to me but thank you Anette this has helped me a lot, whenever I have auditions I sit and watch Nightwish and Within Temptation videos for performance styles and it really helps me!

    Good luck with your audition Kelly :)

  10. What I am about to say has nothing to do with your blog, but I'm using it as a chanel to you. =)
    Anette, dear one, don't you think you should update your official website? Last news are from 2009. You know... Just for credibility.

    Love from Brazil,


  11. Hey Anette! Where have you been? I have missed you today!!

  12. hi anette I cant speak english so good so i wanna ask you if i can rite a comment in swedish