Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Eskoplja;=)


I have forwarded your request to King Foo and our webmaster so I hope they will help you;=)


  1. Dear Anette, we're sorry to spam your blog with this kind of issues, but we already sent mail to various departments from and none of them answered, and we saw that you can contact the webmaster, so we hoped you would be kinder and help us if you can.
    We, as a forum, exist 4 years already and are the biggest and most active, up to date nightwish forum in croatia, so we were wondering if there is any way for us to become an official croatian nightwish fanclub/forum.
    Your help would be more than appreciated from all of us.
    Regards, CNFC

  2. Hello dear Anette, thank you sooooo much for your answer. I really appriciate that.
    Btw, how are you? How are the boys??
    I hope all is well
    Lots of hugs

    Ena :*

  3. Hej anette när är castingen för filmen som ni ska göra?
    Mvh Mikaela.

    PS: Kommer du ihåg skivsigneringen natten i hösten 2007 i Helsingfors när en tjej med sin rikssvenska mamma köade för autografer? XD

  4. milas_lacrymosa and eskoplja: Good luck! You deserve the best! ;=)

    Anette and people: enjoy the day!

  5. Mikaela: Hej! Jag har tyvärr ingen aning om castingen men har hört att det ska vara skådisar från England så blir säkert där.

  6. Poochie - thank you so much for your wishes :)
    We have that idea for almost a year now, and few months ago, we tried to contact everyone we could from Nightwish staff. But no answer. Contacting Anette was our last hope, after that, we don't really know what's left to do. :/
    Thank you for your kind wishes anyway :D