Sunday, 13 March 2011

Todays pick;=)

So, here is todays pick and today its a mix of expensive and cheaper things but these are all things I would love to wear and own;=)

1. Sunglasses from
2. Wonderful flower tote from Stella McCartney
3 &4.Bikini from H&M
5. Brogues from
6. Dress from StellaMcCartney
7. Eyeshadows from H&M


  1. Hello again!

    Lovely summery things :). I like that bag from Stella McCartney, it's gorgeous! And wow I didn't know there are H&M eyeshadows.. I thought they're just a clothing brand. Oh well then I'll have to check out their website again I guess ^^.

    Lots of love from Poland!

  2. Hello !!!
    I have to admit that I loved all the clothes, but the most impressive is the dress and it's too expensive but I think it's worth it ... I learned Stella McCartney through her father, Paul McCartney who is my favorite singer since the fifth grade of primare school !!! Tonight I'll watch Arn, a swedish film and I'd like to know your opinion.
    Lots of love ...!!!

  3. Hey Anette. Hope you are feeling a little better :)
    I saw your post the other day about Eric Saade and I wanted to share with you our winner of the Danish competition:

    ( If you have trouble watching the HD version, just search for "A Friend In London, A New Tomorrow")

    Looking forward to batteling against you :)

    Take care,

  4. hej anette

    vilken fin outfit du har hittat;=)
    du som är så modemedveten och bra på kläder skulle du kunna göra en outfit till en 11 årig tjej som går på metal konserter men inte har nåt snyggt på sig?

    MVH vendela

  5. Hello Anette !!
    Good pick again =D
    I love the bikini and the glasses !!
    Those things are great for Summer !!
    Thanks for the links and the pic :D
    You are the best ^^
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  6. Hi!
    I loved all the things ^^ But I wantes to own the sunglasses, the dress and the eye shadows =D
    Thanx for sharing it with us! =)
    Letícia Monique

  7. Vendela: Jag håller på att göra ett litet collage till dig;=) Snart klart!

  8. I love these little 'Today's pick' posts, you have such amazing taste! What I love even more about this one is that it includes very summery items... summer is on it's way!

    Although when it comes to eyeshadows, I am always a bit cautious wearing colours other than grey because I don't really know what would suit my eye colour! Maybe it is time to experiment, =).

    Have a lovely evening, take care!

  9. I like so much the bikini.

    Now that i see these summer things i got a question in my mind to ask you: when you are at the beach do you wear the bikini or swimsuit?

  10. Hehe, very pretty but I would never dare to wear a bikini at the moment!

  11. It's way too early to pick bikinis when you look outside here in Finland. It's stil very snowy :(

    But the sun has been shining many times! :)