Monday, 28 March 2011

Brazilian blowout

Good morning!

I am so tired of my dry and frizzy hair at the moment. Dont know if its because of me having nursed Nemo for 8 months or what, but it´s like a trolls hair at the moment. So I have booked an appointment tomorrow to try a new thing called "Brazilian blowout" that will make the hair frizz-free, easy to style and smooth. Perfect!

I´ll tell you about the result afterwards;=)


  1. Good morning Anette,
    how often do you wash your hair? If they are dry you don't need to wash then very often.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Arianna: every 4th day so that is not the problem;=)

  3. Wow! I lost a lot of hair due to breast feeding (almoust all of the fringe) and still few months after I have to wash my hair every day. Lucky you Anette! :) :) Well, your problem is quite the contrary :) But luckily the problem is only temporarly :). Have a good day! Hugs!

  4. Hi Anette

    Exactly the same happened to me after nursing. I got the hair problems and nail problems.. All returned to normal now but it did take a while after stopping nursing.
    I was so tempted to cut it all off and let it grow again with no dyes etc.. glad I didn't

    How is Nemo getting on with his food now?

    Take Care

  5. Thanks again, it's always a pleasure reading your reply!

  6. Morning Anette!

    Well I have to say, this is something i have never heard of!!!

    Yes you will have to let us know how it goes & what it is!

    Hope it goes well for you & that you feel much better after, not healthy hair can really get you down, I had lovely silky hair when i was younger, then i once had a too tight perm & it really dried & damaged my hair, i only just got healthy hair back over the past few years phew!

    Although I have to say your hair always looks fine in the photos you take :)

    Have a nice day ;)


  7. hello anette
    i think i can advice you one good thing-
    here is it
    it helps me,my hair is fizzy too so maybe you can try it
    take care
    love you

  8. Dear Anette, try to keep your hair extra-moisturised. I put a honey-olive oil- egg hair mask and my hairdresser begs me to tell her what I put on my hair and they look like that [ I know it sounds a little gross but it is perfect]. Plus, maybe you should consult a doctor or nutritionist so that you could get some advice on what to eat in order to help your organism from the inside. But , anyway, you don't look like a troll...hahahahaa!! Stop!! You look great and everybody here agrees with me I think.

  9. I've recommended Brazilian Blowouts to all my (male) metalhead friends. They're constantly complaining about frizzy/extra curly hair. One of them actually did it and loooooves his hair now. Not cheap though! ~V

  10. Jag vet att du är en frisörmänniska som tror på produktbeskrivningar och inte läser innehållsförteckningen.
    So, that said, and with all due respect, really: Håret kan se väldigt bra ut efter en bb, men egentligen är det bara en maskerad yta, så att säga; håret är fortfarande skadat och torrt inunder.
    Långsiktig lösning är inte fler produkter. Min erfarenhet är att de flesta frisörer oftast inte har en aning om vad de sätter i håret. Vet inte vad ingrediensförteckningen betyder.
    Som sagt, jag menar inte att vara respektlös, detta är bara min åsikt =)
    Hoppas du får en bra dag!

  11. Hi, Anette!

    I am Brazilian, but did not know that treatment of hair! This is not very famous here, but there are several similar call 'progressive brush'.

    sorry my english!

    Belo Horizonte/MG/Brasil

  12. I have made myself a search on google for Brazilian blowout. There are plenty of sites claiming that the treatment is dangerous!
    Now, I am not that kind of girl which becomes alarmed at those articles.
    But, be careful.
    It might really be old stuff, but read:
    "Brazilian Blowout might be dangerous to your health
    Oregon researchers say that they have found dangerous formaldehyde in the hair-straightening treatment. The company says it contains only a trace amount and is safe.

    And more:
    "....contains a different amount of formaldehyde, a chemical which U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared as probable carcinogen. There are several complaints being heard about the product which claims that several hair stylists suffered with cough and the eyes of customers turned red after working with this product.

  13. Sorry but that's not true. Even if you have dry hair you still should wash it every two days and put lot of conditioners. Seriouly but this is disgusting. I've had that bad pleasure to see what's on persons' head when she/he doesn't washes his/her hair cuz she/he thinks she/he doesn't need to cuz it dry.
    Every day we lose dead skin, sweat, all the pollution in the air and it's all on our head even if we can't see it. and still skin on your head produces oil.
    That's why you might lose you hair and is more brittle. During pregnancy and breast feeding they are even weaker.

    So i would say:
    wash it every two days,(max three days)in order to retain moisture
    use natural, protein rich conditioner, don't use dryer, don't dry it vigorously with a towel, but make sure to make it dry.

    If you are going to be outside, wear a hat or
    a headscarf. This will protect your hair from UV rays. If you are going to be outside longer than a couple of hours, then use a hair protectant spray on your hair.

    hot oil treatment every week (optional)
    silk therapy (i use it, may hair is also dry)

    about "How to Relieve Dry, Damaged Hair"

  14. Efter en snabb titt på ingredienslistan på bb zero kan jag konstatera att högts upp finns många olika sorters silikoner, alkoholer och mineralolja. Längre ner på listan kommer olika växtextrakter och proteiner, ännu längre ner kommer glycerin (bra återfuktande ämne, kan köpas separat på apotek). Detta ska håret kapslas in med och sedan förseglas med hög värme flera gånger.
    Antagligen kostar detta en hel del?
    Håret SER ju visserligen bra ut efteråt.
    Madness säger jag bara, men man gör ju som man vill.
    Ännu en gång, ta inte illa upp är du snäll.
    Jag vill bara ditt hårs bästa ;-P
    BB skulle möjligen kunna ses som en kortsiktig lösning för att maskera torrt och slitet hår, men det är verkligen ingen långsiktig lösning.

  15. Oh forgot, have you heard new Kamelot album - "Poetry For The Poisoned"? it's really great:)

  16. Hi Anette!

    I've got a question makes it a 2012 tour? Will you then to Germany?



  17. hey hey hey!waiting for results! good luck,dear!

  18. Hello Anette !!
    I feel sorry that today your hair isnt very good,but im sure it will be perfect after you try this Brazilian Blowout !
    I never heard of it,but it looks really cool,i saw the before and after in their site,and the results were pretty good :D
    I hope you will like it !
    Have a nice day =)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  19. Hey Anette!

    Before you decide to do it, there are some safety concerns about the treatment. I had never heard if it myself until I saw this article:

    Formaldehyde is used in the treatment... the same stuff used in Biology labs that preserve animals in jars :-/. Just something to think about. I know you're frustrated with your hair, but I'd hate to see the treatment make it worse.

    But, if you do decide to still go along with it, I hope it gives you the results you want ;).

    Anyway, I also hope Nemo and everyone is doing well! ^_^. And I'm glad to year your rib is doing better, even if slowly.

    <3 Lauren

  20. hej anette

    jag har sett bilder på dig som du har lagt ut på din blog men jag tycker inte ditt hår var gammalt och slitet på dom bilderna dessutom är det snyggt med ruffsigt hår;=)
    men om du inte gillar det är det ju bra att du har hittat en lösning :=)
    ha det bra och lycka till med hår behandlingen hoppas det blir som du vill ha det;=)

    MVH vendela

  21. Thanks to those of you who are worried about my health and other stuff but there´s always so many "dangerous" things with lots of stuff. I will be fine;=) And to the one writing about washing the hair more often than I do, I must say that since I am a hair dresser I know that isnt true. Its better to NOT wash your hair so often. I do use dry schampoo in between so it doesnt smell like you wrote. Take care and I´ll let u know how it all worked!

  22. Oh, I've never heard about that Brazilian Blowout ;-O

    I watched the video, it's made of Açai, right?
    Açai is a brazilian fruit, and although I've never heard about this treatment, my mom herself used to mix açai with the moisturising cream. Her hair was always shining and smooth...Too bad we moved city, now we rarely find this Açai here :(

  23. Always wanted to ask you.
    You always have different styles in dressing,hairstyles. It's great. I love all the clothes and hairstyles on you. But I am very interested in your opinion about it! So..

    1.You most prefer to be black-haired or blond?
    2.Do you like bangs more then without it?
    3.Short haircuts or be long haired?

  24. Hi!!
    Oh, please tell us if it works, cause I have the same problem with frizz on my hair =(
    Letícia Monique
    ps.: Let me get this straight: the raw materials are Brazilian?

  25. ... How slow am I, I only just realised I could comment?! I hope the treatment works well for you Annette :) And I hope you enjoy yourself in the studio.

    As for hair... well... my hair is mad! Honestly - mad curly hair that looks the same before and after headbanging :) Suits my personality perfectly :P

  26. Anette i didn't mean offend you. what i wrote i heard from hollywood stars' hairdresser/stylist so i guess he knows what he's talking about.

    Dry shampoons are good if you have to leave and dont have time to wash your hair or if you want to skip a shampooing day. the dry shampoo works for absorbing oil.(but your hair is already dry) It doesn’t clean your hair nearly as well as a regular shampooing. It also may leave a white residue and can leave hair feeling gross. and as we know you dont wash it away so all dust etc. is still on your head.
    Moreover i don't think that washing your hair every two/three days is so often to make it more dry. i have dry hair too, wash it every day or two days and i have no problems with brittle hair or losing it too much.
    I know you are hairdresser but i don't know if you are still in business. if you know what i mean.

  27. Hi Anette :)

    That looks like an awesome thing to get done! I wish I could do it, but my hair goes below my butt and is very picky with treatments and styles (masks, blowouts, etc) I'm sure it will look lovely on you!

    And nice to hear that I'm not the only one who washes her hair about once every 4 days or so :D

    Anyway, take care!


  28. Hello Anette.

    If you still feel pain in ribs, you should not try to sing a much. We don't wanna cause lung damage. Right ? Be careful.


  29. Anette, how many years did you worked as hair dresser? You are welcome, you know that is always pleasure to ask you the question and to know how you are.

  30. Izabella: I dont know what it is you feel you need to tell me? It all depends on what your hair type is and what is good for your own hair. I find it quite weird to even get a comment from someone else who doesnt even know how my hair feels like or how I treat my hair. Are you a hair dresser yourself? You didnt offend me but I must say I am a bit confused over the things you tell a person you dont even know? My hair is better if I only wash it every 4th day and that is how MY hair is. If your hair need more cleaning than that, that is your decision. Thanks for telling me all this but I still know how to handle my own hair, even if I am not working as a hair dresser at the moment;=) Enjoy your evening!

  31. Veronica: Haha, I have actually said that Johan should do this too so that was really nice to hear that it works on your male friends too;=) There are a lot of long haired metal guys who could need this;=) thanks for the tip!

  32. Eilenna: Hej och tack;=) Jag tycker själv att allt man stoppar i håret är en slags "maskering" att dölja skavankerna med;=) Jag använder t ex silikondroppar för glans och det gör ju att det er superfint ut även om det är torrt och frissigt. Man får fuska lite och speciellt nu t ex för mig som ammat i 8 mån. Det sliter på håret men det blir ju bra snart igen. Ha en bra kväll!

  33. Hey Anette!
    When I saw the "Brazilian blowout" I thought it was a kind of a new hairdo. Anyway, I'm curious to see the results because I know that repairng the damaged hair is tough.
    Good luck :)

  34. I heard about that treatment maybe a year ago, The results I've seen are pretty nice! You'll have to let us know the differences you notice. I would love to not have to straiten my hair to get frizz out with a hair dryer. If I don't put some sort of hair product in or tame it with hair dryer heat it turns into a wavy frizz ball. lol

    I used to use a product called Garnier Fructis, Leave-in Treatment Silk And Shine, and that helped. but, when you wash the hair it really feels difficult to get the product out. I think because of the oils they use repel some water. Noticed the same thing with the original shampoo from the same brand. Liked it a lot, but you could tell the product didn't want to wash out easy.

    As far as washing hair goes, the longer your hair is, the less you are suppose to wash it. It might sound gross, but you'll know when your hair needs it. I can get up to 4 day if I straighten it, and 2 days if I used product to curl it. All depends on the person and their hygiene needs. obviously you'd be washing hair more if it was flaky or oily, but if you don't have that problem you can get away with a little more time.

    Looking forward to seeing how it went!

  35. Hello, Anette!

    I'm looking forward to the results of your treatment! I thought about it for myself too, since my hair are super frizzy, but it's really expensive here and I also read a lot of bad articles about how dangerous it can be. So I am worried about you, but I am sure you know best what is good or not.:)
    But I can give you a few tips. My Mum is bio-nature freak and she uses only natural things for her beauty routine, and I took a few things from her too.

    Someone has already written here about the mask from egg yolk, olive oil and honey, and I have to say it's super good. I don't use honey, because I am alergic, but even olive oil itself is great for dry hair. I use it only for the lower part of my hair, because of fringing, and because my hair skin is a bit oily, so I don't want to put more oil there. The olive oil works great for everything.:)

    Another great thing for hair is beer. My mum does herself a beer mask sometimes, and it makes her hair shiny and strong. I heard somewhere that even Catherine Zeta-Jones does that, and I have to admit her hair are gorgeous! It smells wierd for the first time, but the smell leaves in less than a day, and the results are wonderful.:)

    And the third great thing is avocado. A mask from mashed avocado can really do the wonder too.:)

    I asked mum about your problem and she told me, that when she breastfeeded me and my sister, she had so bad hair that she had to cut them short. Her new hair grew beautiful again, it just needed a little time to rest.
    And she recommends you try to not dry your hair with a drier very often. Let it dry naturally, if you can.

    But of course, you know best what suits your hair.:) I hope it could help you a little.:)
    Let us know how the procedure went!

    Take care, hope your rib will be better soon. Lots of positive energy for you and your guys!:)

  36. Hello Anette ! I would like to see on you the long black hair again like there : ! What about some extensions ? You looked very charming with this hair ;))
    Kiss :*

  37. I know you used to be a hair stylist too, like me...The Tigi Bead Head CONTROL FREAK line is awesome for taming that fly away friz. The shampoo conditioner and smoothing lotion. I would use a color safe shampoo, like the brunete goddess and use the control freak conditioner and lotion. All are by Tigi. If you can't that particular thing there let me know and I'll send it...did you get your protein powder BTW?

  38. Hi,
    I just posted this "eventually dangerous treatment new" to be eventually helpful and to see if you/the readers knew more about that:=) I also added the fact that I don't necessarily agree with that!

    It wasn't like "Hey, stop, you don't know what you're doing, girl!", you know.

    It's sad my comment turned out to be that intrusive, although I understand you very well.
    All those people telling you what you should do and what you shouldn't. Weird, yeah!

    On the otherhand, okay it's your hair, but it is "hair" and hair is an open topic for everyone: don't get it too much personal;=)

    Have a pleasent night,


  39. Poochie: they have tested the product here in Sweden at the Surgeon general and it showed no formaldehydride at all so that is not true. Sleep well;=)

  40. Anette, I know it must tiring, to read all of the "be careful" comments, but I add one more.:-D I've just read, that the procedure is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. I don't know how much truth there can be, I hope your hairdresser wouldn't recommend you, if it wouldn't be safe. Ok, no more worries now.
    Good night, and have wonderful dreams and no pain!:)

  41. Hi Annete, Yes, after nursing you could lose nutrients, such as biotin, Vit D, calcium, etc...all valuable to healthy hair skin and nails. I am a nutritionist, so what I suggest is to get a supplement that is specifically for promoting healthy hair. I also suggest that you try adding some extra virgin olive oil to your diet (goes great on sweet potato), if you haven't already. My Mom (100% Sicilian) is in her sixties and still has the best hair, and it's from all that olive oil she uses! Anything with polyunsaturated fats (Omega-3 fatty acids) can really help the hair. Fish, cod liver oil, Flax Seeds, Nuts (even brazil nuts)and plant oils like borageoil and hemp oil all have great amounts of omega-3s/polyunsaturated fats. All all are great for hair.

    I use these products here:

    I use the follicleanse and the awaken and replenish conditioner (the emu oil one is good too), which helped me re-gain my locks when I had frizzy, weak hair from lack of good food when I was caring for my sick father. That website also has those supplements I mentioned.

    I hope this helps. I have done these things for my own hair and I am the envy of every lady I know for my thick hair ;)

    Here is my website with some more information that may be helpful for you, if you want to check it out. If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

    I wish you the best in your recovery! Can't wait to hear the new album!


  42. HI Anette

    I just want to say: don't listen to them.
    Go and do the Brazilian Blowout and then show us the result.
    I wish there would be a Brazilian Blowout here in Portugal... It would solve the bad temper of my hair :D


  43. Carla: Hi and yeah, I am going at 13 today and all the people that I have read that has done this are sooo satisfied so it will be great! Enjoy the day!

  44. can't wait to hear the results :) I always wanted to try a brazilian blowout. the reviews for almost anyone who has done it are fantastic!
    my hair is terribly curly and it takes me ages to make it look normal each day (and even then it doesn't stay nice!). is your hair naturally a bit curly, or do you just have frizz?
    have a nice day!! <3

  45. Hi and thank you for the good new.
    I can hardly wait to see the result now!

    See you later:=)

  46. Hi,

    AT first i thought that maybe i shouldn’t answer you since i’m not sure i understood you fully but on the other hand i don’t want to leave with bad impression so here we go.

    My only intension was to share with you my opinion, tips and experience like everybody hear. I know what “dry ”, “frizzy” means i don’t need to touch anybody’s hair to give some tips. Some people wrote their opinions and i guest they didn’t touch it either.

    “I find it quite weird to even get a comment from someone else who doesnt even know how my hair feels like or how I treat my hair.”

    stop here for a sec. So you mean we all shouldn’t comment? You described your problem, and i’m sure i’ve read here about some products you use. i mean, it’s only hair there is no so many solutions.

    “(...) i must say I am a bit confused over the things you tell a person you dont even know?”

    I didn’t write anything personal or judgemental. Many people ask about tips on the internet and they get answers from people they don’t know. It’s impossible to know everybody. But if you ask or give a impression you would like to know other ppl’s opinion they will answer. You asked us few times ‘bout our opinions/tips but you don’t know us. You answer some of our questions, give us tips but you don’t know us (in person)either, right. Yet, if you feel you can be helpful you answer.
    I’m not a native speaker, i might use “should” too often but “should” doesn’t mean you – “have to” do what i or someone else tell you.
    If you’re not interested in our opinions nor gonna try them why even bother to ask?

    Have a nice day:)

  47. Izabella: I didnt anywhere in that text say: do you have any advice for me? Do you know what I do wrong? How should I do with my hair?
    Those times when I do ask for opinions I clearly state a question. But hey, you have made your point, thanks for caring;=) Let´s move on and you can read about my treatment today in a later post. Enjoy the evening!

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