Monday, 14 March 2011

Imaginarium world tour will start in LA!!!

Finally, we can give you these wonderful and exciting news;=)

Nightwish kick off the Imaginarium World Tour in Los Angeles. The very first show for the IMAGINARIUM WORLD TOUR will take place at the GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE, Universal City, CA, U.S.A, on Saturday the 21st of January 2012.

This will be the biggest NIGHTWISH show production ever on the North American soil and strictly a one-off -- there will be no US tour until later in 2012.

The ticket sales will begin soon.


  1. Oh lucky, lucky you LA people!!! You'll be the first ones to enjoy this tremendously wonderful moment! My, my, it reminds me how much I can't wait to see Nightwish again in France!!!

  2. Oh my *___________*,
    Do you know if you will come back in Italy? In the tour 2009 i didn't joined at it but i really hope to join if you will come back here. Thank you so much for posting this great news!!!

  3. oh anette please, please, PLEASE say that Nightwish will not start such a very long tour again.

    I really hope trhat it´ll be just a "short" world tour. Not 2,5 years like the DPP-Tour

  4. Why not Colombia? Hahaha ok no :(
    Lucky ones!! Great news indeed!!!

  5. I'm so excited!! But will the tour ever come to Seattle or the Vancouver, BC area? LA is too far away for me to go and I would really like to see the show. I've been a NW fan since elementary school and I've actually never even seen one of the shows :\

  6. It would be so nice if Nightwish come back to Portugal again! I would be able to finally see your concert.

  7. congratulations!!!
    but,I know lots of bands,and they don't love to play concerts in the U.S.A and when I ask them about reasons and their thoughts( I think that reasons very-very problematical) they can't give me a normal,plain answers.

    I'm confused ..very confused,because I can't understand anything about by myself.

    So,Anette,do you love U.S.A(playing concerts there)?
    Did you have any problems there in past tour?

    I hope that you will answer.
    Love =*

  8. I read that news on FB... I wish it will be in Europe. I'll do my best to come, cause I really be part of it! But ... 900 euros !!! Ouch !

    Love & Hugs

  9. Saw that expected £1000's

    checked £499 flights inc hotel... see you there Anette!


  10. I forget : why did the nightwish staff choose this country and city?
    Why not an european country?

    Thanks for replying =)

    Love & Hugs

  11. I am soo thrilled! It is wonderful news and I hope the European dates will be added soon! Soo excited!

  12. I'm so bummed that I will likely be missing out!! I'll be living in Finland by then...hmm I shall keep an eye on time and money though. Have fun! ~V

  13. Already plotting an epic trip with my friends :) Last time it was Brits and Americans invade Finland, this time Brits and Finn invade America!! :D

  14. Oh my God!! So exciting news Anette!! Finally we will see you again!! I hope you're feeling better today girl!!

    Greetings from Mexico and I really hope that you come back here!! I will start to save some money just in case ;-)!!

    Clau =)

  15. Great news Nettie, thanks!
    I hope you guys will come to Croatia again ;)

    Ena :*

  16. Hi!!
    Wow, that's great, I wanted to live on LA just now )'=
    Anette, the Imaginarium World Tour will come to Brazil? Better, Will come to São Paulo?
    I live on the interior of state, and I hope to get money to go on the Nightwish show when you come! I have to save money for this. =/ But i will be there if you come. Please answer my question if you are authorized to do so, and if you know it, right? hihihi...
    Thanx for sharing it with us! =D
    Letícia Monique

  17. Hello Dearest Anette,

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news. It’s so nice to hear that everything is coming along and I very much look forward to release of the album and movie. I am not sure if I will be able to make it to the concert or not, but I will definitely attempt to make it happen :). I am glad to hear that you are feeling better, but still taking the rest that you need, for I know some people would just push themselves and in doing so delay their recovery. I believe these outfit collages you’ve been doing are quite interesting, and I think they are a creative and unique way to pass the time. I also feel very bad for what is happening to Japan, my prayers are with them and they have my deepest sympathy. It is very horrible indeed.

    Anyway, I pray this is a lovely day for you and that you continue to recover swiftly :).

    With much love and warm wishes,

  18. hi Anette ! USA ? and not in Finland ?

    The tickets cost 900$ ? No ? It's a joke ?

    I am a little disappointed... =(

    Anyway, I hope you have a good evening !

    Take care ^^

  19. Good afternoon!
    Wow, great news! Too bad I won't be able to come, LA is soooo far away.

    Will there be more tour information reaveled soon?

    I hope you're having a great day and feeling better!

  20. L.A. aka far away. Not even possible to make it there but I'm sure you guys will come to Germany soon after that. ;)

  21. The people of LA is very very lucky! But I hope we'll see you soon in Italy :) Can't wait!!!!

  22. Wowowowowowowowowow hope to see some UK dates very soon :D

  23. I'm in the UK and hopefully travelling to the US for this! :)

    I better get saving!

    -- Jake

  24. OH MY GOSH!!! can't believe this!!!
    after all this time waiting to finaly see you guys live!!, the thing is that im from méxico, and i'll be studing on france from august to january and i thought the only way to see you guys live was during that time but YEEEEII :D, i'll be back just in time to go to LA to see you live!! damn!! such a good news!!!
    Rock on Nightwish!!! see ya on january 2012!

  25. I wish I weren't on the other side of the country, but it is nice to see NW showing the USA some love. :) I hope that the kick off is a rip-roaring success and Hopefully I'll have a chance to see y'all along the East Coast sometime in 2012.

  26. @Quentin: I guess the venue is a special one. I don't think they're doing their first gig there for no reason. But of course, I hope (and I know) they'll do a nice European tour as well ;-)

    Take care, Anette!!!


  27. hello anette!glad to hear about this news!
    why not in georgia once in Nightwish history?
    here are many people who loves you and all tickets will be sold,so why not?
    hope i can come is usa...omg..
    good night

  28. Hi, Anette!

    Oh, how I wish to be there!!! I hope I will see your show in Moscow or in St.Petersburg!

    Lots of hugs from Russia!

  29. hey, this are great news! I can't wait for the new album and a tour in 2012!!! It has been a long time since the last album :)

  30. That's great news!! That means the album will soon be ready too!! I'm so exited and I can't wait for the tour to start :)
    Hope you guys will soon come to Croatia. We've been expecting you since 2009. and I hope we will not how to wait long :)
    Get well soon Anette, take care and watch your steps ;)

  31. hej anette

    en turne så roligt:=)
    jag har alltid viljatt åka på en sån men det kommer nog alldrig bli av:=(
    men det är jätte kul att du får åka på en;=)
    ha en bra kväll:=)

    MVH vendela

  32. oh i'm sure it'll be a great experience for you, but i'm a bit disappointed, that's just way too far away: ( i traveled from hungary to helsinki for the last DPP show, and i wanted to go to the next tour-opening as well, but this would cost too much i think. though i'm waiting for details..

    so maybe the first european show or first finnish gig..: ))) i just hope you release the album before the LA show, i don't want to feel the temptation of bad quality youtube videos..: DD

  33. I hope you will come also in Finland! :) See you there! :)

  34. OH MY GOD YES, I go to school in LA, this will be the best start-of-term EVER!!!!! I cannot wait. <3

  35. Hi, dear switty Nettie!!!
    Ohhhhh, that's great!!!!
    please, promice me that you come to Moscow, Rus, I'll cry, if it won't happened((((((((((

  36. YES, YES, YES! oh my god. i can't wait to see you on tour *-* i hope you will come to germany!
    I'm so happy! So happy, i cannot explain my feelings... I mean, this would be first time to see you live with the guys... Oh my god. I still can't believe that you will go on tour next year. But it's so much time till then :(
    I'm so looking forward to see you live!
    With big, big, big kisses and hugs
    Maren; Germany

  37. I was hoping that the first gig would be here in Finland, but I'm pretty sure that the boys want to come back here as soon as possible :D On the other hand, I've wanted to visit The States for a looong time and it would certainly be exciting to be there then! If the tickets don't sell themselves in an instant, I could actually think of having a little vacation then.... :)

    Take care!

  38. Denna gången MÅSTE ni se till att spela i Malmö eller Lund eller Hborg, jag vill SE ER! Jag kommer bli så grymt besviken så jag vet inte vad annars :( har väntat på en NW konsert sedan 05... Orkar inte vänta längre :(

    Skåne kramar!

  39. Hello Anette !!
    AWESOME !! Im sooo freaking happy =DDDD
    This will be the best damn thing in 2012 :DDD
    Words arent enough to express how happy i feel !!
    Thank you =)
    I really hope that NW come to Portugal,please,i beg to you,this is my opportunity to my dream come true =)
    Some days ago,at school some kids were listening to NW,NW are taking world domination hehe ;)
    Congrats to all of you !!
    Good luck in LA :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  40. Come to Spain, please!To Madrid if it's posible :)

  41. ohh lucky LA people, thats going to be an awesome show! It's a little far away for me
    I hope to see you in Australia :)
    I hope you are healing and feeling better

  42. I strongly HOPE, through this tour we can see you guys in Turkey. Anette please please please do something! You had came here for the shooting of a video for Pain, come again with Nightwish :)

  43. OH MY! Anette, I'm so glad I heard this from you first. Oh I have one wish! GHOST LOVE SCORE!

    OK selfish moment over. You need to get well first! I sincerely hope this good news comes with you feeling less uncomfortable.

    Sheesh! I'm so happy. Thank you Thank you!

  44. I'll you see there!! I'm going to be the girl in the front row, waving my finnish flag :)

  45. Russia is waiting for you guys!

  46. OH. MY. GOD. This is the best news I've ever heard. I only have money in my bank that is reserved for paying someone back, but they can wait, I'm buying the ticket no matter what.

    Anette, you've made my day yet again. (and it's midnight here now, so it's the perfect start! :D)

    You absolutely HAVE to set aside a minute to say hi when you're here. ;)

  47. How wonderful of you to grace us with the live debut of this epic production! We in Los Angeles are indeed lucky.

  48. Quentin : 900€ its the flight from France =)

    How are you Anette? Do you feel better ?

    Love & Hugs

  49. I'll definitely be saving up to fly there. I'm from the opposite side of the country. I definitely can't miss this one Anette. I only saw you once during the DPP play tour and I really missed your beautiful voice. If I miss your show for some reason I hope to see live here in New England.

  50. Omg, you lucky ones who are going! I can't wait until you come to the U.K. I'm definitely going to go. xx

  51. Hi Anette!
    That's a good news, but when do you come to Italy? =)
    Can't wait to listen the nwe album and to see the concert!!


  52. I'll be the one in the Ghost Love Score hoodie with two freckle faced sons wearing 7 DTTW garb and we all have Finnish and Sweedish flags! 10 months and 6 days! I'm 44 but Nightwish makes me feel like a kid!

    Thank you again for the news!

    Sending you healing vibes from Central California!

    : )

  53. (Océane : Ah ok ! je suis pas encore bilingue moi tiens ! ;) )

    How are you today Anette ? Do your ribs are still painful ?

    Take care & have a nice evening !

  54. Ohh so eager for the album! Come to Canada sooooon after that! haha :)

  55. Hey ! That's sooo cool !
    I hope to see you soon in France :p
    I don't know if you know that but there is an all new concert place, the 2nd biggest in France after Le Stade de France, in Montpellier, in the south. It's called the Arena, with very good equipments.
    Don't forget the south people :'(

    Have a very nice day and rest well to be a "super super Anette" for the tour, like you are always.

  56. I really hate to live in Brazil sometimes! haha

    Good luck for Nightwish! From the bottom of my heart. You guys deserve all the best :)

  57. uhm, HELL YES!!!!!!
    I do get to see Nightwish live before I graduate. Holy shit, this is majorly too good to be true!

  58. I missed out on seeing Nightwish during your last visit to the USA because it was my sister's birthday, but please say you'll come to the east coast of the USA!! Preferably the south!!

  59. E quanto ao Brasil?

    When you come to Brazil?

  60. Hello,
    it is nice but strange too that some people living far far from LA are willing to put 1000 US dollars aside to fly to this concert.
    I would rather suggest them to wait for Nightwish to play live in their country! You are crazy people!
    I mean, it's fantastic, really, that fans feel to be part of that. I am a huge NW fan too but I need to say I won't encourage them to spend so much much money, but wait instead and go to the nearest place.
    Everyone is free though.


  61. Really hope you come back to the uk :D
    March 2009 at Brixton was the best.

  62. Yes!!! I will definitely come to LA to see the show. So happy you are kicking off the tour in the US. :)

    Denver, USA

  63. So Cool!!!!! you`ll be coming to South America right?? And Brazil??? (I got so mad when I heard what happened in Belo, and for that I apologize for my country).
    Can`t wait!
    take care

  64. I don't care LA is just across the globe... I'll be there for sure!!! =D