Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brazilian blowout - result and review;=)

Good evening everyone!

So this afternoon I went and tried out the Brazilian blowout zero at a salon close to me. I will tell you about what she did and what she told me about the whole discussion that arised among my comments yesterday about this being dangerous.

First of all: here´s what she said about this treatment: the original brazilian blowout DO include a gas called formal dehyde, but not the one they use in Europe now that is called Zero. The reason behind the decision from the European union to not accept the original treatment in Europe is not because it is dangerous for me as a customer. Its because this gas is dangerous to inhale for the hair dresser doing the treatment.

But this new Zero treatment is ok and has no dangerous ingredients. So now you all know which one to use if you´re gonna do it. The thing with the formal dehyde was that with that in the product the hair was straight even if you just dry your hair and use the fingers, but the new one need that you do use a brush when drying it.

Now, let´s continue with the procedure:

When I came there, she washed my hair with special schampoo and conditioner. Then she started to put on the formula all over the hair, dividing the hair in thinner parts.
After that she blow-dried the hair almost dry just using her fingers and then continued to dry the whole hair with a round brush (just like when they blow-dry it normally)

This took quite some time to get every part really dried and with volume.

Then it was time to use the really warm flat iron and flatten the whole hair. Took quite some time again. After all was done, we rinsed it and then she blow-dried it with the round brush again and ta-da! I looked like a million dollars;=)

I didnt take a before-photo today but here´s one from some days ago:

And here´s the result afterwards:

Johan says its amazing and that I look like a polished horse...haha!

And here´s a little video;=)



  1. Hello Anette!
    I'm wondering how expensive was this brazilian blowout. I'm thinking about it from some time because my hairs like to live with their own life.
    Sabina :)

  2. Good evening =)

    I must say that the result is great. It suits you. And beautiful hair!
    Oh! And thank you for the video! I love your smile at the end. Cute!

    I wish you a lovely evening! And have a good night.

    Hugs <3

  3. Hey Anette :)
    Glad you seem to have enjoyed yourself, and your hair certainly looks amazing :)

  4. Anette,
    your look is great and Johan has right to tell about a horse, your hairs seems a mane! XD Thank for posting the pics and the video! If i'm not mistaken i can hear the Nemo's voice. *___*

    Have a nice evening!


  5. beautiful! your hair looks so much better than before ! i love my hair, and hate when it looks like i didn't care for it... how expensive is the brazilian blowout ? how frequently do you have to have it ? or is it just one time ?
    cheerz !

  6. Wow, that's a great result, Anette!
    Like a polished horse? Hm, when I look at it... some likeness is notable, yes :P

    Is this Nemo playing with his toys there in the video? ^^ Sounds like someone would put a wooden toy on the ground. Or what is that sound in the background?

    Greetings from Germany,

  7. haha a horse? ermm if you take that as a compliment dear... Hah just joking I know what he means.

    It looks gorgeous by the way, I'm very jealous as mine is like straw.

    Take Care

  8. ow wow! That looks gorgeous! Really beautiful and so polished and accurate!

    Thanks for such a useful tip, Anette, now we are informed on how these things are done :)

    How long does straightening effect last? And how do you think, will you use that brazilian therapy on a regular basis from now on? It's just that I see from the video that you're so delighted with how beautiful and million dollar looking your hair is :)
    Johan has great sence of humor, haha! Btw, as weird as it sounds, but people say that using a horse shampoo will make your hair much stronger, thicker and shiny...almost like the horse's one! haha. I think I will try it, who knows, maybe the rumours about its effect are true! Anyway, it won't get worse, I think.

    I hear Nemo's murmuring in the video..sooo cute ^__^

    Have a nice evening, Anette, and enjoy yor new amazing hairdo!


  9. hej Anette

    oj det blev ju jätte snyggt helt glansigt och fint det var nog värt att vänta på ;=)
    polerad häst hahahahahahaha:=)johan värkar rolig ;=)
    vad fint och rakt det blev och som jag sa innan det är värkligen glansigt :=)
    man ser skillnad på före och efter ;=)
    men jag tycker det är snyggt med slitet hår också ;=)
    ha en under bar kväll Anette och glömm inte att sköta om ditt hår så att det behåller sin vackra glans ;=)

    MVH Vendela

  10. Woooow... sooo nice! I like it very much! Your hair is so long now. It grows very fast. ;) When you wash your hair, it will return on normal like you had yesterday or not?
    Johan... haha, funny guy :) And Nemo is beating around with something :D
    Have a nice evening ;)
    Big hug from Croatia :*

  11. psst kan inte sluta titta på videon ditt hår är så fint ;=)

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  13. Hi Anette :)

    Wow! Your hair looks amazing! So shiny and just beautiful! And thank you for describing everything :)

    Take care,



  14. Your hair is.......Gorgeous!
    Hep Hep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;=)

    The difference is indees so clear and I am so happy to read your detailed explanation about the process:) You are safe actually!;=) Hehe

    And your smile......wow, it is fabulous here!
    I can hear Nemo playing with Johan or Seth maybe? :=P They are so sweet and cosy noises and ambient in your apartment, there's life going on in here! A happy video for all of us too.

    And it was a special gift to see your sudden smile in the end of the video! I'm notot kidding, you shine, Anette! <3


  15. Hi!
    Your hair is great! So beautiful, really ;)
    And your smile in the end of video is veeery funny, haha, seriously, the treatment is very good, I will try it, but the Zero, of course ;D
    Thanx for Sharing with us.
    Letícia Monique

  16. Woah! It sure looks pretty! So shiny and straight!

  17. oh damn your hair is shining! good stuff :D
    Sweet to hear little Nemo in the Backround^^

  18. Well well well Anette your hair looks ALIVE its really beautiful!!! Awww I could hear Nemo in the background of your video haha! That was a lovely big happy shiny smile you gave us at the end of the video :D

    Probably a silly question but could you get this done on blonde hair??

    Your hair really looks wonderful

    Goodnight Pretty Lady


  19. Hej Anette!
    Haha!! Like a polished horse? Haha! Johan is really funny guy ;)Btw your hair are really beautiful. When you smile at the end of the video we can see that you like yourself :)
    And I can hear Nemo's voice in background! Soooooooo sweet the little boy ^^
    Thanks for sharing your photos and the video:)
    Sleep well!
    Big hug and lots of kisses*

  20. Thanks for the video and for the pictures. It looks really good.
    Oh, I can hear little Nemo playing :3
    And your smile at the end is adorable.
    Wish you and the boys a nice evening


    Ena :*

  21. Paniina: Hi! They say appr. 10-14 weeks if you use the products they recommend.

    Lerren: I think I will do this again cause the result is really super;=)

    Mary; No, the result is there for 10-14 weeks. I just do as normal and can get it this smooth really easy now.

    Poochie: It was Nemo playing with his toys;=)

    Kelly Jane: Yeah, on any hair;=)

  22. Your hair looks beautiful. You are always beautiful. I love your voice and your open approach to the fans.
    The more I get to know you through your blog, I adore you more :) I'm really happy that you're part of my favorite band. And they were lucky to found someone like you. Can not wait to hear the new album and to travel around Europe following your performances.
    Kiss from Serbia

  23. It looks great!! Here in Brazil the price for that procedure is not so expensive, but the products we have to use after that.. oh my!!! I had this done on my hair once and I loved it..

    Did they tell you all the things about how to take care of your hair? Like, you cannot use any types of shampoo, you have to use shampoos with no salt in the formula.. Anyway, your hair looks much better now :)
    See ya!

  24. Yeah =) I love it, super results !!

    Here in France, this process is reallllllllyyy expensive! Fortunately I don't need it, my hair are as strenght as yours after the Brezilian Blowout!
    But, that's also a problem cause I can't do anything with hair! They are so strength that I can't curve it, even if I put a lot of hair spray to fix it! But well, we always want to be what we're not ! =)

    Oh, I love your smile at the end of the video !!!

    Love & Hugs!

  25. Hi Anette. :)

    Your hair looks great! And oh my gosh, it is getting so long. I never realized it was that long until now. :P But yeah, your hair looks really good. :) Thanks for telling us about this/posting the video!

    Best wishes,


  26. Uhh, really nice result!!!! looks great!!
    You should talk to the camera...to us ;)
    Have a lovely day Anette :)

  27. Beautiful *_*

    And I loved your smile in the end of the video ^^

  28. Hi Anette!

    The hair fits perfectly in you! It's very beautiful...

    A big hug from brazilian fans! Have a nice week!

  29. Hello Anette,

    It was so lovely to read this post, I am very glad to hear that it was such a pleasant experience and, of course, that you are pleased with the results. Thank you very much for giving us such a detailed insight as to how it all went, and thank you also for the photos, I very much enjoyed viewing them. You look absolutely beautiful and glowing as always, and your hair looks flawlessly smooth and polished, I can see why it must be so easy to style, and once again, I am so delighted to hear that you are pleased with it, for that is what matters the most :). Also, thank you for the video, so cute to hear Nemo in the background, and I was really able to get a nice idea of how your hair looks in it. You also seemed so happy, so that of course made me smile :).

    Take care!


  30. Hello Anette :D
    your hair looks incredible!!!
    i love the result you got :D
    is it expensive?
    do you know if it can be done in a realy curly hair?

    good night anette :)

  31. very beautiful hair)you're amazing! ^^

  32. "A polished horse"? hahahaahaha...I always laugh at the comments of men. They are hilarious! XD

    Hair looks great by the way.

  33. Anette,

    Your hair looks totally GORGEOUS! ^_^

    Take care and keep that beautiful hair going,

  34. Wow! Your hair looks so silky soft and smooth =)
    I watched the video. Nemo is so cute, I can hear him murmuring. What he likes to play the most?

  35. I can only say WOW!!!
    It's even better than expected.
    And I can see that you're delighted with the new look (by your smile at the end of video).


  36. Anette,
    i can see you post so many video here. So, why wouldn't post a video with you and Johan making "hi to us fans"? XD I think that it would be so nice from you! :)

    Did you ever tought to create a chat in your website?

  37. Sorry, i meant: thought. :)

  38. You know, even if you had a bit bad condition in your hair in the first photo, you still looked cool.
    But I gotta say that your man is right, your hair does look now very, very good! Really amazing result.
    Do you touch them now all the time ;) I would :D

  39. Hello Anette !!
    WOW ! Oh My God you look absolutly stuning !!
    You hair is gorgeous !! I really like it !
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics,the result was great =)
    Your video is lovely <3 Your smile at the end was soooo cute =)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  40. Aaaaaaw... Thank you for you answering! ;)
    I'm so happy now... :)))
    I forgot something to say to you. Your smile at the end was like a cherry on the top of cake ;)
    Big hug to you, Johan and boys :)

  41. Hi Anette

    I'm a hairdresser and I know this techique This is a very good product ^^


  42. the sleek effect lasts for 30 washes, after this you hair still looks healthy
    if you did that before dye it in black again to mask the unhealthy look, could be even better

    you can tell Tuomas to do that!
    his hair almost screams for a good treatment like this that you have done

    why don't you use the lines Resistance and Nutritive from Kérastase? they are simply amazing
    surely you know =D

    anyway, very happy to see you joy with new restored hair

  43. ... a Race one ... no doubt...

    lots of love,

  44. Ååh, så vackertvackertvackert!
    Var det dyrt? Jag tycker att jag borde göra nåt med mitt hår, jag vet bara inte vad.. Svart skulle snyggt, jag vill bara inte att det ser hemskt ut och jag måste färga tillbaka det direkt..

  45. That is amazing! Your hair looks so beautiful... Argh I really want to have this done! I have never heard of it before.