Sunday, 10 July 2011


Happy sunday to you!

I fell asleep so fast yesterday after a very tired day. Then Nemo woke me up at 6 this morning but I insisted that we should sleep longer and after quite some time, he finally lied down again falling asleep and we woke up at 9;=) Thank you for sleeping long in sundays;=)

Today we´re gonna fix some things cause tomorrow it´s my "bigger" boy Seths birthday;=) He turns 10 this year so of course it´s a big day for him!

So me and Nemo are going to fix some minor things today. Johan flies in late this night after a hard night and day of waiting in the airport down in Romania. Not every gig is the easiest when it comes to the travelling;=(

Here´s some photos from last week. Since it´s summer I mainly wear dresses and shorts and these are all old ones from former years. I painted my nails a couple of days ago with my new orange colour from OPI. Summer fresh!

Here´s also some photos with my old hair colour. Since I died it more red I love wearing my Pippi braids;=)


  1. Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Seth, happy birthday to you!!! I wish him all the best!
    Thanks fot the pics, you look absolutely adorable, especially on the last one, rocky Pippi ;)
    I hope all is well

    Ena :*

  2. Hi Anette,

    Tomorrow is a big day for Seth :)
    Since I may not wish a happy birthday in advance, I'll do it tomorrow. In any case I wish him a wonderful day tomorrow.
    Thanks for the photos of you. The shorts and the shirt I liked very, very well. The dress with the black and white stripe looks great.
    I wish you a nice Sunday.
    big hugs Bridget

  3. Going to be a some party in your home! ;) Soo nice, I was yesterday at campfire with my friends, and I come back at 6a.m - was soo good that we didn't want leave this place.
    I really like your outfits =)
    Hugs from sunny day in Cracow ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to Seth :) Sounds like everything is going well.

  5. Wow ... Seth is tomorrow 10th .. he's a big boy! I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow and a lot of fun! And Happy Birthday to Seth!

    Greetings and hugs!


  6. Hello Anette,
    you could post a picture of where we can see your hairstyle, because I like your cut?
    kisses from italy


  7. *** Very happy birthday to Seth! ***

    And have lots of fun tomorrow! ;)

  8. Oooh Anette I say these photos are very sexy! All the curves in all the right places ;) The stripy dress is very sexy indeed!! You really do have a fantastic figure!! Is it just running that you do???? do you do any other exercising??? Iam trying to get back into my running (when my back is a bit better, from wrong mattress, have much better 1 for back now) so i want to know if just running alone & good diet can do this great body???

    & what figure shape are you?? Iam apple shape so i catch so much weight around my middle yuk!!! Iam thinking that you are hourglass??


    Good Day to you sexy Lady

    kelly xxx

  9. have you tried opi shatter?
    i stole the idea from Perttu (Apocalyptica) ,and it looks wonderfull:
    have a great day, and make a beautiful cake for Seth!

  10. Happy Sunday dear Anette :)
    Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing, you are a perfect pretty queen 0:-)
    I'm glad you had some rest, it makes the day so much more pleasant and productive;=)
    So now you can prepare a beautiful birthday for Seth cause tomorrow gonna be his day \:D/
    Best thoughts to you, Johan, Seth, Nemo and all family
    Lots of love from France

  11. Vesna: Hi! No, I havent yet but I have looked at them and now after that photo I will for sure try them;=) thanks for the tip and enjoy the evening;=)

  12. Good Morning Anette,

    Ah, that’s good. I’m glad you were able to get some more rest on Sunday :). And yes, that will be a very special day for Seth indeed. 10 is a big marker! I hope that Johan did have a nice gig in Romania and that they won’t work him too hard :).

    Thank you so much for all of the gorgeous photos. Your new nail polish color is quite summery and fresh, I agree, and your hair color truly is very beautiful, I am so glad that you are pleased with it. I love all of three of the outfits, especially the first one…truly a beautiful dress. Beautifully graceful and simply lovely :). It looks really good on you, as well. Anyway, they all looked very nice and flattering, you have an excellent sense of style. And you look gorgeous, of course :). Thank you for sharing them with us.

    May this be a beautiful day for you!

    Take care,

  13. Happy Birthday to Seth!!!
    You are so lovely!
    Have a nice day!

  14. Congratulations to Seth =)
    Your photos are divine (as always right;)
    I loved the color of nail polish:)
    Enjoy your day =)
    kisses =*
    Greetings from Brazil ^ ^

  15. Hi Anette !
    I love the first dress ! Where did you find it ?
    Happy birthday to Seth

  16. Angela: Hi and of course I can do that if you tell me if you want me to show the hairdo with the braids or my hair down as it is?

    Kelly Jane: Hi and thanks! I actually dont know what shape I am;=) But yeah, running and eating quite healthy.

    Littlemimo: Hi! It´s actually a little older dress, some years old now. Its from one of my favourite brands - Hunky Dory. They have a website:

  17. Hi dear Anette!!!

    Happy Birthday Seth!! now he's a big boy, a great age for enjoy everything ( I wish to return to this age,hehehe). By the way, u looks gorgeous :P , I love the color of your nails is so fresh.

    Have a nice and funny day! and one more time: Happy birthday Seth!!

  18. ooh anette! I love you! =) Its always so interesting to read theas posts! You are very very very lovely person! Stay strong <3 =) And i love the grey dress, it fits so well with your lovely hair!

  19. Hi Anette and happy sunday to you too!
    Today i have been in the mountain for and i have luch and spent a great day with my relatives and my cousins from Argentina that i didn't see anymore since 6 years.

    Happy birthday to Seth! Is he going to spent it with his friends or with a family?

    Your look is so beautiful!

    Have a nice evening!


  20. One question Anette: can Seth read all our wishes for him?

  21. Hello Anette !!
    Sorry for replying to you so late,but today i had a big day :D
    I went to McDonalds(i don't know if i wrote it right LOL) with my sister and her boyfriend and we had a great time together,i went shopping to buy a Birthday gift for me and i bought some deep blue jeans,even if my birthday is 13th July,i prefer myself to buy trousers to see if they fit me :)
    My sister also got a new haircut,she did a fringe and it looks really good :D
    Today i also woke up almost as the same time as Nemo,i don't know why but i couldn't sleep,but i feel asleep like Nemo and you,again hehe :D
    Happy Birthday to Seth !! It's so great that he is turning 10,you all must be very happy and i'm sure you will have a lovely day :) I will turn 14,so i'm pretty excited too !
    Love the pics so much,gorgeous as always...I love the two dresses,very pretty and modern !
    This night was very special to me,Slipknot(i don't know if you like them) had a show in London,the last of this tour,and we could see it online live ! I don't know if Nightwish already did it,but it would be pretty awesome if you guys did it :D
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  22. Hi Nettie!! :)

    I love Your Striped Dress & The Short/t-shirt outfit! :)

    And i Wish To Seth a Happy Birthday!! :D
    i Wish Him The Best! He's a Good Big-bro :)

    take care!!

  23. Hi Anette,

    Have a beautiful day, lots of sun and happiness;=)

    And a happy birthday to Seth! B-)

    Best wishes to you and all family
    Kisses and Hugs from France

  24. Hi!
    Well, so early my Happy Birthday to Seth!
    You looks great on the photos1 :)
    enjoy your day!
    kisses and hugs

  25. Anette,

    I love the black-white dress! You look sexy in it :)

  26. I have almost slept at times on evenings and weekends on daytimes.Now when my car has worked,I haven´t been need to think that so much and driving has been nice.

    Well,when the airport is almost stopped then there may not be much to do if usually nothing really.

    So,good night

  27. Thanks for the link ! After Karen Millen (you're the fist one to tell me about it), now I love Hunky Dory ;-)

  28. Hi, Anette ;=)
    I always wanted to buy the OPI nail polish, but here in Brazil is so expensive =((
    I wanted to buy a collection that was a tribute to Alice in Wonderland ... had bright,beautiful colors!
    Your black and white dress rocks!!