Monday, 18 July 2011

Movie time

Hi all and good evening to you;=)

Today I started my day being really tired after a little bit of restless sleep. Saw a movie last night -The next three days - which gave me some sad feelings inside and that made me wake up several times. I really have problems with watching movies where children get hurt somehow and this movie had that in it. But it was a great movie so I still recommend it to you;=)

Been running in the gym this morning and it went well despite the tiredness and I ran 8 k today.
Soon time for a nice movie again and let´s hope I can sleep better tonight;=)

Sleep well now!


  1. Good evening, Anette!!!
    Trailer is very interesting. I will see the film necessarily. In addition in the film is played Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson, they really like me. Thanks for the advice!!!
    I wish good night!!!

  2. Hi Anette,
    I agree this movie was great, but it gave me some bad feeling as well. Not that much about the suffering kid, but about being chased and having to say goodbye to your whole life - without your fault - and what you've built up to the very moment when things start to go bad.
    This movie was excellent in giving the viewer a very good idea of what doing something illegal means, and how hard that choice can be.
    I loved it, but seriously, I'm not sure I want to see it again.
    Have a great evening :)

  3. Hello Anette !!
    Oh,that's awful ! I hope you can sleep better this night,there are some disturbing movies and i don't like too watch those kind of movies to much...That happens to me when i see a sad movie,don't worry !
    I recommend you to watch maybe a comedy movie ? ;)
    I saw some new videos from Tuomas and i was really happy :D
    Oh and by the way,you look gorgeous !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  4. Hi Anette,
    enjoy the movie and have a nice evening!

    Big hugs

  5. Hi Anette!

    I am also very tired. The week has only just begun and I still clock in at four of the need to get up early, I'm exhausted and very tired. I hope I can sleep a little longer at the weekend. I go running every morning. That feels so good and free :-)

    Sleep well!
    Greetings and hugs!


  6. The movie looks good (also for the handsome Russell Crowe hehehe) thanks for your recommendation.


  7. So...after done so many things I can take little easier already.Or yeah,would´t be so much to do but I decided to do one re-recording and one new what I didn´t have yet.Little tired after done them but I noted some things and thanks to my computer,I´m satisfied to that.

    I thinked a little moment that is the water truly so brown as it looks on one of those pictures or does it just look like at that angle.

    Great that place where is white building and well done garden,quite sharp work.Hmm,may be that hotel what was here recently.

    About that big flower,a quasar comes to my mind.

    Ok,good night

  8. Aww, hope you sleep better tonight. Glad you're feeling good with your running. Take care

  9. I saw this movie several months ago and thought it was pretty good too. The cast did a wonderful job :-)

  10. hi, you look very beautiful

  11. Hej Anette!

    I haven't seen this movie. Although I watched yesterday evening two movies, The Phantom and Will Hunting. The first movie was kinda ridiculous but the second one was pretty good. I think Stellan Skarsgård, who was in Will Hunting, is a good actor. And he has talented son also ;)

    I hope you will sleep better tonight!