Monday, 4 July 2011


Good evening!

Just stopping by before soon going to sleep to thank all of you who have commented so nicely on my songs and also to everyone who has become my friend in Myspace;=)

I get so happy reading that you like the songs and when I read how some of you get so touched by Invincible and Floating, I feel blessed that I have made you feel that. I am also so happy that I finally share this with you and I really long for when I can give you a whole album to listen to;=)

Sleep well all of you!


  1. Good evening to you Anette!
    Thank to you for join in myspace and giving us another chance to get in touch with you! Thanks againg for adding me in your friends, i hope that we also can talk there! Did you know that in myspace is there a chat? XD

    Sleep well too and sweet dreams!


  2. Yes dear, we really loved and we are crazy waiting for the next one *___*

    Are you still going to release another demo song for us, right?

    I updated you blog all day waiting for it ;D


  3. Hi!
    A whole album? It would be great, Anette!
    Thanx you to share these songs with us, you showed us a different side of you. ;)
    Kisses and hugs.

  4. I think you really deserve those comments. I absolutely enjoy the songs cuz it is totally different from what you did with Nightwish on DPP in terms of music indeed, but also in terms of singing techniques and your voice on this sounds so soft and warm... I didnt expect something that "calm" but I love it that way !! Moreover you managed to create your own universe and atmosphere and gave us something much personal and i guess that is why you touched so many of us! I can't wait to hear some more =) Thank you again for this gift ! =)

  5. Thank you Anette for those two beautiful songs! Can't wait for complete album!!! Have a good evening too :-D

  6. Hello Anette !
    Your very welcome :D
    I really love your songs,they are beautiful,you did a great job,congrats !!
    Today i'm really happy,i went to school to see my grades and they were very good and i passed my year :D In September i will go to 9th grade,i really have to enjoy this Summer !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  7. wonderful lyrics, wonderful music and a great and beautiful voice!

    inspired by "Floating"

    BTW I'm sorry to spam your comments with this kind of issues, but I already sent emails to various departments from and none of them answered.

    I am Admin of C.N.F.C. (Croatian Nightwish Fan Club).
    We, as a forum, exist 4 years already and are the biggest and most active, up to date Nightwish forum in Croatia, so we were wondering if there is any way for us to be in "links" on

    Your help would be more than appreciated from all of us.

    Regards, C.N.F.C.

  9. Anette

    I know you specified you like reading blogs. I just updated mine which has a "mini review" of your demos at the end. If you want to read its :

    Take care

  10. Good evening Nettie!!!!
    Your songs are really beautifull, ¡¡¡I LOVE THEM!!!
    I hope you and all your family be really good, ¡¡KISSES TO NEMO!!

  11. Hello Ane!!

    I'm so wonderful to hear your songs!!
    Floating don't leave my mind. ^_^

    kisses and hugs from


  12. Love the songs Anette! I really really do! <3 <3

  13. Good morning Anette:)
    Your most welcome as always, and again thank you for finding the time, and love, for all of us:)
    take care, enjoy the day!
    lots of love

  14. Hi Anette,
    these songs are so beautiful and have touched my heart. <3 I can hardly wait to hear the whole album. When will be the album released?
    I wish you a beautiful day.
    Hugs Bridget

  15. just stopping by to say i liked your songs, i especially liked floating, with transcendental, magical feel to it, so thank you for sharing.
    speaking of breathtaking music, i just saw apocalyptica show the other night, still can't get my head out of clouds...their energy reminded me on your show :)
    take care

  16. Good morning dear Anette,
    I love your song Floating, but I can't stop listening to Invincible! :)
    These songs are amazing. Your voice is soooo beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful music and also thank you for accepted my request on MySpace. :)
    I can't wait to hear your whole album.

    Lots of love,

  17. Hi Star, thank you again for the wonderful songs. I love them so much.
    Heave a nice day

  18. The songs are seriously great! Good luck with Imaginarium and hope to hear something of your own soon enough!


  19. GoodMorning!!

    Well It's a Pleasure & a Great Honor, To Become
    Friend With a Person Like You! :)

    Hope You Post More Demos SOON!!!

    Keep Rocking Anette :D♥♥

  20. Thanks a lot to you dear Anette!
    Have a beautiful sunny week;=)
    Waiting for the whole album to be released,
    Imaginarium and your next tour with Nightwish;=)
    Lots of love 0:-)

  21. Great songs, Anette!

    By the way, can I download these demos, or no?

  22. Salut anette ;=)

    J'aimerai bien t'écrire en anglais mais je ne maitrise pas du tout la langue. Je souhaite te dire que tes chansons solo sont très sympa ;=). Je t'encourage dans tout ce que tu fait que sa soit avec Nightwish ou en solo. Je voulais te poser une question. J'ai vu que en 2008 tu est passé en France à Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon et Colmar. Je voudrais savoir ce que tu as penser de ces villes? Malheureusement, je ne connaissais pas Nightwish à ce moment la... Est ce que tu pense que vous repasseriez à Marseille? Je vit pas loin de cette ville et ça serai génial que vous passiez dans cette ville pour que je puisse vous voir!
    Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur et bonne continuation
    Amicalement, Quentin.

  23. Hi Anette

    thanks you to ^^

    I have a question for you: (please answer me !!)

    The project of a solo album is it still relevant? whether these songs will be in?

    thanks !



  24. You´re welcome

    I don´t actually wait your solo yet and I don´t know do I wait that otherwise either in a way so that comes when it comes.

    Ok,good night

  25. Thank you, Annette for sharing these beautiful songs. I can not stop hearing them. Floating and Invincible are so good that I can write here what I felt when I first heard.

    You rock! Good night!

  26. I've just had a listen for the first time. Such sweet songs!
    Floating reminds me of the type of sound that Darren Hayes has on his albums (he was the singer of Savage Garden and now is a solo artist).