Friday, 29 July 2011


Well good evening all;=)

Today I´ve done my second day as a judge in the big talent show the city has every year in our festival called "Helsingborgsfestivalen".

It was participants aging from 15 years and up today and it was, like yesterday, really fun to listen and watch everyone who did the best they could up there. I have competed in many talent shows and I know the nervousness and anticipation everyone has before and during the contest. And I also know how hard it is to not win and I have cried so many times afterwards when I´ve been second best.

We have had a hard job these 2 days but we have finally picked 5 from each group who will compete tomorrow in the finals and I really long to see them all again;=)

Here´s the stage they have been standing on. I dont put out any photos with the participants in since I havent asked them for permission and many of them are young children.

Sleep well now!


  1. Good evening Anette,
    can i ask you which song are they going to sing? In Italy we have a thing very similar but it's on tv, many children sing and in the end one of them will be a winner. Many of them they have a talent. Very nice pic of you!

    Sleep well too!

    Big hugs

  2. Hello dear Nettie :)
    I believe there were so many talented people there. I know it's hard to win, but second place is great too ;)
    You look so pretty on the picture, you are really cute :)
    Sleep well too, have sweet dreams

    Ena :*

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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE NEMO! May God bless you. Enjoy this special day. I wish you all the best ♥
    ***Grattis på födelsedagen***

    Anette: You look so cute in the photo :)
    Kisses and hugs to all of you

  5. Wow! How beautiful you are Anette! Keep it up! ;)
    I'm sure there is a lot of great singers in the festival. But there is, unfortunately, just one winner :/
    And I most to say that I like Flickorna Lundgren. It looks great, especially the funny pigs... haha :D

    Today, Nemo has already one year! I wish him all best on this world! All luck and happines on his little face. ;)
    Big hug to him and also one to you :)

  6. Hey Anette, you are lovely for giving back so much to your fans, and remembering your own talent contest days keeps you down to earth :)) What a special thing for all those young people competing to see you on the panel :)Best wishes Lee

  7. Good morning Anette:)

    A whole ONE YEAR OLD today!!! YAAAAAY!!!!

    Sorry for my lack of attentiveness as of late, I have been on the busy as a bee side.

    Thanks for all the photos they a much aprecated as always.

    Here comes the judge....sounds interesting enough, wishing good luck to all of the contestants, and to you as can't be that easy.
    take care, and God Bless
    lots of love,

  8. Yeah,usually everybody who are taking a part of contest,would like to do their best but will that succeed so good always anyway...

    There has been some music competitions which chosing the best ones I haven´t understood.That what I have liked,haven´t necessarily been the best one but haven´t been even a group of the best three either.

    Otherwise for example I would say Eurovision song contest and Iceland song with a little bit french but getting points is that way different that it´s little hard to compare.

    Yesterday I was couple times on little driving with my car and was nicer cause I wasn´t so tired.A little while ago I also took pictures about that.

    Ok,good beginning morning