Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer beauty products

Time for some beauty in the blog, its been a while.

Here are some products I use now in the summer:

I use a great spray from Redken to protect my dear red hair from getting pale in the sun. It also nourishes and gives shine to the hair

And I got this wonderful perfume from Johan in b-day gift. It´s Belle d´Opium from YSL and I love the smell. A bit mysterious in its scent.

When its summer I exchange my liquid foundation from Dior and use the one from I.D. Bare Minerals instead. Not so heavy for the skin, spf 15 and it doesnt look like I wear any makeup. Great!

For my lips I use a lip gloss from Clarins in a great apricot/orange shade which is fresh and summery.

And this is a life saver for me always, from Smashbox - Photo op under eye brightener. I use it on tour all the time and every single day at home too. Its super for making those tired eyes look vivid and fresh in the morning;=)

Sleep well now!


  1. Good morning Anette:)
    Hope you slept well, and have a GREAT and ENJOYABLE day with the birthday boy!


    take care,
    lots of love

  2. Hello Anette !
    Thanks for showing again these products to us,they look really nice for Summer,good choice !
    Actually,i don't wear make up or any of those things,i feel that i might be too young to use it and i don't feel comfortable,maybe in the future ;D But i like to see what "older" women are using,make up,new clothes,creams (...) :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  3. ah, those are great products! i adore the redken spray it is very good for red hair. it's the best.

    i have a question to you and it would be so amazing, if you could help me with it.

    you were and are so much on tour and i organise the catering for a friend, cause she hosts a band in her club.

    what do you like best for a hot nourishing meal before you go on stage?

    i have some nice ideas, but i really would appreciate your advice. ^^

    happy birthday to seth, ten is a great age!


  4. So cool! Thank you Anette! I am going to buy the smashbox eye brightener!!!

  5. Hello Anette.

    Here in Poland we have now very cruel and bloody political fight for power after elections at 9th October 2011.
    I hope that in Sweden is more quite.

    Tomasz Wawruszko

  6. Happy birthday dear Seth! Have fun in this special day. May God bless you
    10 kisses and very big hug to you ;)

  7. Hi!
    These products look work and great.
    kisses and hugs! enjoy your day!

  8. Hi Anette :)

    Great beauty products! And I agree, Belle d'Opium smells amazing! I used to use it, but then I needed a change haha :)
    Bare minerals is great! Personally, I love Makeup Forever's HD liquid foundation. It's great for all seasons, because it feels like there is nothing on your face. Love it haha :)

    So, hope you have a great day!