Sunday, 17 July 2011

Second winner!

And the second winner is:

lonleywolf said...

I love nightwish and I want to have something of them for they have done for me with their music.
Thanks Anette.
Thanks Tuomas.
Thanks Jukka.
Thanks Emmpu.

Good luck everyone !

CONGRATULATIONS lonely wolf;=)

You win the blue bracelet and the two signed cards;=) Please write me your mail address in a comment and I´ll send you the price ASAP;=)

THANKS to everyone who has participated and stay tuned in the future for more contests;=) Maybe it´s your turn next time?;=)


  1. Congratulations to both winners from the Team here at

  2. Hello.

    I am supporting ani-bullying campaign.
    I thought...whatever :(


  3. Gaaah I wanted to win... :) Next time!

    Congratulations Maria and Lonelywolf!

    By the way Anette, I just heard the new Nightwish remix by DJ Orkidea based on song 11 ( and I love it, sounds epic!

    Looking forward to the next contest. :)

  4. Argh! I haven't won anything even this time :) I'm waiting for the next contest!

    Congrats to the lucky winners :)

  5. Well, as I already kinda knew, I didn't win anything :D But congratulations for the winners! :)
    And thanks, Anette, for holding these kind of contests :)

  6. Lonelywolf: Hi and thanks for you address. Can you please write your full name too so the mail office can find you? Thanks;=)

  7. What, no thanks to Marco? =P Anywho, congratulations! Have a lovely day, all =)

  8. Hi Anette! :)
    Uh, fuck! I wasn't on your blog one week and I miss a contest. Damn! My internet was not working :(
    But still, congrats to winners! ;)
    Have a nice day! Enjoy as much as you can ;)