Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Open backs and cuts

I just love tops and dresses with open back or some details in the back. Here´s some autumn favourites from Alexander Wang - a jersey top, a tank top and a beautiful dress, all with different beautiful backs. You find them all in Net-a-porter.com.


  1. Hey, talking about dresses...
    Did you win???

  2. I love the last dress :)
    Thanks for the link

  3. Oh, hi, dear :3
    I know that nail polishes have nothing with the post subject, but anyway...
    Here in Brazil we have a polish brand named Ludurana, and they have a crackle polish collection. Have you ever seen? Very cool haha
    Well, they have a crackle called "Amaranth". Yeah, amaranth! So I've thought about getting one for you ^_^ It's very cheap (about less than one dollar). Would you like?
    PS: You can delete this coment if you want
    Here's a picture http://img64.imageshack.us/i/amaranth.jpg/ not my hand, just a picture I found

  4. Good evening Anette,
    Its great to hear the weather has been nice there in Sweden. Over here its been sunny, hot, and very humid. A little uncomfortable... but not so bad.

    Thanks for posting the photos of your day out doors:) love them, love you.

    Take care, and enjoy the evening!
    Lots of love,

  5. aww, they're so pretty. My favorite is the top one. Which one was your favorite??
    Take care

  6. the first top is very cool!!

  7. my question doesn`t have anything to do with the dresses:) i was wondering how much time did it take for you to get into running shape,to be able to do longer runs without having to stop every 2 minutes,cos i have been planning to start running but it`s been so long since i ran the last time that i am so out of shape for it and can`t really run that long right now without cheating by walking...

  8. Jag älskar ryggdetaljer-den översta toppen var hur snygg som helst:)

  9. Anival: Hi, the competition is not ended yet. The winner will be announced aug 1. Enjoy the day!

    Alexandra: Hi and great that you want to start running;=) Well, I dont know the exact time it took me to get in better running shape but I did start with doing 20 min where I walked and ran and did as much as I could. Then increased to just be able to run 20 min and then longer it and longer it and today I can run 10 k in a low and nice paste. So just take it easy and walk/run and do not increase distance or speed to fast. Enjoy the running!

  10. Hi Anette!

    I once got a question for you ... where did you buy the hat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avvaparx/3377345338/ Is that the bad hair day hat? I find the hat just great :-) You have good taste! :-)

    Greetings and hugs!


  11. Hey Anette how are you? So anyway seeing as you one of my idols and I know you love ABBA I thought I would show you this. Yesterday I recorded myself singing The Winner Takes It All. Take care.

  12. Hi dear Anette!!

    The dresses with open back are very fashionable this season, and the last dress it's so simple but elegant and ofcourse the detail in the front it's so cute and I liked the color.

    Have a good day ;D


  13. Hello Anette !!
    The last one is very pretty :D
    I love the fact that you have such a great taste in clothes,i learn a lot with you about these things :) It's rare to find celebrities that are so kind with their fans,and i'm glad that you are ! :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  14. Good evening Anette

    while reading your reply to Alexandra I was wondering: how much time and speed does it take for you to run 10 km?

  15. Hi again!
    I've just found a new magazine short interview with Tarja Turunen where she talks about various issues like how to deal with negative people (you did a blog entry like that some time ago, don't you?) etc.... then also lady gaga's music....
    it's english and a very quick one
    hope you appreciate

    here you have it:


    Well, good night!!!!!

  16. Hi Anette,

    All look great. I can easily imagine you wearing any of them.

    In you previous post you mentioned that you were going to put some red into your hair. May I ask you what do you use? Is it some kind of colour refresher?

    I also want to send a message to Liliana here. I hope you don't mind as she always writes so nice and positive comments for you... I have just read her comment the other day about feeling lonely and would like to wish her lots of power and patience.

    Hugs for both of you!
    Take care,