Monday, 25 July 2011


Todays song is another song I think has some really important lyrics and its one of my absolute favourite artists and songs.

Sting - Fragile


  1. Good morning Anette,
    did you like when he was in the police?

  2. I really love Sting. But the best song from him is Shape of my Heart in my opinion. It gives me the shivers every time.

  3. Oh, actually I've been listening to Sting all night today! He has an incredible voice, amazing lyrics and wonderful songs. I fell in love with his song called "Moon over Bourbon Street". I had it on repeat for 2 hours because I like it so much :). When Fragile started playing I immediately started thinking about everything that has happened this week.
    Have you ever seen him live? What are your favourite songs?

    Take care!