Sunday, 24 July 2011


I must say this weekend has been a sad one. Norway disaster and then Amy Winehouse.

There´s not much I want to write about at this moment cause I am sad in my soul.


  1. Good morning Anette and don't you worry.

    RIP Amy!

  2. Both of these events are so sad :( Amy Winehouse was so talented, unfortunately some people are acting like she shouldn't be mourned because the death was most likely her own fault, but nobody deserves to die. The Norway disaster is just horrible, horrible.

    Best wishes

  3. Its good to know that we are all together on this difficult moments lets put a happy face to make the bad time go faster and lets pray for the souls that have became beautiful angels that watch us from heaven :)

  4. When you think things are getting better something else happens in the world.
    It's all very unreal to me.
    Let's be greatful for the things we have in our life.
    Bad weather doesn't help very much :(

  5. Amy and victims from Utoya RIP.
    This is big tragedy when such young people die without any reason ;(

  6. I heard it on the news too. I am so sad. Amy Winehouse was really good singer..she had a very special voice. Too bad she passed away. R.I.P. dear Amy :'(


    Ena :*

  7. Love Amy....But She used too much drugs,as I know.
    Nobody can live long,happy life with drugs,which you use every day, on stage, in hotels, at home, on the reporters 'eyes'...
    Dangerous way.
    love you dear in peace...

  8. @Sofi: Well, Norway people absolutely didn't think they'd die yesterday, so it's even sadder than AW's death, who did everything she could to do so. But you're right, nobody deserves to die so young. So bad to lose such voice, even though I never paid attention to her career.

    Have a good day, Anette, keep the dream alive =)


  9. Yes, it is a very very sad weekend. The events in Norway are just heartbreaking, I don't know how some people can do things like that, it's horrible! :(
    And then Amy Winehouse, I wasn't a big fan of her music, but she had a great voice. Nobody should die that young, it's very sad. :( RIP Amy!

  10. Hi Anette,
    It's hard to find words for both tragedies. Norway makes my heart ache and my stomach turn...The loss of Amy and her talent is very, very sad.
    All we can do is hug those we love and live each day to the fullest...

  11. Yes it´s really sad..but it was clear that Amy couldn´t live anymore with that lifestyle..And maybe it was just needed that all realize that a
    celebrity isn´t immortal.

    I hope a Pete Doherty, a Lindsay Lohan and all those other lost people now get in their minds what they do

  12. one by one, only the good die young. They're only flying to close to the sun, but life goes on without you.
    Rip Amy and the victims in norway.
    and thank to all of you for your heartfelt sympathies!

  13. Yes, it's really very sad what has happened in Norway. I am speechless about such brutality. Unbelievable that people can be so :(
    I can understand you very well that you have to write anything now. I´m also very sad :(
    For many people it is like you.
    hugs Bridget

  14. That what happened on Norway,may be almost impossible to lookahead.If that act was cause some religion,what that might be then...or well,as that thing would interest me so but anyway,just wondering.

    Amy Winehouse is familiar to me by name but not otherwise,maybe I have heard some her songs but that´s it.

    So,all three gigs were good on their own way so thanks about them.

    Ok,good evening continue

  15. I know, it's all so sad :(. I feel for Norway. They in no way deserved any of that. I hope that man gets what he deserves.

    As for Amy Winehouse, I was shocked, but then I wasn't, which is sad. She has such a long history with drugs and alcohol, and it's sad that in the end, it caught-up with her. She was such a talent.

    RIP Amy
    RIP those in Norway.

    <3 Lauren

  16. I am very sad about what's in this world, everything happens on the weekend. I do not understand how someone can do something like that.

  17. So many bad news, China had a tragedy yesterday, too, with 30 people dying in a train accident.