Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Purple blue

Good morning!

Didnt go to IKEA yesterday cause we took all afternoon in the mall, so we´re gonna try and go today. But first taking a trip to a nice coffee place by the ocean where they serve lots of home made cakes;=) Yum!

Here´s my make-up and outfit yesterday. Did a turqoise-blue make up and to that an older black tunic-dress with a big brown belt on top.

Two days ago I had a purple make-up, one of my favourite colours. Love it!

enjoy the day now!


  1. Oh~ I like the belt~!

    Can I borrow it? XD

  2. Good morning Annette!

    Wow you look beautiful. The make up I like it very much :-)

    Wish you a nice day and much fun!

    Greetings and hugs


  3. Beautiful belt with beautiful make-up:) Hugs Siiri

  4. Hello cute Nettie :) How are you?
    Nice to hear you had a good time. Did you sa cake??? Yummie! I could eat one right now :)
    The tunic dress is really sweet. Thanks for posting the pics. You are really cute :)

    Have a nice day

    Ena :*

  5. I'd still love to do your makeup some day :)
    The reddish purple seems to suit you really well!

  6. Hi Anette, Hope your feeling nice & cheery today. Lovely dress! I like this belt too its awesome. Nice make up too & you have such lovely facial features. Well have a good day lovely lady


  7. Hi!
    You look very beautiful! The tunic-dress is so beautiful.. I love it!


  8. I like the blue one make-up! You're beautiful <3

  9. I like how I was just looking for makeup inspiration and then this pops up XD! Purple is my favourite colour too :)
    Best wishes

  10. Super pretty Anette :)
    Lots of love! xoxoxo

  11. you look absolutely pretty and beauty with the purple makeup.:D *-*

  12. Oh! This makeup is just amazing! But why you no repaint the hair into black color? They more to fit you, and fit to everything :]

    Greetings from polish!

  13. yay, purple is one of my favorite colors too! You look beautiful, and your make-up is so pretty. I love your dress, :)
    take care

  14. Hej Anette :D

    You look beautiful and I love your dress so much!

  15. Hi dear Anette,
    wow I like your black dress. It´s so beautiful.
    I love black clothes. This dress fits you very well. I like your makeup :-)
    I wish you a nice evening.
    Hugs Bridget

  16. Anette,
    you look absolutely gorgeous in short outfits.

    If you are interested, here you have the song Keep Your Lamp @ Bygdekoren Choir live performance in 2003:

    I can't stop listening to it!
    After all those tragic events, I feel it's time to stand up and light our lamp, really.....this song gives hope and strenght to fight for your dream.

    Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
    The time is drawing nigh!

    Children don't get weary,
    'Til your work is done!

    Christian journey soon be over
    The time is drawing nigh!