Thursday, 21 July 2011

Well -surprise!!!

So, the song I have uploaded is now up in my Myspace BUT it´s not another of my own solo songs I share this time... It´s my demo of Ever dream I sent to Tuomas in nov 2005;=)

Enjoy and sleep well!!


  1. oh my God!!! I love love love it!!!
    Can't wait for a live dvd with that on!!

  2. Thanks for the "surprise-gift"

  3. I absolutely LOVE it! Your voice sounds wonderful. I have always loved your performance of this song. I can feel the emotions in it, and your voice is perfect!
    * brings her mobile phone and downloads it *
    I painted you and the guys in Photoshop, I hope you will like it ;)

    Greetings from sunny Croatia
    Sleep well too and sweet dreams :)

    Ena :*

  4. Its perfect!you have given a new life to the song))) good luck!!!!

  5. I love it so much ! You sing it so well !
    Thank you Anette and continue to make us dream !

  6. OMFG that's magnificant!!!
    Are you planing to record more NW songs?

  7. It's amazing! Thank you Anette!!!

  8. Good evening Anette,

    Wow, thank you so much for posting this. I have often wondered what your recorded version of Ever Dream sounded like, given that it was the first song you ever sent to Toumas, and also because I was curious as to how it compared to your live version. Well, I must say I am very impressed and so, so thankful that you gave us all the chance to hear it. I have really enjoyed your two solo songs as well. Your voice sounds so beautiful and rich :). So looking forward to Imaginarium and to your solo album when you have the time and also feel it is the right time to release it. You have so much talent and such an incredibly beautifully, strong, and versatile voice. It’s been so nice to have the opportunity to hear more of it recently :).

    Keeping singing and being a wonderful person!

    Take care,

  9. Bruno: Hi and thanks! But no, not the older songs anyway;=) This was just done to send to Tuomas and apply for the job and now its fun to play it for you all;=) Take care!

  10. Great! Thanks Anette! I like your version. You have beautiful voice.

    ive been waiting years to hear this :D

  12. Wow this sounds so amazing! Your voice sounds really powerful. Though I think you sounded even better at Hartwall Areena in 2009 :)

    Also noticed that you replaced "Just once when all I need" with "My love it lies so deep" at the end, was that on purpose?

    Thanks for sharing this!

  13. OMG the demo is amazing!! I loved it! of course I like your live version, is powerful and with an great feeling . Undoubtedly, Tuomas, made ​​the best decision.

    have a good day, dear Anette!


  14. I love it ._. everdream is one of my favourite songs of nightwish ... now i love it even more <3 thanks for the upload (: i love the approach

  15. Oh wow, Thanks for posting this, Anette. I've only seen/heard concert videos of you doing this song on youtube and wished to hear a clearer version. Even if it was just for resume reasons it is really done beautifully!

  16. Hey, many thanks for that track!

    I feel that your voice has changed a lot since then :) there is some Alyson Avenue aura here in that recording of Ever Dream... sort of :)

    Big thanks once again, it sounds really great ;)

    Take care!

  17. Hey Nettan!

    I always wanted to listen that! It's really a great surprise, I never thought it would be available to us. Great!

  18. Wow this is just great! Thanks for everything :-)

  19. Your version of the song it is so good!!! I can understand the lyrics!!! Yeiii!! This fact is very important for me as i think that they(lyrics) are just as important as the music. But tell me, why Ever Dream?

  20. Hey Nettie I have a question for ya...

    Can I have your permission to put that song on my website ( in "Download Zone"?

  21. Thanks for sharing this. I really love your version of the song :)

  22. Oh Anette, thank you for posting this! I really love this version! Especially the ending, it sounds a little bit different compared with the live version. Love it!

    I also love the other two demo songs that you've uploaded on your MySpace. Invincible is my favorite!

    Have a great evening and thanks again for those songs!


  23. Thank you for sharing this with us!!! I can´t stop listening to it. I love it, but I have to admit that your voice improoved alot since 2005.
    I´m soo looking forward to the new NW-album and the live concerts!!!
    I would so love to hear "10th man down" and "Planet hell" with you. What do you think of these two songs? Would you like to sing them?

    Have a nice evening!

  24. At least now everyone can understand why the guys chose you as the new singer!
    This demo is simply awesome! Very well done ;)

  25. Thanks for sharing Anette, nice to hear it.

  26. WOW! I SIMPLY LOOOOVED THAT! How perfect it is! Is it true that you also sent Kuolema Tekee Taitelijan with this demo? If yes, do you intend to show us that one too?

  27. I very like your version of "Ever dream" cause is full of power and energy. Just love it <3

  28. nice version of the song!!

    btw I draw a pic for your song Invincible - maybe you wanna have a look at (I'd be happy XD)


  29. Alex: When deciding to send a song to Tuomas in 2005 I didnt know any songs of Nightwish so I bought an album and fell in love with Ever dream immediately;=) didnt know then that it´s Tuomas favourite song but I guess it was a lucky shot for me. Sleep well!

    THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL, IT WAS PERFECT, IT WAS AWESOME! NOW I REALLY REALISE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOUR VOICE IS. PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR BEING SO SKEPTIC! I mean, I always liked your voice but it never amazed me as much as now (I guess you had some trouble recording Dark Passion Play, because it wasn't meant for your vocal range). I was at Exit Festival in Serbia in 2008 when you performed, and it was really good. But this... I'm speachless! Imaginarium is going to be perfect!

    Are there any other recorded stuff like this, apart from your own? If there are, please let us enjoy listening tho those tracks :)


  31. I really like the variations you made, especially in the last part! Your singing is improved a lot since then, but I have to say I like your version of the song and I can imagine even more the reasons they chose you in the end. You sing it with such a passion! Greetings :)

  32. Anette, i'm listening the demo and i think that it's amazing. Thanks for posting it!

    After 2 day i can write to you. Yesterday i couldn't to do it becuase i wasn't feel very well, i had dizziness, headache and sick. Today i feel better, i've tried to go at my work but i couldn't and i came back to home. I will come back at work monday.

  33. Thank you for sharing it ^^ I love this version :3

  34. Perfect, it's so magical and I can't stop listening to it, congrats, Anette, you're amazing :)))))

  35. Thanks for sharing this! In my mind I'm thinking that I have to use some real strong finnish powerwords but because this is your wall I settle to say: so an amazing demo, love it!!

  36. Thanks for posting this, Anette! "Ever Dream" has always been one of my favourite songs, since it was the song that made me fall in love with Nightwish several years ago. I've been having a bit of a rough day today, and hearing your version of my favourite song made my day so much better. So thanks again! :]

  37. Thank you so much for sharing that song with us. That was a wonderful performance and very powerful. What I can hear on that song is passion, which is very important for Nightwish songs. Congratulations!!

    Since you mentioned that you bought an album, was it "Century Child" or a compilation? And if it was CC, what did you think of it? (as a whole concept)

    Have a nice day and keep rocking :)

  38. Thank you so much for this surprise ! I love it !

    This song is one of my favorite of all time. Hear you sing it is really awesome. Thanks again !

    Sleep well !

    With love,

  39. OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT! No wonder Tuomas and the guys chose you! I can easily imagine how surprised they were when the "play" button was pressed :D
    And I hear big changes, not only in your voice but, surprisingly, in your accent too O.o That's strange! :D

  40. WOW Anette!! Your version definitely gives the song a different vibe. It gave me the chills, really! I'm wondering if you recorded another song of the NW before you.
    Hugs and kisses all the way from Mexico

  41. Great! Really great! I loved your version! Thank you sooo much for showing us this!

  42. Wow this is a treasure I never thought I'd get the pleasure of hearing! :) THANK YOU so much for sharing!!!!

    -Desi from Missouri, USA

  43. The demos are beautiful =)

  44. Hi Anette! Thanks for sharing ! I think that song is amazing! Both the original version and yours! Loved to hear the demo !
    Have a good night, for me my day is just starting (here at 17.17 pm).. lond study night.. yayy !

  45. Nice song!!!
    It's sounds different. It's a little weird for me :)
    I like both versions the same!!!
    Also, how is possible that I didnt knew Alyson Avenue?!!!

  46. Hej Anette ock tack för den här sången!
    Det är mycket trevlig att höra att du sjöng Ever Dream med din själv personlighet :)

    Förlåt om jag gjorde misstag (jag kommer från Frankrike)

    Tack igen ock hej då!

  47. Magnificently, Anette!!!
    You sing like an angel - when I listen to your songs, my soul fills with joy!!!
    Thank you very much for the song and for all that you do for us!!!
    With best wishes, Alexander!!!
    Good night!!!

  48. Hey Nettie I have a question for ya...

    Can I have your permission to put that song on my website ( in "Download Zone"?

  49. Hej Arska! :)

    Well, I'm not surprised that the guys in the band liked you voice. It's so amazing how good force you have in your voice. I honestly saying got the chills when I listened this demosong.
    Thanks so much for being the vocalist of my favourite band!

  50. Oh my god I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    I really can sleep well tonight!
    Love Anette and love Ever Dream!

  51. Better than the original, made me feel a lot, wish you recorded it studio quality some day... thanks you very much Anette!

    Ever Dream is my favorite nigthwish's song, haha, when I read that you were uploading this demo I got anxious to hear it xD, I really like it!, and I know your voice is now even better :=)

    Greetings from Mexico!


    Iam sure i asked about this ages ago, or for you to do a studio recording of this song!

    I knew it would be FANTASTIC!

    Thankyou XXX

  54. Hi Anette, I just wanted to say that your demo is wonderful... I really love it! You are my idol in singing <3

    Love and greeting from Canada, Quebec

  55. WOW

    I can't explain what that i feel this moment..
    to hear this song is amazing...

    wonderful *______*

    kisses and hugs from brazil


  56. Hi Nettie!!

    OMG!! Love This Version, It's So : A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! <3, I Can't Stop Listening To It!! :D

    Keep Posting Songs On Your MySpace!!

    GodNatt!! -A Kiss For You & Your Kids-
    From Mexico <3

  57. awesome as always, your voice sounds really beautiful and powerful here <)
    (remember me? I'm the guy who asked you and Tuomas something about dragons on a magazine xDD)

  58. Love, love, love!! :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

  59. Good morning Anette,
    Thanks so much for the music post on your MySpace.
    I love it!!!

    I just finished watching a movie that I think you might like, its called "Arn: The Knight Templar". It has amazing cinematography, I can highly recommend it.
    take care, enjoy the day!
    lots of love

  60. WOW, love all your demo's, you have an amazing voice. I simply love your version of Everdream :))


  61. aaaaaaa!! thank you so much!!!
    this song was a ground breaker for new the era, and i must say you really breath new life into this song...goosebumps all over :)

  62. I'm so glad you posted the song, I always wondered what it sounded like! :D

  63. Thank you so much for sharing this!!
    So now we know (we already knew that more or less) that you revamp the vocal lines of the old songs by yourself! You gave new energy to the song alone, which is impressive.
    The quality of the demo, together with your awesome interpretation of the song already proved you were a REAL musician. You even made Marco's parts, so nice =)

    If you have some more demos, please think about sharing them too later :D

    Have a nice day!


  64. Whoa!

    Thanks for that, Anette.

    Have a nice day!

  65. oh, my god! that's the song i love again, since you are singing it!
    this was always so a dear song for me and you made it happen, that it feels so right and great again, while listening.

    thank you so much!
    the recording is so professional, wow. great job! your voice is so perfect fitting for "ever dream".

    enjoy your day! and thank you!

  66. Absolutely beautiful. Very clear why the band chose you.

    So lovely to hear. Thank you very much for sharing.

    This should make all those 'haters' eat their words.

  67. Thanks for a nice surprise! It sound very good! Hope you will share Nemo sometime as well, because I know you also did that one, too. Cheers! :)

  68. So,what I can say...on this time,well done.

  69. Thank you for answering my question Anette, but I don’t think it was luck, more Destiny. Ever Dream it is a powerful song that captivates you from the first listening. Every time I listen to it I think that is talking about one’s soul strengthens to rise above the past and keep going with hope in its soul. But I also think it is more a metaphor than just a simple song, a cryptic metaphor.

  70. Hi Anette, THANK YOU SO MUCH. This version is the best I have ever heard. I'm sure that tuomas was in seven heaven when he heard your version.
    I lack words to tell you how amazing you sing.
    I love you so much. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.

  71. I just loved it. Really amazing. <3. Thanks Anette for sharing with us.

  72. "@ C.K.B said...
    Very clear why the band chose you. This should make all those 'haters' eat their words." EXACTLY ;-))))

    Anette, you can make more suprises like this ;-)

    I can't stop listen.

    I'm sad that you don't relase your solo album. :-(

  73. I love the way you sing this song. :)
    Thanks for sharing it! :)

    from Hungary :)

  74. Anette*
    what can I say? Amazing job and it has been well rewarded;=), the sound is flowing so naturally and like Tuomas said in 2007 during a video interview with face culture: "Anette's voice is not the more distinctive voice in the planet like for example the Cranberries's singer has, but still it felt so natural on the demo, Anette's voice is very versatile (sweet or nasty when it's needed!), powerful, interpretative! And she doesn't have this kind of artificial classical decoration like so many other singers (that sent the demo) do while trying to copy Tarja."

    And we've been extremely happy, after 4+ years of waiting, to listen to your Ever Dream demo. We've always wondered how does it sound like.
    Then some days ago we read from Alyson Avenue's facebook page, a message left by Niclas I think,that soon the song which gave you the spot in NW would have been published on your Myspace: awsome!

    By the way, Niclas is playing very well on this demo, and great job with the recording of the harmonies-Marco's original part;=)

    Is it Niclas that recorded your voice in the studio and then did he mix all instruments? Who is the guitar player? Great playing;=), is it the AA guitarist?

    If things went well,I am pretty sure it was destiny, not luck, and also I sense that Niclas has a big part of merit in the whole story and that it should be in the spotlight, he deserves it:=)
    Hip Hip Horray to him!

    I beg you (haha) to upload more of those demo songs.

    With so big congratulations,

  75. I just forgot to write that I now realize how much your voice has improved since then. Your vocal timbre has become more elegant and of course you've learned so many new things in interpretation.

    Comparing your solo album tunes with your audition for NW/ Dark Passion Play cd, from what I hear your voice at its best when you sing your solo songs, and I am totally honest.

    Actually I was quite surprised when I heard floating and invincible at first, it was like...your voice had found its own perfect dimension.

    That's why I'm now wishing you to get lots of promotion and views for your solo album (and we will do my best to promote it, you know).
    I'm sure you will get lots of visits and listenings now with ever dream (you cunning!;=)

    Hugs and kisses now..................

  76. thanks dear, we were really longing for this one and i have to say even if i expected something good, this surprised me in a good way: ) i like your live version as well, but of course it's always nice to hear a better recording. damn i wish Tuomas would change his mind about re-recordings..

  77. Dear Anettie!! This demo song is fantastic!! Gorgeous!! Your voice so sweet!! :D

    Well, in my opinion your voice currently fits very well in Ever Dream, Nemo, Wish I Had An Angel, The Siren, Romanticide, Ghost Love Score, Dead To The World, Wishmaster, Come Cover Me, Sleeping Sun, Walking In The Air and Dark Chest Of Wonders... ;D

    An album with this ancient songs with your voice would be excellent!!

    Can you talk with Tuomas about you sing The Carpenter song? Together with Marco? Would be epic!!

    Sorry for my english, I'm really busy here and I need to run...

    Have a nice day!! :D

  78. Just amazing! I liked your live versions of this song, but i never expected i would like that much of the demo version. I also was wondering if yould would not release the other musics that you have recordered. If I remember well, the musics was Nemo, Wish I Had an Angel, Higher Than Hope and Kuoleema Tekke Taiteilijan.Please, make another surprise for your fans! Greetings from Brazil! :B

  79. WOW! this demo is AMAZING! Now I can really see why Tuomas decided to pick you! You're voice sounds really good and I love how you give your own touch to the songs <3 <3 <3 KEEP ROCKING AND NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

    good luck and i wish you all the best <3

  80. Thanks so much for sharing this, Anette. It's an even better surprise than anything I could have expected. I agree with Nightingale's post above: you sound wonderful, yet you sound even better now. Congratulations on your wonderful performances in the past and present; I look forward to hearing even more amazing things from you in the future.

  81. Hi Anette!
    Ever Dream is my favorite song...I listen to the are AMAZING!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!!


  82. Hi Anette,
    thank you so much for posting. You have a bautiful voice. I love it.
    big hugs Bridget

  83. I'm so glad it was you they picked! I love your voice. What I wouldn't do for studio versions of Ghost Love Score, Nemo and Sleeping Sun with your vocal...

  84. Hi anette, is a wonderful song and you make it even more beautiful. Thank you so much for posting.

  85. Hi dear Anette,
    Hope you're having a very nice day;=)
    Thanks a lot for this great song, I love it! You're the Best!! Absolutely awesome job;=)
    Have a beautiful and sunny weekend with beautiful walks in nature for example :-)
    Lots of Love to you all family and friends

  86. Åh, tacktacktacktack!! Jag har så längtat efter att höra den! Det var den här sången som verkligen fick mig att börja lyssna ordentligare på Nightwish en gång i tiden. Den betyder så otroligt mycket för mig. =)
    Tack! =)

  87. Thanks for sharing this Anette. I kind of see how you were 'the chosen one' in the end ;) It's a great cover to one of my fav NW songs \o/

  88. I love love love it.
    I'm brazilian Anette. Big kiss to you.
    I love you so much!!!

    Thank you for all!

  89. I just can't stop screaming excited! =D

  90. ♥♥♥Nightwish ♥♥♥

    Saludos desde Argentina..!!

  91. I love the new interpretation of the song ! Especially the end !