Monday, 11 June 2012


Hi all!

And first of all a huge THANKS to everyone who saw us yesterday at Nova rock! Great audience and I had so much fun! I hope u all enjoyed Metallica who played after us;-)

I came home at lunch time and then I've been just sitting reading my new book I bought at heathrow. It's so exciting and I'll read all evening too;-)

The beautiful flowers I got before I left some days ago are smelling heavenly and I am cosing around in a pink soft dress. As it should be after some days away- just chilling and enjoying home.

Hope u also are having a nice relaxed evening! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Hei dear! Such a sweet dress! :-)
    Have a wonderful evening too! ;-)


  2. Hey Anette!
    Are you going to watch the football match tonight? I'm supporting Sweden of course. And I will full time when Italy is thrown out. The funny thing is that also a friend of mine will support Sweden because I chose to do so (and he knows why XD). The point is that he doesn't like our italian players so he's all yours from the beginning. He already started to refer to swedish players as "us". I asked him to paint your flag on his face (it's always useful to have some hot material for future blackmailing) but unfortunately he won't.
    Eheh, sorry about all this talking of football. I guess you follow it a bit because of the joke about Ibra at the gig. And I'm noticing now many players have your surname. Eheh, I'm in a good mood tonight. Have too you a great evening and gogogo Sweden! :>

  3. Hello Anette! Welcome home! Glad that you have had a nice day doing what you want. It's always so good =)
    Reading...mmm:-) i adore reading, too. I simply can't imagine my life without book)) But i've recently finished my hard hard year of studying, so now i want just to relax=) Have you ever read something from Russian literature?)
    Enjoy the evening, sweety=)
    Lots of love

  4. Tuomas must have had fun opening for Metallica! Enjoy chillin' and reading!


  5. Hi! You're like a fairy in this dress, very beautiful. Soon Sweden will play with Ukraine here in Kiev in euro 2012 and i am really looking forward cause i am ukrainian and Zlatan said in an interview that we'd better watch out... so what do think who will win? Hope you or Johan and Seth will watch this match today. Have a nice evening.
    Please let me know your personal view:)

  6. So - works,works had meaning to write yesterday but I couldn´t got sites open, besides connection.So the rest of my plants at yesterday didn´t succeed anymore and I cannot say specially good at this day either but maybe tomorrow is better...

    I really couldn´t move this to tomorrow either so...I should try to continue this again - what you say.After last writings I started to felt so numb that...well,this went again like this.But why so many times like this,just have to believe better coming,right?...e he.

    Ok,aa...yeah,if tomorrow more then

  7. You look so sweet and so young in this picture!! summer spirit on you :)

    kisses from Spain!!

  8. are you watching today's game sweden vs. ukraine? (it's right now)

  9. So glad you are able to relax at home! How did the Download festival go in the UK?

  10. Hi Anette!

    Great that you arrived back home safely :). I hope everything went well at Novarock and your dress suits you fine :). Have fun reading your book. I hope I don´t say something wrong now, but if I looked it up correctly, the match between Sweden and Ucraine is already over and Sweden has lost. That´s a pity of course, but maybe at the next time :).



  11. Hey Nettie,

    the flowers are beautiful. Do you know how they are called?

    Much love,

    Steffi <3

  12. OMFG! Metallica! Tell us Anette, didn't you meet James and company in backstage? That could have been so epic!
    Anyway, that was a beautiful photo. I hope you to enjoy your rest at home.
    A big hug ;)

  13. Dear Nettie,

    have you read Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson? If you have read it, did you like it?

    Greetings!!! :D

  14. Hi Anette,
    Happy to here all is well.
    take care,
    lots of love,

  15. Hi Annette, I write to salute you and wish you success in your artistic life. I like songs that you sing in Nightwish. I am Peruvian and I am glad there will be a concert in my country on December 5, that day is my birthday and your visit will be a great gift for me. I will be present at the concert to see you and enjoy your songs.
    Greetings and continue the successes!!! :)

  16. Dear Anette,
    you look so great in this dress!like a fairy!!!hehe
    I am reading Paulo Coehlo these days...The title is Aleph!!A great book from a great writer!!
    have a nice day!!
    Kisses from Athens!!

  17. You played straight before Metallica??? WOW! :O AWSOME!!! :D

  18. It's always great to see you on stage ;)

  19. oh white pivonia (i'm not sure how it is in english) smells really lovely, I got some of them and also pink and dark pink. But the smell was to strong and I had to lock it in the bathroom for night :)

  20. i wish my days would be more relaxing, but i have to make a finnal efford right now because i'm doing my final exams at the moment, thumbs up on the 22th because then i'll know if i got through ;)