Monday, 11 June 2012

Go Sweden!!

Here we go!! WIN BOYS!!!;-)

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  1. Will see who win!!!! But still first 45 min the scoring is 0:0. I am really excited!!!

  2. oh..year! The match is in Kiev now. I'm watching it on TV,too) I'm from Ukraine..., I think the strongest will win =)
    See we soon :-)
    Lots of love

  3. And Sweden lost ;/. What a pitty ;/

  4. WE WON!WE WON! WE WOOOOOOOON!!!! I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD FOR MY DEAR UKRAINE!!!Shevchenko has scored 2 goals but Zlatan also was great and did one goal and i think swedish gamers more prepard but today was our day and i need to try to sleep now a little bit. Good night.

  5. I'm sorry that they lost! :-( This time I really wanted Sweden to win, but the following two matches England and France will be my favorites... Sorry! ;-)

    Many kisses,

    Steffi <3

  6. I really hoped that the score would be at least 2:2... >.<

  7. Ukraine have won! Thanks Sweden for nice game! We have a lot of Swedish fans here in Ukraine. They are the most peaceful football fans Kiev have ever seen:)

    Best regards from Ukraine

  8. Are you actually interested in football or do you only watch it during special events like the EM?

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    Sweden wins...come on,well I´m not interested at football so how this...takes now,hah hah.

    So aa,I think I still look little tv,maybe little music and then I think to sleep - good nights to there

  10. Ukraine won!!!!!!!!!!!!!HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!