Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tabata Pro

So, yesterday I ran 10 k outside and this morning I did tabata exercising. I have gotten myself a better Tabata app now where I can do 45 seconds intervalls and rest 15 seconds, just like with Lise;=)

Click on the image to read more about the app:

If you want to get results and have fun - try tabata!

And another tip for you is to take photos of your body now and then and check how much you have improved. I never weigh myself, I just measure myself now and then and take these body photos every 3rd month. Today I did it and I can see that my stomach is starting to be really nice, my shoulders are getting some muscles and also my back looks nicer.


  1. I hateeeeeeee weight myself!
    When looks that you killed a few pounds you go there and the weighing machine take it all away from you haha such a bastard!
    I never have tought about taking pictures, it's a good tip!

    You do look nice ( always did ), and I also think that you legs are better too, there's a picture that I think you are doing some dance and your legs look really nice, did you started kick boxing already?

    If I can find the picture again I'll put the link here for you :)

    Enjoy your day! :)

  2. I have not try tabata. but I want to do it since I read your blog. It's seem a bit hard.


  3. Wow you are so active today with blog, thank you for that!I am always amazed how you kind with as, funs, answer our questions, give tips ... and today i was so tired and a bit angry at my work and to not loose my clear mind i opened every 30 min your blog and saw new post and believe me it safes the day.

  4. Oh, great App :D , it seems great.
    And the tip is very good. I also never weigh myself because otherwise I tell myself "Oh god I'm fat" and I do not feel well. I avoid the balance but I love eating xD.
    And you're very beautiful, always were ;)
    I love you and greetings

  5. what's your time for 10 km?

  6. You're Looking great Anette,like always. :-)

  7. Öö...what,hah hah - yea ok,I remember to looking myself little to that style but what I would say about that now,well I don´t know.I haven´t measured my weight by long time and I haven´t thinked that either yes.If I think movies names,little to direction like Striptease,really isn´t my thing.

    So,I have listened some times this Iron Maidens 666 DVD and sound feels to be very good even on high volume.Well,normally I have bass about on middle point so maybe that could put little more but that sounds good without that too - through the speakers I don´t know.What comes to CD,I haven´t tried yet but can be better as they may usually are.

    I thinked that your posting problem and little same thing can be with comments updatings.If information goes though through couple operators then if other doesn´t have needed service or so on then that can...cause like that.By the way is little difficult to talk when call goes apparently through some satellite.

    What comes to going round then with working amounts what I have,I don´t feel need to like that.When on my other leg is possibility of ache so that is one thing.

    So,my phone has been little different now,battery was away at that little while and I have restarted that before charging.That I don´t know how long that goes but I hope that still some time.

    I didn´t slept so good on last night so maybe better on this night,here this on this time

  8. Hi anette i am going to search this app for my mother i am sure she will love it!
    But now let me tell you a little story about yesterday xD
    Yesterdar i bought my ticket for your show in México but i am really sad because i arrive late and the places i wanted had been taken i almost cry :( really haha i was angry with myself but then i relax and choose a place that is still really cool but not the one i wanted :/ but whatever i am now happy and nervous because it will be the first concert that i go alone just me and myself (great that i didn't have to pay another ticket for myself haha! super bad joke xD) and of course i can't wait for november!! :) just a suggestion please try to sing sacrament of wilderness i really like the way you sing that song <3
    Sorry for my big fan coment but i wanted you to know my sad and happy experience haha :)
    Love and hugs and i am hoping to see you and the guys in november! :)
    From México... Cristina :)

  9. Thank you for being an inspiration!! I wish to be healthy like you and have fallen in love with working out!