Thursday, 14 June 2012

Same same...

The evening before I go to Seinäjoki and Provinssirock and same procedure as every time:

Go to my closet and drawers - try and find something to wear on stage
Testing different combinations - dissing 3 or 4 before I find something I like.

Then try and get good accessoires to match the outfit. Belt, ear rings and so on.

When all is done and I feel ok, testing how to have my hair. This weekend I am in to having it in a pony tail. Let´s see if I feel the same tomorrow night;=)

Then - take some outfit photos to see if it looks ok and at last - pack my little bag. When I only have one gig I only bring hand luggage and this time it´s one gig so perfect. Light luggage is the best luggage!

In Download festival I couldnt wear the outift I had chosen due to me arriving 45 minutes prior to the show due to late flights in to London. So I had the correct jacket but wrong top and wrong pants;=) The jacket is from a shop in Los Angeles and its so nice.

In Nova rock I had the correct outfit and it was a white jacket from Zara, an old black lace halterneck top from DPP tour, bought it in the US somewhere and the striped pants are from Isabel Marant last summer season;=)

Now - time to pack the outfit cause now I feel ok and here´s a little tiny glimpse of a part of it;=)
I am re-using from DPP this time too and from Imaginaerum.

Sleep well and see u all tomorrow!


  1. Wow I'm really surprised about Download festival outfit, because I liked it very much. You were amazing and the outfit was awesome, so don't worry about that

  2. Oooo, I like it! Is that skull/rose skirt?
    Have a nice time on the gig and rock as always :)

    Big hugs

    Ena :*

  3. I feel really weird about it, but it seems like I guessed the clothes you were talking about, or, to be more precise, remembered it from the photo you posted :D
    yeah, that's strange, but I do remember, like, 95% of your DPP outfits and can say which one you used at the specific show!
    Don't ask me why I remember all this stuff, I don't know the answer myself! :D

    Have a safe trip tomorrow and a bright mood! Everything will be perfect, as always :)

    Sleep well!


  4. Hej Anette!! I simply love most of your outfits and I thought would be good idea if you check this website see you in Mexico :D

  5. Hej Anette!

    I'm coming to Provinssirock in Seinäjoki and I'm sooo excited! :) I have a workday tomorrow but then after that I will travel to Seinäjoki.

  6. Even in "wrong" outfit you can look super good:)

  7. Hi Anette! It´s always nice to read all your updates dear :) I love your outfits, you always look beautiful. Lots of love from Argentina!!

  8. OOOOOOOH MY GOD, i would loose my mind doing all of this haha when I travel I take almost all my closet with me .. i can't decide what to wear and when i choose few clothes..i'm always with the wrong clothes haha
    I really liked your outfit for download festival, especially the jacket, was soooooo cute..
    You're always with the right outfit and accesories on stage, and I think you should do a pony tail... it's really simple and cute .. can't wait to see what you have choosed
    Anyway... have a nice trip and hope everything goes well for all of you guys!


  9. OK where do you keep all this stuff? do you have one room for only clothes and shoes?

    Love and hugs

  10. Have a fun tonight and rock as always! Oh..i wish i were in Finland now and saw you in the evening=)
    Lots of love

  11. Hey Anette! I loved the dress that you used today in Finland... One of the most beuatifuls that you ever used...