Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Time for a new...

... book to read cause I just finished The Abductor. It was soooo good and really exciting with a good twist. I recommend it to you all;-)

So now time for Game of Thrones!! I love the tv series and the books! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. I'm reading the first book and I saw season 1 and 2 and I REALLY love it!! :D Enjoy reading the book Anette ^-^

  2. Oj, vad du har mycket framför dig! Jag väntar på att höra din reaktion då du läst hela A Storm of Swords (dvs även del två). Och om jag får rätta dig, så heter serien A Song of Ice and Fire. A Game of Thrones är bara första boken i serien ;)

  3. Hello from Serbia, Anette, me Uros and my sister Milica love the band NIGHTWISH and you We haven't got some special questions, just this one, when will you come to Serbia again, the last time you've been here was in 2008 we're waiting for you and can you check out our fanpage on FB!

  4. Åhh, jag håller oxå på att läsa "A Storm of Swords"! Fast på svenska dock. Älskar oxå "Game of Thrones", grymmaste serien någonsin :-)


    Ohh, I'm also reading "A Storm of Swords" right now! In Swedish, but still. I love "Game of Thrones" as well, most awesome TV-show ever :-)

  5. Enjoy!! It's so good. Have you read them in Swedish?

    Have a nice day ;)
    Lucinda xx

  6. It sounds like an excellent book =)
    Enjoy reading, dear Nettie!

  7. Hi Anette, this title is quite promising. I also love to read, but the afterbirth remains at only movies. Now with us in cinemas is "Snow White and the Huntsman". I watched him,liked me, though watching the trailer I expected otherwise. I recommend it. Brilliant game of Charlize Theron.
    Have a good day!

  8. Great! Thanks for the tip, I'll look for The Abductor in my library!
    Have a good day Anette! ^^

  9. Please, tell us something about the new album, just a little hint, like what style are you developing..(hope it will not be an acoustic album.. ) Thank's...

  10. Anette did you start with this? There are two more books before.

  11. uuh!! I love it too! Now I'm reading A Storm of swords too! What are you favorite character (or house) by now? I'm in love with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen! :')

  12. I love Game of Thrones TV series ..
    Books so far I haven't read but I certainly will.

    Taaja :)

  13. Hey Nettie,

    so cool to hear that you like this story because I do too. I just saw season 1 of the series in tv and I liked it so much that I wanted to have the books. I'm reading them at the moment in the original english version and the german translation. But the translation is really bad. Now I can't wait for season 2 to come in tv.

    Enjoy the books, Nettie! :-)


    Steffi <3

  14. Great choice! The hard part is waiting for another book to come out when you finish the series. In the meantime, I've been reading In the Name of the Wind. Good stuff for people going through Game of Thrones withdrawal.

  15. Good evening Anette :)
    I love Game of Thrones a lot too and I really need to read the fifth book (after I'm done with the fourth). The tv series is also totally amazing. Who's your favourite character?

    Greetings and lots of hugs from Germany

  16. Hi Anette,
    It's really nice to see that you're reading A Game of Thrones. I've not long ago started that series myself. If you're interested in fantasy, I can recommend you the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. It's slow to start but once you get into the gist of it, it becomes more captivating :)

    Oh and do you know of a band called Amaranthe? They're a nice melodic metal band from your home country - they formed a couple years ago so they're relatively new to the scene. I thought you might like to check them out :)

  17. Have a relax e nice evening!

    It's hot in Sweden too? Here in Italy it's very very hot. Poor me!

    Big hugs

  18. The first book in that series is called A Game of Thrones! A Storm of Swords is the third one!

    (I've read all the books three times each, you should really start from the beginning!)

    (Unless you've already read the first two books, A Game of Thrones, and A Clash of Kings)

  19. Great choice! I first saw the series and get the books immediately. Also, I noticed that your books are in English. Is this on some purpose? I mean, you want to improve English, for fun or you want to read the book in original, or maybe something else?
    Have a nice time while reading it! :)

  20. i really like them too :) but i don´t have much time to read. i like the series too. i watch them again and again. i didn´t thought that you like movies like this because it is very bloodie. i really like jon and robb and sometimes i like jaime too. and you? i liked jory too who died in the beginning of the first book which i found very sad. i hope you have more time to read than i have. :)
    good luck and many kisses

  21. I've had the Game of Thrones books for ages and I really need to start reading them! I don't want to watch the TV series until I've read the books :D

    Can't beat a good book!

    Best wishes, Ryan

  22. Dear Anette,
    Hi! I hope you are good and have a nice time =)
    I'd like to share with you about something interesting that has happened to me today. My grandmother got acquinted with Swedish man over the Internet and in summer he came to her place in the Crimea. And only today in the evening my grandmother introduced him to me.'s really nice nice person!!! =) He is about 65 and he lives in small village in the middle of Sweden. Now i'm so so excited, as i dont have any opportunity to speak English in my town, and even in my counry. So It was soo GREAT, amazing to talk to him in English the whole evening ))) He is really funny person and he joks a lot =) I laughed a lot =) I said him that it's my dream to visit Finnland and Sweden one day and to learn Swedish and Finnish languages (I've already started to learn finnish). So maybe he will invite me to Sweden one day and It will be breathtaking for sure)))
    Sleep well and have sweet dreams!
    lots of love to you from Ukraine! =)

  23. Hi there Anette!
    Sorry for this random question, but do you have any Secret Magic Tips on keeping hair healthy after it's been dyed? I'm thinking of dying mine lighter (to celebrate the end of exams!!) but I've heard dying dark hair light can dry it out...?
    Anyway...have a nice evening! and enjoy Game of Thrones, I reeeeally want to read that! Maybe you'd also enjoy the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss if you haven't read it - I highly recommend it :) xx

  24. Dear Anette, (I'm sorry for the double-commenting and the offtopic on this post, but I wanted so very much to) congratulate you for your birthday and to wish you a lot of smiles in the next year, a lot of beautiful moments to share with your family, friends and fans maybe! And also all the stuff which sound as clichee but are really needed: as love, health, happiness, success and good luck!
    You have my full love & support,
    hugs from Bulgaria

  25. Happy Birthday Anette!!!

    lots of love,

  26. Hi dear Anette,

    I want to give this gift to you want a happy birthday by hoping it may bring you pleasur

    Hugs Quentin

  27. France, after Midnight, June 21.

    I am just watching this video ( you're so beautiful !

    So, today, in France, it is la Fête de la Musique , and it is the summer's day too but most importantly for me, above all, it's your birthday my dear!


    Have a GREAT day, can't wait to see you in Colmar !

    With Love


  28. Happy bithday Anette!
    I wish you all the best you deserve and that you could spento a beautiful day wish you family and friends!

    Big big hugs

  29. Have a good reading my dear :)
    Game of Thrones is really incredible! Love the tv show and specially the books. Just finished the second one couple of weeks ago and I'll start reading the third book as soon as I have some time!
    Have a great night :)
    hugs from Brazil

    Lots of love from Mexico! Can't want to see you here!!

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  32. Hi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Anette!!!
    Wishing you every happiness on your special day, May all your wishes come true...
    ***FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!*** :-)
    Greetings from Argentina!!!....


    Enjoy the day with family and friends \m/

  34. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR Anette!!!!!:)

  35. I love the show, though sometimes the violence of it really bothers me. Have you watched the second season yet? I'm almost done, three episodes to go.... Who's your favorite character(s)?

    Mine are Tyrion and Arya. =]

    - Irena

  36. Hello beauty!

    Have a nice day today, and of course, Happy Birthday!!

    Xx from Holland. ^_^


  38. Dear Anette!
    My bf and me (we are both your trustful fans) want to wish you all the best! You're amazing singer and a very very beautiful, kind and nice person! We love and respect you so much! We're so happy that we can congratulate you on your birthday here and you'll read our comment =)
    B e yourself
    I nvite new challenges
    R ecall past triumphs
    T rust your instincts
    H ave faith in your abilities
    D esire only the best
    A ffirm your strengths
    Y ou're got what it takes!!!
    And this nice picture FOR YOU!!! =)

    Lots of love, kisses and hugs!

  39. Grattis på födesledagen, Anette!!! :D

  40. Happy birthday to my favourite singer! :)

  41. Happy birthday dear Anette!!! I wish you all the best for you and your family:)

  42. Good morning and happy b-day, my dear Anette :)
    I wish you all the best in this special day! May God bless you!
    Lots of kisses and hugs ♥

    Happy b-day to your brother too ;)

  43. Joyeux Anniversaire Anette! :D
    Enjoy your day with your friends and family!
    Wish you the best!

    Kisses from France!

  44. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :P

    I know you'll have a great day :D

    Best wishes, Ryan

  45. Wszystkiego Najlepszego! Happy Birthday Anette! I love Game odf Thrones too by the way ;)

  46. So aa,yesterday I didn´t had time to this,I got my computer open not until about midnight time and I had quite strange feeling and bad too...maybe dazed could describe that to best.

    I´m not interested at books not much besides what comes to use on work but I wouldn´t say them properly to books.Some magazine I might buy sometimes but actually not more than that,last one is Soundi,when you was on Montreal.

    Well,tv series I have watched somewhat,at much I don´t know.By little history,if I think some series like Bold and the beautiful...heh.That may was on the beginning of 90s when that started on Finland and at my mind that may was quite popular too,at first years I don´t know to say but after them may then already.That has been something year 95 when I have started to look that but at that is long time already when thats almost every day looking left.

    On this moment feeling is just moderate and tomorrow I have thinked to do little yard works.Maybe I do something to my car too but at that I don´t know yet.

    I may go to sleep soon - good nights

  47. you better read it secretly or you'll get spoilers that will annoy you to death :)