Thursday, 28 June 2012


.., in the first morning sun for a LONG time!! Taking it easy cause still little stomach pain.

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  1. Good morning, dear Anette!
    I think Jogg is so nice to do when it's not so hot. What is the air temperature in you town?
    In my town we have cool day today, 20 degrees in the morning, so i did jogging, too =) i wish i had run with you:-) haha:-) it would be fantastic! Next week the weather will be extremly hot again!
    Take it easy now and i hope you will be absolutely okey tomorrow!
    Have a good day!
    Lots of love

  2. Aww glad you're getting some sun over there. Sorry about your stomach pain though. I hope you feel better real soon :-)

  3. Don't overexert yourself! You don't want to make yourself sicker. <3

  4. Hello Anette,
    I hope you will feel better really soon.

    I think you are heading to Slovakia, Piestany, for a festival. If you do so, go and visit their spa ( I recommend spa house Irma. I always go there when I am in Piestany)if you will have a free time. It will definitely help you to relax after flu and if there will be not enough spare time, just rush to Spa island and there are two springs of hot water for drinking, it will help you with the stomach problems ( One location of this water thing is on the main picture of the page...

    Enjoy your peaceful summer without any other health problems.

    1. I agree with Sofia. Spa in Piestany is definitely worth to have a great relax after flu. Try it and you won't regret ;) BTW ... I am looking forward to see your concert in Piestany!

  5. I don't know how You do that xD When I feel bad, tired or something I can't do anything xD

  6. Every beginning is a good beginning;) Get well soon;)

  7. Be careful Anette with jogging and stomach pain!
    Do you take any pillow for it?

    This evening i will watch the match of Italy vs Germany.

    Have a nice evening!

    Big hugs

  8. you're a bit burned darling (I think)... Take care!

  9. You're looking a little pink around the edges honey, you might want to put some aloe on that to avoid getting a burn. I've found that about a tablespoon of rum can work wonders for a queasy stomach, might be worth a try if it's still bothering you come concert time.

  10. Aspsara: Hi! I am not sunburned, its just red due to heavy running;=) I am pale as a pill;=) Take care!

  11. "I am pale as a pill" haha :=)
    proud of your running!
    keep it up!!!!


  12. Hello Anette !
    Oh I'm also pale don't worry :P
    Here the weather was almost 40º some days ago,really hot :|
    Keep your running !
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal