Tuesday, 26 June 2012


...getting stronger and today I'm out taking some air;-) nemo plays in the sand and I'm just sipping fresh air.

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  1. Dear Anette,
    you can't imagine how i'm happy that you are better and stronger today! I hope you will get absolutely well very very soon:-)
    Walking a bit in the open air is useful, too, for sure! Enjoy your afternoon and evening =)
    The pictures are amazing! As l live near the sea, in my childhood i used to build sandcastles and simply play in the sand with my toys. Very very nice activity for children!
    You look beautiful!:-)
    Lots of love

  2. Hope you get well soon, because I'm looking forward to see you perform at Ruisrock on 7th of July. My first time seeing Nightwish with you singing.

    Iiris från Åbo

  3. Hey you still so sweet:) I am sure that you will be completely healthy in Saturday and what kind of weather in Helsinborg ? You and Nemo dressed warm but i here wanna found some cold cause its impossible to breathe even, so so hot, the air is dry,the wind is heavy and almost like fog, the temperature is around +35,+38. Hate it! And this is repeats every summer, in this year summer starts in april for sure and i live just in Ukraine not in Africa. I know that you prefer warm instead the cold but i opposite and now i miss autumn and winter:)

  4. Glad you're having a good day ^^I'm sure Nemo's having fun, I used to love playing with the sand when I was a child :) You look so nice in the second picture!! ^^
    Greetings from Italy!

  5. Hi Anette!

    It´s great to read that you are getting stronger again :). I wish you to get completely rid of the illness soon :).


  6. you're a very sweet mum! :) do you hel Nemo to build castels? ;)

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better.
    Hope you had a good time outside with Nemo today. :-)

  8. Hi Nettie!
    OMG, those pictures are very beautiful.
    I'm taking care my little brothers aged 9 and 6 years.
    We are taking fresh air and they are fighting over toys xD and I try to avoid a fight or get hurt, but it controls the troupe xD.
    And now they are calm. Here in Argentina is fresh it is winter, but we are enjoying the winter sun

    Enjoy your day :)

  9. Hi!
    So glad to hear you are getting some time outside...you look pale... :(
    Hope you feel even better tomorrow..
    Love Nemo's shoes!
    Take care!

  10. I just love Your photo here, You look so sweet :)

  11. Hello Anette !!
    You look so beautiful !
    I hope Nemo had fun :)
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  12. I realy love that picure of you! How do you get your hair so shiny? I dyed my hair like 6 times but it looks a bit dead now..:( Well I forgot what I wanted to say.. Oh yea well, While I was working I showed a picture of you and asked how old they taught you was and they said you looked like 24:) I was like: she's older but still looks the awsome! Well to much to tell in one post! Love you! And Seth and Nemo and Johan and Nightwish!(wow I'm in a happy mood!) xx from holland!