Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Well, today we celebrate our "National day" here in Sweden. So children are free from school and most adults free from their jobs. And there´s celebrations in many diffferent places around the country;=)

My day will be more fun cause I am going to Niclas (Alyson avenue) to record some vocals on two new songs I have done together with Fredrik and Erik, great guys who are helping me with the music for my songs since I cant play that well;=)

I wrote the last sentence to the second song this morning and I have noticed that I am a *"morning" person when it comes to writing lyrics.

Now a shower and then to Niclas!

Enjoy your day and GO SWEDEN - my beautiful country that I love to live in


  1. I wanna hear some music of you my dear Anette!
    I went to Sweden last year but that didn't turn out very well :( too bad actually because I love Sweden!

  2. Go Sweden! I'm glad you're having such a good time with song writing Anette! <3

  3. one day I will come visit you!

  4. Happy National Day! I wish you always be proud of your country.
    And for the songs ... I wish a lot of inspiration and we expect too soon demo versions.

  5. Enjoy your day, my Dear! ))))
    Cant wait to listen to the new songs with you! =)
    Good luck!

  6. Hey Nettie!

    So I wish you a happy National Day! ;-)
    And have fun with the records. I'm excited to hear more of your own songs. The ones you posted already on your myspace site are really good. You are an unique singer and a talented writer too, that's great! :-)

    Enjoy your day, Nettie!

    Much love,

    Steffi <3

  7. One thing i'm sure, can't wait to hear your songs! It's gonna be awesome and you'll rock as always. Hope everything goes well today :)

    WOW, that means holiday, right? haha
    So good have a day off once in awhile!
    Sweden it's in my top list of countries that I'll be visiting someday, since my fave singer and fave actor live there =)

    Have a nice day, and same goes to your family =)

  8. can't wait to hear Your sweet voice in new songs :D
    have fun Honey :)

  9. Happy Sweeden day and I hope you had fun recording/ playing!

    Tisa not Lisa

  10. Hi Anette !

    Happy Sweden day and good new for the new song



  11. I'm glad to hear that you love your country.
    You've cheered me up with these words about Sweden. I'm so excited now. :D
    I always loved Scandinavia because of the landscape, beautiful cities and the cold-snowy-stormy weather. One of my big dreams is to live there and I really hope I can move there one day.(or just visit once) Well, I started to learn Swedish a few months ago and I really enjoy it. But I have some difficulties with formation of plural nouns.

    As for me, I'm a "night" person, when it comes to writing poems...and "morning", when it comes to studying. :D

    I hope you had fun with the recordings.

    All the best,