Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vintage stores

Ok, so I need help from someone who knows good vintage stores in London. I want a bit more nicer vintage stores, not Beyond Retro, which I already know. No - more like smaller cosier special vintage stores;=)

So if you know this write me a comment and also if you have an address;=)



  1. hello Anette i know this one. have a good trip in la city.

    Mrs Jones
    49 Hackney Road, London, E2 7NX


  2. Hi Anette!

    Spitalfields Market which is right near Liverpool Street Train Station would be good, also because there are a few vintage shops around. Also in Islington there are many vintage shops, but specially for you I think Annie's (12 Camden Passage, Islington - it's right on a street corner) would be great because it is mainly costume vintage (a great onstage look perhaps?)

    Enjoy London and please come back to play for those of us not brave enough for Download :) Elsker xx

  3. Unfortunately I'm not from London and never been there, but I tried to google vintage shops for you and here are the results:

    Can' say if any of them represent what you lookfor, but still I tiried and hope I was useful :)

    have a really good day and have fun!

    Lots of love,

  4. Hej Anette.

    Few days ago, after the show in Poland, I've asked did you get a portrait from me that I gave Jukka on meet&greet in Warsaw.
    Did he forward it to you? Hope he did.

    Please answer.

    And It's too bad that you weren't on meet&greet. :(


  5. Hi Anette :)
    I've heard Rokit is good, on Shelton street in Covent Garden...
    Not sure how small it is though, I'm just going on a recommendation from a friend...
    Hope you enjoy London anyway, and see you at Download!!!!! :D

  6. Paulina: Hi! Yes, I go the painting. Thanks;=) It was really beautiful!
    About the meet and greet I am not doing those in the festivals due to me never arriving until just before our shows due to me being afraid of pyros and bombs and many metal bands use them in the festivals. So, sorry, but I am sure the boys were nice to meet;=) Enjoy your evening!

  7. Thank you Anette for the answer. :-)
    It's really nice to hear that you like my paiting!
    I totaly understand your absence. Maybe on the next your visit in Poland we will have chance to meet. We still waiting for normaly concert not festival gig in next year.

    Give big hug and kiss for Jukka that he gave painting for you!

    Have a niece evening and kisses from Warsaw

  8. Hii Anette,

    There are some nice vintage shops in Nothing Hill if I can still remember it (it's been 2 years ago that I went to London).

    I hope to see you again soon! Brussels is so far away now and Graspop 2009 also. I hope you still remember me. I was the girl in the backstage behind the signingsession place (: I don't blame you if you have forgotten it. But you have a special place in my heart because you made my day then...

    Please, I would be honored if you replied on this message (it means a lot for me)

    Many lovely kisses

  9. Paulina: Where and whem are meet&greet with Nightwish? and how many people join this?

  10. So,I´m not very good condition now - I went little too late to sleep on last night so I´m little tired but anyway I still have strenght to write.

    Ok,aa...I have picked up smoothie now some times but anyway at that doesn´t probably come any way.To my remember I have tried once west boots what was figured brown but they didn´t really fit to me.Just little bad thing that to my remember water spoilt them.

    I have ordered one Porsche diecast model at London or somewhere there that store may was and old time sailing ship model I found at there.Possibly some store to your need,I don´t know.

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    Good nights

  11. Hi Anette,

    I don't have any cool vintage shops in London for you (sorry) but I do know some really amázing shops in Glastonbury. They're just in the highstreet and not hard to miss. They have everything a woman needs. Mirrors, lingerie, dresses, underskirts, purses, shoes, jewelry, and literally everything comes from the 40/50/60's. The clothes are really good taken care of and not extremely expensive.

    If you ever get the chance of coming to Glastonbury, you should check them out :)

  12. Hi Anette!! :D
    Have you ever been in Camden Town? There are plenty of metal or vintage shops at Camden Lock!
    Otherwise try going to Covent Garden market! ;)
    Happy shopping, kisses

  13. Hello Anette! I'm sorry, I'm not from London, but I've been there last summer and I remember I saw a nice vintage shop near Covent Garden... I don't remember its name, unfortunately :(

  14. Hello Anette!
    I have never been in London so cant help you with that but i am sure girls here will help ... i wanna ask you something but i dont know...well can you please again will do instant blogging for as in London like you did in Copenhagen ? Was very interesting and i like it so if you will be in mood like many posts we are here waiting for you!

  15. Hello Anette ;)
    after reeding your post I started to browse some vintage stuff and I found this: Biba -is among the most iconic fashion stores in London during the 1960s and 1970s, and was started by Barbara Hulanicki with the help of her husband, Stephen Fitz-Simon.
    Don't know if you've already been there, but maybe it'll be usefull ;)
    I really love you're style, especially outfits from gibson arena show and last one in Warsaw, unfortunatly I couldn't make it after I was in Prague 30.04 which was the most incradible experience, thanks for that!
    I've got so many ideas for your outfits on stage and off too ;) is there any way I can pass it to you? Where should I address a letter for you, that I can be sure you'll receive?
    lots of love from Cracow, Poland :)

  16. I don't know about vintage shops I'm afraid, but you could always try Camden market, I used to go there a lot when I lived nearer London and it's great! They have all sorts of things there.

    Have a good time at Download! One of my closest friends is going to see you guys, I couldn't afford it unfortunately but I'll see you on the UK tour!

    Best wishes

  17. Hey there dear Anette,

    I know my comment is not about the subject (Vintage stores) sorry about it.
    I would like to write you a private letter, what address can I send it to?

    Please be so kind and let me know.

    Many-many thanks and big hug ;)


  18. You should play 10th Man Down or Angels Fall First sometimes.

    Oh, btw also, you guys should make a konsert dnd for this tour. :)

  19. I know there's nothing to do with your post here but I just have to say this : I love your outfit for Download Festival, I want your jacket haha AMAAAAZING!

    Hope you had a great time!