Saturday, 16 June 2012


Kiitos Provinssirock! I had fun on stage despite the cold evening;-) you all were great and I do hope you didn't get to many mosquito bites;-) I flew home early this morning so only got 3 hours of sleep and due to my first flight being delayed I had to run to catch my second one. Puh! But other than that all went well!

Here's my outfit for you; A black body with cool sleeves from Rebecca by Stella, fake leather leggings from H&M, skull skirt (from some goth store;-), belt gina tricot, three skull necklaces from Thomas szabo and gina tricot, ear rings H&M and boots whyred.

In the last two photos I have my jacket on before the gig cause it was chilly;-) Sleep well now! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. You must be really tired.
    I loved your outfit as i said yesterday, really great! and your necklace, damn's perfect!

    Sleep well you too sweetie, i still have some hours of sun here in brazil :)

    Take care.

  2. I'm really glad to hear you're back home safe, and now have some time to take a rest before the following festivals!
    I just loved this outfit!! It's amazing, great choice once again, dear Anette!
    Have a nice evening,

  3. Welcome back home!
    I love the photos, the clothes are great!
    Good rest!
    Good Evening !

  4. Hi Anette,
    i'm came back to write to you! I can say that i missed the blog. Welcome back home!
    Very nice pics as always!
    Have a nice evening and saturday!

    I got a question: do you have instagram in your iphone?

    Big hugs

  5. My dear Anette,
    Hi! I'd like to say that your outfit was very amazing!! I 've watched some videos in You Tube and you were beautiful as always. Most of all i liked you necklaces! =)
    Also, Nemo not orchestral version was sung wonderful by you! Really really good! :-)
    Now, have a rest, enjoy your evening and sleep well!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, to my favourite singer.

  6. You look wonderful Anette in that outfit, as usual! Good rest and good night! :)

  7. You look great in this outfit! The sleeves are wonderful! I love them!

    Good night,

    Steffi <3

  8. Great outfit! Love the skirt...and the sleeves are so cool. You always have the best style!
    Thanks for sharing and hope you sleep well too!

  9. OOh sportin' the cleavage! Go Anette! Love the skirt!

  10. Nice outfit Annete, i can see you trained a lot.
    Every time i come back at your blog you loking more slim.
    Hugs from Holland

  11. You're amazing. Great singer and a nice person. I am counting the hours to see you and NW here in Sao Paulo Brazil. see ya. Kisses. Luciana.

  12. i like your outfit anette you look amazing =)

  13. I like everything in this outfit!!!:)
    Good choice!

  14. Dear Anette,
    Clothes are fantastic(I am in love with these leggings)!!!
    You look wonderful every time...So fresh!!!
    Enjoy your day!!
    Kisses from Athens!

  15. Oooooh Anette I Love that skirt So glad that you kept it & wear it again!

    Your figure is soooo beautiful! Some lovely curves too ;)

    Is this hair colour to stay or is the colour slowly leading to blonde are you thinking of going blonde again? Hmmm I suspect we will see blonde again hahaaa xxx

  16. You were great in provinssirock, as always! Tack, tack, tack! :D

  17. Hej Anette!

    I was there in Provinssirock. Thanks for the wonderful gig! I really loved your show and so nice to see you all doing well. I also love your outfit, so chic yet cool!

    Thank you!

  18. Aww glad to hear you had a good show. You look great.

  19. Hi Anette,
    love your outfit :-) Great shirt and beautiful necklace.
    Wish you a beautiful evening.
    Hugs from Austria

  20. During this spring mosquitos has been but not much anyway,on woods they may be little more than on city areas.Withins newest disc has left little to side,on that still isn´t any fault but little different music styles has interested on late times.Although at last purchase has gone interest little less but that´s still good.

    My next trip on the beginning of july is little troublesome thing but on this point would seen that for one,one thing leaves away.Also that what is like weather on that time.I have rested on car but I think anyway that at sleeping may doesn´t come nothing.On that way little bad thing cause resting isn´t same thing,well...yea.

    To my shoulders came little ache and I have noted something little on my legs too but I think anyway that it goes pass.

    On you seen to be about two weeks gig aa,maybe little more time to own things or to be on own circles.Not to that side, part of that too.

    Must see what´s like though next weekend,except little cleaning on my car may isn´t thing what I could do by couple hours.

    Hmm...I think this is here at this day so next time more then - nice the rest of evening to there

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  22. hej Anette!! where did you wear this great outfit? I wanna get a similar one :D

  23. Häxa: Hi! I have had this two times now and the last time was in Helsinki. Take care!

    1. tack så mycket for your answer :)

  24. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing show in Provinssirock! It was absolutely magical.

    See you in Ruisrock! :)